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FFXI Gil Delivery Methods

Face to Face

We will meet you at a place in the game then trade with you, so it requires some effort from you to complete the trade as you will need to be online at the time of delivery. However, this has proved to be a secure and fast delivery method. Once you are available, we will designate a place to meet or travel to you in-game. As a reminder about your safety, do not give back your Gil to anyone and use it to ensure no one can steal it from you. We will never ask you to give the goods back after trading! Please also don't give your private information to anyone in the game to protect your order security.

Online Bazaar Trade

Please put the Item(s) up for sale in your Bazaar first, and then we will buy your Item(s) with FFXI Gil that you have purchased at our site as soon as possible.

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FFXI Gil, also called Final Fantasy XI Gil, is the main currency in FFXI. It is used to make various purchases and occasionally for some abilities, such as Gil Toss, which allows players to damage enemies by throwing ff11 gil at them.

Final Fantasy 11 Gil is required in large amounts if players want to have an enjoyable experience in FFXI world. Common ways to obtain ffxi gil include doing quests, selling unneeded items at the Auction House, or selling items purchased with Sparks to NPC Merchants. But they all have drawbacks; they are time-consuming and energy-draining. So some players are looking for a relatively quick way – buy ffxi gil by using a website.

As a professional store that has been in the gaming market for more than 15 years, MmoGah provides cheap ffxi gil with fast delivery speed. We have served thousands of happy ffxi customers over the years, so you can buy with confidence.

What Is the Gil Limit in FFXI?
The maximum amount of gil you can carry in FFXI is 999,999,999. And the highest gil amount you can send through a Delivery Box is 1,000,000, which is a system used to send and receive items and gil between characters in Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy XI, also known as “Final Fantasy 11”, or “FFXI”, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game published by Square Enix as a part of the Final Fantasy series. It was released in Japan on May 16, 2002, for PlayStation 2 and November 5 of the same year for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers. FF 11 was the world's first cross-console MMORPG. It requires a monthly subscription to play.

Until now, five expansion packs and six add-on scenarios have been released. Each expansion and add-on brings a new major storyline to the Fantasy 11 world, along with many areas, quests, events, and item rewards. Millions of players have started their journey on the mysterious land of Vana’diel, and they can experience a total of 22 different jobs, including Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, etc. Six standard jobs can be chosen at the start of the game. But once one standard job has reached level 30, players can unlock advanced jobs through quests.

Leveling up is based on experience points in Final Fantasy XI Online, which can be obtained through defeating foes, completing Quests or Missions, and Campaign Battles. Defeating monsters that are higher level than the player nets more. Joining an EXP Party (meaning forming a group of up to six people to bring down foes for EXP) is also considered as an efficient way to gain experience points.

FFXI Gil in Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel is as important as real money in the real world. We can’t go further without it. For example, players will need FFXI Gil in the following aspects:

● level gear, like armor, weapons, tools, or accessories
● buy food to boost mana points, hit points, attack, and other stats
● buy fishing baits if you would like to be a fisher
● buy needed items at auction house
● buy items from other player’s Bazaars
● buy items from NPC shops
● buy Glamour prisms to cast the appearance of one item onto another

Some good ways to farm FFXI Gil:

● You should be doing Ambuscade, if at all possible because there are so many different rewards from it.
● You can earn by completing objectives in the Records of Eminence.
● As a newbie, you can earn by completing Unity-based Records of Eminence objectives.
● Making some tears to salvage is a decent way to make ffxi gil. Some Alexandrite and Android are always in demand. You can make a good amount for very little time invested.
● You can also pay attention to the campaign events that offer a lot of ways to make gil, such as Voidwatch.
● Augmented items for a rising Jima armor, this stuff drops off ascendant mobs. It’s pretty easy to farm.
● Vagary is a pretty decent way since it gives you weekly records of eminence. You are getting the drops from the MM. If you happen to get them, all of these things can sell for a couple of hundred K final fantasy XI Gil.
● Delve clearing Dell from the bosses can give you a decent amount of crafting items. You can turn around and sell them for a good amount of FFXI Gil plus if you are spamming out Dell for money.
● Buy gil low and sell it high. Like in other MMORPGs, auction house is also a good way of earning ff11 gil in final fantasy XI. But it's true that most people would rather be out there fighting monsters than researching prices. Earning from auction house requires knowledge of many aspects of the game.

