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Buying OSRS Fire Cape Guide at MmoGah

1. Our Fire Cape OSRS is available to both PC & Mobile.

2. Be sure to fill in the correct information of your Account and Password when you place an order, so that we can login without problem and boost your order fast.

3. You must Prepare all the required Items, like armors, arrows, potions, etc. and put them into Inventory, so that we DO NOT need your Bank PIN (or if you put them in bank and you have set a Bank Pin, then you should send it to our Live Chat after your payment).

4. You’d better Disable Google Authentication of your account temporarily when you place an order, so that we can log in your account in time, or you have to contact us via Live Chat to send the One-time Verification Code.

5. We boost your order manually without using Bots/Macros.

6. You’d better not login your account during our boosting service, but if you have to do this, please contact Live Chat to discuss a reasonable time.

7. If you cannot find the OSRS Fire Cape service you need, please contact our Live Chat to customize.

8. Be sure to Change Password after we have completed your order to guarantee account security.


  • Old School PC/Mobile

Runescape News

  • how-to-check-the-stats-of-your-osrs-account-quickly

    2019-01-16How to Check the Stats of Your OSRS Account Quickly

    After buying OSRS accounts from MmoGah, there is a quick way to check the stats of your account without logging into the game. Checking on the RuneScape Hiscores page is a good method to check your Character stats.
  • where-is-the-best-place-to-buy-fire-cape-osrs

    2019-01-15Where Is the Best Place to Buy Fire Cape OSRS

    Tired of failing to defeat Jad numerous times for a Fire Cape? Don’t despair! Buying Fire Cape OSRS service from website allows you to get the much-coveted cape in no time at all. If you are hesitating where to find a trustworthy OSRS Fire Cape seller, then MmoGah is definitely a reliable seller you can trust.
  • how-to-buy-osrs-fire-cape-at-mmogah

    2019-01-14How to Buy OSRS Fire Cape at MmoGah

    OSRS Fire Cape is one of the best Melee capes in Old School RuneScape. Buying OSRS Fire Cape service at MmoGah allows you to get the much-coveted cape with no effort. For the fire-time Fire Cape buyers, this guide is showing you how to place an order and get your Fire Cape OSRS safely and smoothly.
  • buy-osrs-fire-cape-at-mmogah

    2019-01-08Buy OSRS Fire Cape at MmoGah

    Good news! Fire Cape OSRS is on sale at MmoGah now! With our OSRS Fire Cape service, you can have the best melee capes in Old School RuneScape with no effort! Here is why you should buy Fire Cape OSRS service at MmoGah.
  • where-is-the-best-place-to-buy-osrs-accounts

    2018-12-29Where Is the Best Place to Buy OSRS Accounts

    You want to have a decent OSRS account but can’t spend many hours on training Ranged or Strength? Buy an OSRS account at MmoGah. Problem solved! We offer hand-trained OSRS accounts for you to escape the grind and become a pro player in no time at all! If you are still hesitating, I can tell you right now the main 4 reasons you should buy OSRS accounts from us. 
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