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  • swtor-the-celebration-of-may-the-4th

    2016-04-29SWTOR: The Celebration of May the 4th

    Good News for every SWTOR players! Following some big changes in May, Bioware gives players a big surprise that they will celebrate May the 4th with a new Astromech Droid, a Speedrun through the Eternal Championship, Double XP, and more.
  • how-to-farm-bns-gold-from-professions-crafting-and-gathering

    2016-04-28How to Farm BNS Gold from Professions - Crafting and Gathering

    "There is one thing that I just couldn’t wrap my head around when I first started playing blade and soul, it was the crafting system. I’ve played plenty of games in my gaming career, but a crafting system in blade & soul unlike others I’ve ever experienced. The game's big income is obtained through dungeons, and professions (gathering and crafting) are a big part of any player's much-needed in later game stages."
  • chi-is-known-as-performing-miraculous-power-in-blade-and-soul

    2016-04-26"Chi" Is Known as Performing Miraculous Power in Blade and Soul

    "Chi is the life force of all creation. It is an unending force that flows through all reality, connecting the realms and all living beings in its breadth. Like water, chi will gather in great swirling eddies or burst from the earth like a geyser; like blood, chi exists within all living creatures and is vital to their survival."
  • swtor-some-big-changes-in-may

    2016-04-26SWTOR: Some Big Changes in May

    All SWTOR adventurers should be prepare yourselves well in advance, May will be a busy month. Are you ready for that? Up to now, it has been known about 3 main highlights – new chapter Profit and Plunder, new Weapon Tunings and Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on The Harbinger.
  • preview-of-shattered-empire-update-2-guide-for-cold-storage-dungeon

    2016-04-22Preview of Shattered Empire Update(2) - Guide for Cold Storage Dungeon

    Today, mmogah wants to share with you a useful guide for Cold Storage Dungeon in upcoming 4.27 Shattered Empire update.There is only one boss in Cold Storage dungeon - Winter Mane. This dungeon needs a 6-man team and needs to use phoenix pillar to enter into it, which is different from 4-man dungeons. Cold Storage has a simple map structure and a small quantity of monsters. You may contact with the boss about 2 or 3mins.
  • blade-and-soul-how-to-build-up-your-class-and-weapon-to-level-up-fast

    2016-04-22Blade and Soul - How to Build Up Your Class and Weapon to Level Up Fast

    As you know, all classes have completely different skills in blade & soul, and each class has its own style and attribute. There are several ways to build up your class. For example: your Kung Fu Master is totally different from other players' Kung Fu Master. Actually it is not easy to choose the class, and you can read bns guide to choosing class to learn more. In this article, Mmogah as a reliable bns gold store will show you how to build up your class and weapon to speed up the level fast.
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