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Estimated Delivery Time: 1-5 Hours
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OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/1+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape for 50+Ranged/40+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape for 60+Rranged/1+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/1+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Fire Cape Jad Kill
OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 60+Ranged/40+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer
OSRS Ironman Fire Cape for 70+Ranged/40+Def/50+HP/43+Prayer

About Fire Cape OSRS

OSRS Fire Cape

Fire cape is one of the most powerful melee capes in Old School RuneScape. It is a reward for finishing all the waves of Fight Cave and killed Jad. If you want to get it by yourself, you can do the Fight Cave at any level, but if you haven't done it before and have low stats, you should have at least 70 Range and 43 Prayer.There are 63 waves, and monsters spawn in waves, with each wave getting progressively more difficult. There are many safe spots in the Fight Cave, and the best one is called the Italy Rock. That is a great location to camp during waves where you encounter those monsters.

Will I lose my Fire Cape?

If your character dies below level 20 Wilderness area, it will become unusable until Perdu repairs it for you. If your character dies at level 20 Wilderness or above, it will be converted into coins unless Perdu lock it for you, which allows the cape to be kept in death, unbroken, past level 20 Wilderness. A Fire Cape is required to enter most of TzHaar City, but it doesn't consume the Fire Cape. However, you must give up your Fire Cape if you want to enter the Inferno.

Fire Cape OSRS Delivery Method

Please input your OSRS username and password. Our supplier will login to your account, complete the TzHaar Fight Cave, and get the cape for you. Please sit back and relax while we do the Fight Cave and get the much-coveted cape for you.

Note: For normal Fire Cape orders, you don't need to prepare items. However, it’ll be better if you wear an Ava’s attractor or an Ava’s accumulator. For Ironman or Jad Kill orders, you still need to prepare the required items and be sure to put them in your bag or wear them (don’t put them in your Bank for security consideration). Click to see What You Should Prepare When Buying an OSRS Fire Cape.


To avoid possible unnecessary dispute, please follow the steps below before you place your order: 

•    If you have a Bank Pin, please make sure you put your valuable gold, items, and gear in the bank.

•    If you don’t have a Bank Pin, please make sure your valuable gold, items, and gear are transfered to a safe place. 

Note: While doing the Fight Cave for you, we will temporarily block Trade and turn off your Public, Private, and Clan Chat. Please don’t worry about that. We will finish the Fire Cape service in time and send you an email once we complete your order.

Delivery Time

The delivery time for each Fire Cape service varies depending on your level. You can refer to the specific details provided in the description of each service to find out the delivery time. If you're interested in the delivery time of orders completed in the past 48 hours, you can view the timetable provided for that information.

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