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A few of the Quests completed:
Recipe for Disaster, Monkey Madness II, Dragon Slayer II, Fairytale II.

A few of the furnishings in the PoH:
Ornate Rejuvenation Pool, Altar of the Occult, Ornate Jewellery Box, Armour Repair Stand, Teleports, Dungeon. 

A few of the Diaries completed:
Morytania Hard, Ardougne Medium, Desert Medium.

A few of the items in bank:
Fire cape, Full Void set, Full Graceful set, Fighter Torso, Book of Darkness, Book of Law. 

Arceuus & Hosidius Favour 100%

Also has Grotesque Guardians pet! 

If you have any other queries regarding the account feel free to send me a message on here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.