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Aion Classic Kinah Secure Delivery Methods

1. Mailbox: If you choose this delivery method, we will mail your Aion Classic Kinah via mailbox, which is convenient and secure. This method only requires you to give us your character name, and then you will need to check your mailbox in a city or town, so make sure you are nearby if you need the kinah urgently.

This method is one of the most popular ones chosen by our customers as they like to receive it within their timeframe and do not have to worry about keeping online. While it is very secure, you should make sure you do not give us the wrong character name since that may delay your delivery.

2. Face-to-Face: If you choose F2F, we will meet you at a place in the game then trade with you, which is fast and safe. However, this method requires the most effort from you to complete the trade. When the Classic Aion Kinah is ready for delivery, we will talk to you in-game to trade the kinah for an item.

The disadvantage of this method is that you need to keep online. If you aren't available, we may email you or request you to change the delivery method. This method is one of the fastest ways to get your kinah if you are in a hurry.

Customer Reviews

Aion Classic Kinah

Aion Classic Kinah is the main currency in Aion Classic. It is central to the game, allowing the purchase of numerous items, services, and transportation between areas and regions. Without sufficient Kinah, it would be challenging to progress in the game. If you've played other MMORPGs before, you should quickly become familiar with the Aion Classic. You need Aion Classic Kinah to get better gear and better game experiences.

Players can earn or buy Aion Classic Kinah for various daily items, services, weapons, and equipment to enhance their game strength. If the player does not have enough Aion Classic Kinah, their game upgrade process may become slower than others. Fortunately, the game has many ways to help players get Aion Classic Kinah. Crafting or doing tasks are some of the more basic methods. But these methods also have some shortcomings. It may consume the player's time and energy and affect the game's later experience. Therefore, the best way is for players to try to buy Kinah online. And MmoGah is the best choice to buy cheap Aion Classic Kinah.

Aion Classic Kinah can be gained by completing quests. This is perhaps the most lucrative way of making money, as the rewards are normally large.

As a rule, the harder the quest (higher level required to accept and complete), the more money given, so the money gain will increase exponentially as the character's level does.

Killing NPCs
Most NPCs drop Kinah of some quantity, but the quantities are often quite small.

As a rule, humanoids are more likely to drop Kinah, while Beasts tend to drop Bones, Herbs, Plants, or miscellaneous items.

Selling Items
Direct Player-to-Player trading can be completed in several ways:

- Setting up a private store in a city or town
- Requesting a trade with another character
- Selling items over the Region chat

Aion Classic is a new permanent server making early content from the fantasy MMORPG accessible once more, including throwback quest lines, exhilarating PvE and PvP content, faction-specific areas, and more. Explore this fantasy world by land and enjoy gripping quest lines as the conflict between the Elyos and Asmodians rages on, or take to the skies and experience exhilarating aerial combat in the Abyss.

Aion Classic brings you back to historic Atreia, beautiful but ravaged by the endless war between Light and Dark. Classic's launch welcomed you back to the world.

Aion Classic is available on PC. For EU and US players, there are eight servers in total now.

When purchasing Aion Classic Kinah online, you must do so from a trusted source. With over 15 years of experience, we have learned the ins and outs of delivering in-game currency without risking your accounts. Our customer's security and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us, so we offer secure transactions and two convenient delivery methods with each purchase.

Games like Aion Classic test your patience when it comes to farming Kinah. At MmoGah, you can save time and a headache with our tried and true system. By purchasing your Aion Classic Kinah at MmoGah, you receive secure and fast delivery, fair pricing, a reasonable refund policy, and so on.

You can visit Aion Classic Kinah's landing page by clicking the left or top navigation bar.

The following processes are about how to place an Aion Classic order with a lower price:

1. Login or sign up for your member account at MmoGah.
2. Choose the reigon “EU” or “US” and select your server; then choose the amount. Finally, click the "Buy Now" button.
3. Fill in your correct character name and then select a delivery method and a suitable payment method.
You can fill in the Coupon Code, such as "epic3" or "mmogahcom," etc., to get your order price off, and then click "Place Order Now."


There are two ways of placing the order at MmoGah.

Buy as a member

(1) Log in or sign up your member account at MmoGah.

(2) Choose the server and the amount. Click the "Buy Now" button or add the products into your cart, then click "Check Out".

(3) Fill in the User Information and then select your payment method.

(4) You can fill in the Coupon Code, such as "mmogahcom", "epic 3" to get your order price off, then click "Place Order Now".


Buy as a guest

You can also buy your Aion Classic Kinah without logging in to any account, which is convenient. But you can't get the member discount ranging from 1% - 3%. The next purchase process is the same as the above steps, (2) (3) (4). 

Undoubtedly, we will try our best to finish your order as fast as possible, but sometimes, we may not have enough Aion Classic Kinah for your realm. In that case, it could take a little longer. 

If you are a member, you can use the member discount. Depending on how much money you have spent on MmoGah until now, the discount you can get ranges from 1% - 3%. Click here to know more. Besides, you can also get larger coupons ranging from 3% - 10% to save more money. 

In most cases, we will complete your orders as fast as possible, but occasionally, if we don't have enough supply and you don't want to wait any longer, we will refund you immediately without any delay. 

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