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OSRS Mini Games

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$50.00 - $80.00 1% Off$80.00 - $100.00 2% Off$100.00 - $120.00 3% Off$120.00 - $150.00 4% Off > $150.00 5% Off
Barbarian Assault Reward: Roll Mastery (All Roles Level 5)
Giants' Foundry Reputation Point x 100
OSRS Angler's Outfit Service
OSRS Barbarian Assault Queen Kill
OSRS Chompy Bird Killing x 100
OSRS Dragon Defender (Non-Ironman) (I don't have a Rune Defender)
OSRS Dragon Defender (Non-Ironman) (I have a Rune Defender)
OSRS Fighter Hat
OSRS Fighter Torso (Attack 40, Strength 40, Defence 40, HP 40)
OSRS Fighter Torso (Ranged 50, Attack 1, Strength 1, Defence 40, HP 40)
OSRS Graceful Outfit
OSRS Guardians of the Rift x 5
OSRS Healer Hat
OSRS Lumberjack Outfit
OSRS Penance Gloves
OSRS Penance Skirt
OSRS Pest Control Points 1250
OSRS Pest Control Points 850
OSRS Ranger Hat
OSRS Rogue Outfit

OSRS Mini Game Service Buying Guide

OSRS Mini Games

Please input your OSRS username, password, and Character Name. Our supplier will log in to your account, complete the Mini Game, and get the item or points for you.

For all Mini Game orders, we don't need your Bank PIN. Certain orders may require your character to have specific gear or items. For Ironman orders, please ensure your character is wearing the required gear (Please don't put them in your Bank).

To avoid possible unnecessary disputes, please follow the steps below before you place an order:

1. If you have a Bank Pin, please make sure you put your valuable gold, items, and gear in the Bank.

2. If you don't have a Bank Pin, please make sure your valuable gold, items, and gear are transferred to a safe place.

3. Doing a Pest Control Mini game will cause your Character's Hitpoints to rise, so please make sure you don't mind a Hitpoint increase before placing the order.

We will finish the Mini Game in time and send you an email once we complete your order. Make sure you Change The Password of Your Account As Soon As Possible after we finish your order.