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Estimated Delivery Time: 2-15 Mins
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Delivery Method(s)Face-to-Face, Bazaar

About Last Epoch Gold

Last Epoch Gold

Last Epoch Gold is the in-game currency used within the video game Last Epoch, developed by Eleventh Hour Games. As with many RPGs, gold serves as a universal medium of exchange within the game world. Players can earn Last Epoch Gold through various means, such as completing quests, defeating enemies, selling items, and participating in trade with NPCs or other players. Gold can then be used to purchase items, gear, and services within the game. It's essential for progression, enabling players to enhance their abilities and equipment as they navigate the world of Eterra, fighting against the encroaching threat of the Void to prevent the destruction of time itself.

Ultimately, Gold in Last Epoch is not just a means of exchange; it is a symbol of wealth, opportunity, and resilience in the face of adversity, guiding adventurers on their epic quest to shape the fate of the world. Since it’s so important, how to acquire more in the game becomes more and more important.

Last Epoch Gold Delivery Methods

  • Face-to-Face

1. You need to be a member of the Merchant Guild Faction.

2. Open Social in the game, and you will see your username on the upper left corner. Fill in your username on our checkout page. ( NOT character name! )


3. Right click on the trader, and then select Trade.

face to face

4. Set the Asking Price as the amount you've ordered at our site. Then, put in any item you have (preferably blue or yellow, as they consume the least Favor). Finally, click Request Trade, and the gold you've bought will be immediately in your pocket!


  • Bazaar
    1. To trade successfully, you need to be a member of the Merchant Guild Faction and have enough Favor to put up the item in the Bazaar.
    2. After you list an item, we will buy your item with the Last Epoch Gold you ordered at our site.
    3. Please also upload a screenshot of your item listed (rare items recommended) so we can see the detailed information about your item and your price.
    4. If your order is 1000,000G, you can set a price of 1000,001~1000,009 so we can find you quickly.

Please Note: 

  1. When trading face-to-face, please ensure that the gold coins you purchased and the ones you previously have do not exceed 2,100,000k (2.1 billion); otherwise, the gold from our transaction will be cleared.
  2. When trading through Bazaar, please make sure the price of an item you listed does not exceed 1,500,000k (1.5 billion); otherwise, the gold cannot be withdrawn from the Bazaar. So, for example, if you have purchased 2.2 billion gold at our site, you can list two items: one priced at 1 billion and the other at 1.2 billion.

Last Epoch Gold Estimated Delivery Time

Most of our Last Epoch gold coins orders can be completed within 2-15 minutes. The delivery time can be late when our suppliers are offline, or sometimes the gold in your server is out of stock. Usually, gold in Hardcore mode can be delivered more slowly than in Standard mode. Besides, when a new Cycle starts, the delivery period for Last Epoch League gold can also be longer. Finally, for your part, it happens when you provide us with your character name instead of your username when trading face-to-face. Our 24/7 online reps always spare no effort to ensure speedy delivery. You can click here to check our delivery time information.

How to Buy Last Epoch Gold at MmoGah

  1. Register/Login to your MmoGah account to place your Last Epoch coins order.
  2. Choose your server and amount, and click Buy Now.
  3. Checkout Page: Please fill in your username when trading face-to-face, or upload a screenshot of your item listed when trading through Bazaar. Then, choose a payment method. Before the payment, please double-check the details of your order, including the selected server, quantity of gold, and your character information. Ensure everything is correct before proceeding.
  4. Complete payment and wait for the delivery!

Why You Should Choose MmoGah to Buy Last Epoch Gold


We have built a strong reputation in the gaming community for providing reliable and trustworthy services. Positive reviews from satisfied customers attest to our platform's credibility.

Competitive Pricing:

We offer competitive prices for our services, including LE Gold. Players can expect fair rates that provide good value for their money.

Fast Delivery:

We are known for prompt and efficient delivery of goods and services. Players can expect speedy delivery of Last Epoch Coins Gold to ensure minimal delay in their gaming experience.

Excellent Customer Service:

We have responsive and helpful customer service representatives who are available to assist customers with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. Our commitment to customer satisfaction enhances the overall experience of using our services.

Wide Range of Payment Options:

We support a variety of payment methods, making it convenient for players to complete transactions using their preferred payment option.

Refund Policy:

We have a clear and fair refund policy that provides customers with recourse in case of dissatisfaction or unforeseen circumstances.

Last Epoch Gold Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I buy gold coins in Last Epoch?

Yes! Although Last Epoch doesn't directly sell gold through its store, you can acquire cheap Last Epoch Gold from reputable providers such as MmoGah.

Q2: Why is there such a significant difference in the price of Last Epoch gold across different servers?

In general, the gold prices for the Hardcore mode can be higher than the Standard mode, as fewer players are there. Also, when a new Cycle season starts, the prices for League servers can be higher due to the changes in demand.

Q3: How Can I list an item when using Bazaar to trade gold?

Navigate to the game's "My Stall" menu and select “List an Item”, then choose an item you want to sell to us. Favor cost will be applied based on the item's quality. We recommend blue or yellow items, as they cost the least Favor.

Q4: How can I contact you when I encounter issues during the gold purchase process?

You can contact us via our Live Chat, support email, or Discord. Our reps are online 24/7 to help you with any inquiries or issues you encounter.

About Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game (ARPG) that combines time-traveling elements with deep character customization. Set in the world of Eterra, players navigate through different eras, battling against the forces of the Void and altering the course of history to prevent a dark future.

Players choose from five base classes, each branching into three master classes, offering a total of 15 distinct playstyles. These range from the melee-focused Sentinel to the magic-wielding Mage. Each class has a unique skill tree, allowing for intricate build customization.

The gameplay is a blend of combat and loot collection, with a focus on slaying mobs and enhancing gear. Abilities have their own skill trees, which players can specialize in to tailor their combat style. The game strikes a balance between complexity and accessibility, appealing to both veterans and newcomers to the genre。