1. Three ways to place the order

● Quick Check at the left side of our site
● 1-Click Checkout at the top of our FFXI Gil landing page
● Selecting the server section: below the “1-Click Checkout” part, there is a main section where all the servers in Final Fantasy XI are listed. You can select the one that is associated with your character.

Please note: you have to be a member of MmoGah to buy FFXI Gil from us.

2. Choose your server and how much gil you want to buy. Depending on your purchasing amount, we would send you a varying amount of gil as a bonus. The more you buy, the more we give!

3. Click “Buy Now” and access the checkout page.

4. Input your correct Character Name in Final Fantasy XI.

5. Choose a delivery method and a payment method.

6. Confirm your order and click “Place Order Now”. Fill in the coupon box with the coupon code we give you, like in the case of us holding a holiday promotional event, to get cheap ffxi gil.

Some Final Fantasy XI gamers have literally no time or energy farming gil by themselves, so they prefer buying from a reliable site, which is a convenient way to obtain gil easily. MmoGah, who has been in the game industry for more than 15 years, can be a good option by allowing you to buy cheap ffxi gil with fast delivery using one of our safe delivery methods. Time is precious. Just leave it to the specialists, and we’ve got you all covered!

Fast Delivery
We have a large supply of ffxi gil to guarantee fast delivery. Our traders are also real elite gamers, which would make the delivery even faster. For any problem met during the delivery of ff11 gil, please contact us via 24/7 online Live Chat.

Great Reputation
We have rich experience in the market and have a great reputation among players, so MmoGah is a good choice for you to buy ffxi gil. You can get more knowledge of our site by checking tons of reviews. Please do not hesitate to buy gil here at MmoGah.

Reasonable Prices
We adjust our prices in real time according to the market, and you can not only get cheap ffxi gil, but also use top coupons to save more money.

Refund Guarantee
We can refund before delivery if you need it. In most cases, we will try our best to complete your orders fast, and we will also spare no effort to make each customer satisfied. But if occasionally, we don't have enough ffxi gil for sale, and you don’t want to wait, please contact us for a refund if needed.

Is it safe to buy FFXI Gil? Will I get banned for buying Gil in Final Fantasy XI? Or, is buying gil allowed? This can be players' biggest concern when purchasing ff11 gil online.

So does Square Enix Ban FFXI Gil Buyers? Actually, most of the numbers we see released on MMOs RMT ban waves are the sellers, not buyers. In FFXI, It seems that Square Enix doesn't act unless people openly admit to it in-game and are reported.

Most importantly, the fact is that over the years, none of our customers have ever reported being banned for buying FFXI Gil from MmoGah.

As a professional shop, we aim to provide safe and fast services and would never share your personal information with any third party. So you can buy with confidence here.


We have a large supply of Gil to guarantee your fast delivery. Most orders can be completed within 5 mins - 4 hours. Our traders are real elite gamers, who will make a smooth delivery with you. You can get your gil fast after we have received and verified your payment.

We sell ffxi gil at reasonable prices. But except for member discounts and large order gil bonuses, there are also other kinds of discounts you can enjoy, like long-term 5% coupon code for FFXI gil: FF11, or larger coupons. We also give a coupon code when there is a holiday promotion, which is time-limited. The code can be used along with the discounts mentioned above.

Sure, selling in-game currency in MmoGah marketplace is easy, safe, and convenient! You can sell or trade your ffxi gil on our marketplace, but you should register first. You can view this selling guide.

We have run the business for more than 15 years and thus have learned the ins and outs required in safe trading.

Our real professional players are farming gil using legal methods.

Secure delivery methods are also a good guarantee. There are two ways to deliver your FFXI Gil: Face to Face and Online Bazaar Trade. Although “face-to-face” requires some time and effort, it has proved safe.

There are more than 200 safe payment options available on our site.

Most importantly, our customers have never got banned since we added the service of ff11 gil selling. We respect your privacy and keep a low-key operation. Our customer service reps are online 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your problems. Please feel free to contact us if need be.


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