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Bravo's subligar
Emperor hairpin
Fuma kyahan
Leaping boots
Ochiudo's kote
Scorpion harness
Scorpion harness +1
Tiphia sting
Vermillion cloak

About HorizonXI Items

HorizonXI Items

HorizonXI Items include various types of items, like weapons, shields, accessories, armor, potions, ammunition, jewelry, etc. Not only HorizonXI gil, items are also indispensable for your gameplay in HorizonXI.

You can get items through Crafting system. For example, by Clothcraft, you can get lightweight armor and capes. And precious gems and metals can also be used to craft beautiful jewelry and glittering armor by Goldsmithing. If you need a piece of furniture for your Mog House, you can achieve this through Woodworking system. Or you need to fight a boss to obtain some items. However, the dropping rate can be low sometimes.

Instead of doing these yourself, MmoGah provides a shortcut by allowing you to buy HorizonXI Items directly. Here you can get some best-selling equipment that you must have in HorizonXI, a level 75 cap server.


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