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Buying FFXI Gil Delivery Methods at MmoGah

1. Face to Face: We will meet you at a place in the game then trade with you. This is a secure and fast delivery method.

2. Online Bazaar Trade: Please put on Item(s) to the Bazaar first then we buy your Item(s) with FFXI Gil that you have purchased at our site.

Server Name Price 50M Gil - 199M Gil 200M Gil - 600M Gil Purchase
Asura $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Bahamut $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Bismarck $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Carbuncle $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Cerberus $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Fenrir $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Lakshmi $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Leviathan $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Odin $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Phoenix $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Quetzalcoatl $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Ragnarok $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Shiva $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Siren $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Sylph $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase
Valefor $9.56 / 10M Gil +2% +5% Purchase

About Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is called “FFXI” for short. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed and published by Square Enix as part of the Final Fantasy series. It was released in Japan on May 16, 2002, for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows based on personal computers in November of that year. The very first in the league of its MMORPG versions, Square Enix's FFXI is a trend-setter in arcade gaming. Millions of players dump into the mysterious land of Vana diel, and they can experience a total of 22 different jobs, including warrior, monk, white mage, black mage, red mage, thief and more!

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  1. Select the server you are playing on and the amount of Gil you want to purchase.
  2. Fill in the correct character name.
  3. Choose any one of the delivery methods: Face to Face or Online Bazaar Trade.

We have a large supply of Gil to guarantee your fast delivery. Most orders can be completed within 5 mins - 4 hours. Our traders are real elite gamers, who will make a smooth delivery with you. You can get your gil fast after we have received and verified your payment.

None of our customers got banned for buying FFXI Gil at mmogah so far since our traders are real players, which can guarantee your account's safety. We will never reveal your information to any third party.

Sure, selling in-game currency in MmoGah marketplace is easy, safe, and convenient! You can sell or trade your ffxi gil on our marketplace, but you should register first. You can view this selling guide.

About FFXI Gil

FFXI Gil is the currency in Final Fantasy XI game, and it is an essential part in Final Fantasy series. It is used to make various purchases and occasionally for some abilities, such as Gil Toss, which allows the player to damage enemies by throwing money at them.The most common way to obtain Final Fantasy XI Gil is by selling unwanted/unneeded items at the Auction House. Items can also be put up for sale in the players' Bazaar, or simply traded to other players for a mutually agreed upon price.

How to Farm FFXI Gil

Some different ways are pretty good for farming FFXI Gil.
1. You should be doing Ambuscade, if at all possible, because there are so many different rewards from it.
2. You can earn by completing objectives in the Records of Eminence.
3. As a newbie, you can earn by completing Unity-based Records of Eminence objectives.
4. You can make money just by farming up the currency on the server. This might not be the best way as prices have dropped; it would still be consistent money for your time putting.FFXI GIL
5. Making some tear to salvage is a decent way to make Gil. Some Alexandrite and Android are always in demand. You can make a decent amount of money for a very little time investment.
6. Another great way to get Gil is to pay attention to what campaign events are going on the campaigns that offer a lot of good ways to make Gil, such as voidwatch, is a great way to make Gil.
7. Augmented items for a rising Jima armor, this stuff drops off ascendant mobs. It’s pretty easy to farm.
8. Vagary is a pretty decent way since they give you weekly records of eminence. You are getting the drops from the MM if you happen to get them a lot of these things sell for a couple of hundred K.
9. Delve clearing Dell from the bosses can give you a decent amount of crafting items. You can turn around sell for a decent amount of Gil plus if you are spamming out Dell for money.

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