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What Is PoE 2 Gold

PoE 2 Gold

In Path of Exile 2 (PoE 2), Gold is introduced as a new form of currency that represents a significant change from the original game's complex currency system. Here's what Gold is used for in PoE 2:

•  Automatic Looting: Gold drops from monsters and is automatically looted when you're near it.

•  Vendor Transactions: These are used to buy items from NPC vendors, which can include basic gear or crafting materials.

•  Simplifying Currency: Gold aims to streamline the early game experience for new players, making it easier to acquire items without needing to understand the full complexity of PoE's currency system right away.

•  Non-Market Commodity: Unlike other currencies like Chaos or Exalted Orbs, Gold is not anticipated to be a primary trading currency among players.

Gold in PoE 2 is designed to help players, especially newcomers, focus more on gameplay and less on managing multiple types of currency items for basic transactions.

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What Is PoE 2

"Path of Exile 2" (PoE 2) is an upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game (ARPG) that serves as the next generation of the highly acclaimed "Path of Exile" game. Here are some key features of PoE 2:

•  A New Campaign: PoE 2 features a brand new campaign with six acts, set years after the events of the original game.

•  Twelve Character Classes: The game includes twelve character classes, each with its own three Ascendancy specialisations, resulting in a total of 36 Ascendancy Classes to choose from.

•  Customisable Skill System: Any class can use any Skill Gem, which can be further modified by Support Gems to alter how the skill works. The Passive Skill Tree allows for dual-specialisation, enabling characters to switch between two different fighting styles at will.

•  In-depth Equipment System: Hundreds of equipment base types can be found as you explore Wraeclast, each with a range of magical modifiers and unique variants imbued with ancient power.

•  Explore a New Endgame: After completing the campaign, players will access the endgame, featuring over 100 maps, each with its own boss fight and modifiers.

PoE 2 is described as a blend of a sequel and a massive expansion of the original game. It's not installed as a separate game but is instead an update on top of the original Path of Exile, supported only via cosmetic purchases in-game. The game is set in a dark fantasy world where players level up and unlock new abilities by fighting hordes of enemies and monsters.

Ruthless with Gold Event

"Ruthless with Gold" is a four-week event for the PoE 3.20 league. Every veteran of 'Path of Exile' is aware that GGG deliberately chose a barter system involving Currency Items for crafting over a traditional gold coin economy. This system, with over fifteen years under its belt, has been validated as a wise choice. Nonetheless, the community has long speculated on the dynamics of the game had it been built around gold coins. The 'Ruthless with Gold' event provides an intriguing opportunity to experience such a hypothetical gold coin economy within the game.

Many speculate that this event is laying the groundwork for a gold coin system in PoE2. If the feedback from this event is positive, it's quite likely that a gold coin system will be introduced in PoE2.

How to Get PoE 2 Gold

In "Path of Exile 2" (PoE 2), acquiring Gold can be done through various in-game activities. Here are some general tips on how to get PoE 2 Gold:

1. Complete Quests and Challenges: Many quests and challenges in the game reward players with Gold or items that can be sold for Gold.

2. Sell Items to Vendors: You can sell rare and unique items to in-game vendors for gold coins.

4. Trading with Other Players: Engage in trading with other players to sell valuable items for Gold.

5. Use Currency Items Wisely: Trade currency items for Gold when it's beneficial for your in-game economy.

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