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About Palworld Gold

Palworld Gold

In Palworld, gold (or gold coins) is the main currency used for various transactions within the game. Players can use gold to buy items or Pals from merchants, or they can use gold to reconstruct gear pieces from their Set Collections. As the in-game money in Palworld, gold coins are essential for progress, so farming gold is a main task for every player.

The most reliable way to earn gold quickly is to use Ranch Pals to farm it. People can assign certain Pals to the Ranches at their player bases, and the Pals will passively drop or dig up gold. In addition, increasing the amount of gold-producing Pals can increase gold production. Other ways to earn money include slaying enemies in dungeons and selling items, Pals, and humans to merchants.

Although gold coins are very useful, they are limited and hard to obtain. That is why many people buy cheap Palworld gold coins with real cash from trustworthy sellers, such as MmoGah.

Palworld Gold/Item Delivery Method


Note: Our supplier will meet you in the game at the place your choose.

Delivery Time for Palworld Gold/Items

Normally, we can deliver your gold/items in 5 minutes after confirming your payment. However, please note that the Invite Code is not permanent. If your code expires, we will need to request a new one, which may cause a delay in delivery. We have a table that shows the delivery time for orders completed in the past 48 hours

Also, in case of a sudden rise in demand for gold/items, there could be a delay in the delivery process. In such circumstances, we request your patience and understanding and assure you that we will complete your order as soon as possible.

How to Buy Palworld Gold Coins/items at MmoGah

MmoGah has made it easy for you to buy Palworld gold and items for Steam, PC, and Xbox with a simple process:

1. Click "Buy Now" or the Shopping Cart after selecting your server and desired gold/item amount.

2. Input your some basic information:

•     If you choose an Official Server, please input your Server Region, World Server Name, Character Name, and the place where you want to meet the supplier.

•     If you choose a Community Server, please input your Community Server IP, Character Name, and the place where you want to meet the supplier.

•     If you choose a Local Server, please input Invite Code, Character Name, and the place where you want to meet the supplier.

3. Click "Pay Now" and complete the payment, then wait for our supplier to deliver what you need within 5 minutes.

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