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Buying Albion Online Tome of Insight Delivery Method

Island-get: You need to go to our supplier's island and then find your item(s) in the chest of this island. Please remember, you can transfer through the Travel Planner of any royal city except for Caerleon.

The Travel Planner can be found in the northeast of the central plaza in each city, showing as a yellow compass icon on the local area map. And you will be charged a fee for traveling with tradeable items, whether they are equipped now or in your inventory. So check these to decrease costs before traveling.

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About Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive in which players can write their colorful stories. It is a mysterious and legendary world. Players take control of their own destiny and create their perfect character with no restrictions. Albion Online's gameplay centers itself around a classless system, in which the equipment a player chooses to wear defines their abilities and the way they can play – You Are What You Wear.

The game also features a player-driven economy. From basic tools and clothes to mighty armors and powerful weapons, nearly every item in the game is crafted by players.

It is a cross-platform game available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Namely, whether you prefer PC or mobile, one account would let you play on all platforms.

About Albion Online Tome of Insight

Albion Online Tome of Insight is a category of Albion Online Items, and it has its own subcategories - Beginner's Tome of Insight, Novice's Tome of Insight, Adept's Tome of Insight, etc. Each type can give fame values. For example, Beginner's Tome of Insight can give 1000 Fame, Elder's Tome of Insight can give 200000 Fame. But only Adept's Tome of Insight can be tradeable like Albion Online Silver.

Adept's Tome of Insight can be used by clicking on the Tome and selecting 'Use' from the corresponding item popup window. It gives you a specific amount of fame for 10000. More importantly, the fame applies to whatever combat equipment you are currently wearing. But this item cannot be used to boost gathering skills. During events that give additional fame (for example, +25% of fame for everyone), Tomes of Insight also give more fame (12,500 combat fame).

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Albion Online News

  • albion-online-items-are-for-sale-now-at-mmogah

    2021-07-09Albion Online Items Are for Sale Now at MmoGah

    AnsleyJuly 09th, 2021
    Great news! In order to meet many gamers' needs, MmoGah has added some Albion Online items, including Adept's Tome of Insight and Elder's Command Mammoth, etc. And a lot of Albion items will be added in the near future.
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    2021-05-05Understanding Faction Transport Missions of Albion Online

    AnsleyMay 05th, 2021
    When you enable your faction flag in Albion Online, the faction master will offer you contracts to transport merchandise to a distant smuggler. To complete these contracts successfully, you must make them all the way to the smuggler with your merchandise and then make them all the way back to your faction master in one piece.
  • understanding-faction-ranks-and-rewards-of-albion-online

    2021-04-23Understanding Faction Ranks and Rewards of Albion Online

    AnsleyApril 23rd, 2021
    The faction warfare system of Albion Online offers many outstanding rewards. Achieving higher ranks unlocks better rewards.
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