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Buying OSRS Mini Game Guide at MmoGah

You need to provide us your OSRS username, password, and Character Name. Our supplier will log in to your account, complete the Mini Game and get the item or points for you.

For all Mini Game orders, we Don't Need Your Bank Pin. For a normal Mini Game service order, you don't need to prepare any gear or items. However, for Ironman orders, please make sure your Character is wearing the required gear (don't put them in your Bank for security consideration).

To avoid possible unnecessary dispute, please follow the steps below before you place an order:
● If you have a Bank Pin, please make sure you put your valuable gold, items, and gear in the Bank.

● If you don't have a Bank Pin, please make sure your valuable gold, items, and gear are transferred to a safe place.

● Doing a Pest Control Mini game will cause your Character's Hitpoints to rise, so please make sure you don't mind a Hitpoint increase before placing the order.

We will finish the Mini Game in time and send you an email once we complete your order. Make sure you Change The Password of You Account As Soon As Possible after we finished your order.

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  • Pest Control

  • Barbarian Assault

  • Graceful Outfit

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    MmoGah – Best Place to Buy OSRS Mini Game Service

    Good news! MmoGah is providing OSRS Mini Game service now! We offer Old School RuneScape Pest Control gear, Barbarian Assault rewards, Fighter Torso, Graceful outfit, and more! With our fast and professional service, you can get those much sought-after gear with no effort!
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