D2R Non-Ladder Items SC

D2R Non-Ladder Items SC

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# 33 Zod(Non-Ladder SC)
Annihilus(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Gheed's Fortune(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Grand Charm(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Hellfire Torch(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Key of Destruction(Non-Ladder SC)
Key of Hate(Non-Ladder SC)
Key of Terror(Non-Ladder SC)
Large Charms(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Small Charms(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Unique Amulets(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Unique Rings(Non-Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
#32 Cham(Non-Ladder SC)
#31 Jah(Non-Ladder SC)
#30 Ber(Non-Ladder SC)
#29 Sur(Non-Ladder SC)
#28 Lo(Non-Ladder SC)
#27 Ohm(Non-Ladder SC)
#26 Vex(Non-Ladder SC)
#25 Gul(Non-Ladder SC)

About D2R Items

D2R Items

D2R Items are an indispensable part of Diablo 2 Resurrected. For example, weapons or armors are very useful for players to kill lots of monsters in the game. Good Items can improve character's damage and help players level character faster. So finding good Diablo 2 Items to equip character is one of the most everlasting pleasures in D2 Resurrected.

D2R Runes
D2R Runes are very important in the game. Each Rune has a name and some special properties. Once they are inserted into an item with the open sockets, they will imbue the item with magical properties. Runes can also be used for crafting items. There are several best places for players to farm Runes: The Countess, The Secret Cow Level, Travincal, and Lower Kurast Super Chest.

D2R Runewords
D2R Runewords are some of the most powerful items, which require Runes are inserted into a base item in a certain order. They will grant the item even more powerful abilities. This is where Runes become awesome. Runewords require non-magical base items with exact numbers of sockets.

D2R Base Items
D2R base items are items with sockets, which are important parts of Diablo 2 Resurrected. Without these, socketed items such as Runes or jewels can not play their roles as envisioned. For example, the Runeword of Call to Arms needs base items like Crystal Sword with 5 sockets.

D2R Crafted Items
D2R crafted items are Diablo 2 Resurrected items that Horadric Cube transmutes according to different recipes. With these recipes, players are like weapon founders to create weapons. For example, they can use Runes and diamonds to turn a normal set weapon into an exceptional version set weapon.


Buying D2R Items Delivery Method


1. Use the Trading Function: Please accept our trade request.
2. Drop and Pick Up: Please pick up the Diablo 2 Items we dropped on the floor.

When placing your order, please enter the information needed, which can differ depending on the platform you are playing on:
● PC: Battle Tag and Character Name
● PS5/PS4: PSN ID and Character Name
● Xbox One/Series X|S: Xbox Gamer Tag and Character Name
● Nintendo Switch: Switch Friend Code and Character Name

After your order is confirmed, we will deliver D2R Items to you by sending you a friend request, so please keep online and accept it.

How Fast Will I Receive My D2R Items After I Pay?

Normally you will receive the items within 10-30 minutes after we confirm your payment.


What Should I Do Before Trading My D2R Items?

(1) Some items are special items that you can not put more than one in your personal inventory or bag, such as Gheed's Fortune, Annihilus, and Hellfire Torch. So you need to put them in the account share stash before buying them from us. Otherwise, you can not pick them up when we are trading.

For example, you have items like jewels, Runes, and an Annihilus in your inventory. To ensure a smooth delivery, please put the Annihilus in the account share stash before your purchase of it.

(2) Before trading, please make sure your inventory has enough space.


How Can I Get My D2R Items Fast?

You can select Act 1 of Normal Difficulty for us to easily find you and thus deliver your items quickly. Please accept our Battle App friend request. Then we can travel to your room as soon as possible.


I Have Bought PS4 D2R Items, But Why Haven't You Delivered Them Yet?

When you buy D2R items for PS5/PS4, Xbox, or NS, you need to add us as a friend. Please pay attention to your message prompt so that you can quickly add us to receive your items.