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FFXIV Gil for Sale - Trustworthy Final Fantasy XIV Gil Shop

Buying FFXIV Gil Secure Delivery Methods

1. Face-to-Face In-Game: This is by far the safest trading method, and we highly recommend it for a quick and safe sale. Once logged in, we will send you a whisper in-game, so make sure you will be online during our delivery estimate. If you are not online, we may send you an email or ask you to change the delivery method to another option, such as the market board. Once you are available, we will designate a place to meet or travel to you in-game and open up a trade. You should make sure your character has no limitations on trading to ensure we can complete your order. We advise that you give us an item while trading for additional security, as this is a real transaction. This method makes it one of the safest options for buying FFXIV Gil. In-game trades are unavoidable between players, and this method is virtually impossible to result in bans. None of our customers have ever had a single problem by following this guide when buying FFXIV Gil. Lastly, trading face-to-face is one of the fastest ways to receive your FFXIV Gil and get back to playing however you want. As a reminder about your safety, do not give back your Gil to anyone and use it to ensure no one can steal it from you.

2. Through the Market Board: Using the market board for the trade is a simple and easy carefree solution to getting your FFXIV Gil. It is useful for gamers who are busy and don't have time to meet up in-game to trade. For this method, you must list an item you have on the Market Board. We suggest that you put up an item or loot with some worth of rarity. For example, if you are buying large amounts of FFXIV Gil, you should list at least a pink rarity level item for extra security. Once you have chosen the item during checkout, we will ask for your retainer and retainer name. We also will need your retainer city, such as Limsa. Do not use Ishgard due to some additional costs. The one downside with the market board method is you will get 5% less of your Gil due to MB taxes. When you list the item for the amount of Gil you bought, we will then buy it from one of our accounts. You will then get the proceeds of the sale from the auction. Make sure you give us the correct information; else, the transaction takes longer. Don't worry if you make a mistake; you can always contact support if you need to update the listing. Overall, the market board is another excellent method for getting your Gil quickly with little effort required.

3. Deposit your FFXIV Gil into your FC chest: Utilizing your Free Company chest is another way to receive your Gil efficiently and securely. As long as you are part of a Free Company and you have the required entitlements to access the chest, we can use this method to trade your Gil. Company Chests are a great way to share the Gil with the rest of your guild to make sure everyone can benefit from your purchase. We can donate the Gil you bought to your FC chest, and it can not be withdrawn back by us. Make sure your FC chest is secure, and your leaders allow the deposit to ensure there are no surprises. Some reasons you might not want to use this method is if you wish for privacy about your purchase or you do not meet the requirements to belong to a Free Company. Once we deposit the Gil, you can use it for whatever best fits your FC needs like buying a house, items, and consumables. Many players choose this method if they are part of an active FC that goes through a lot of Gil. You will need to go to a city and locate your chest to use any of the Gil. Finally, make sure you trust everyone with access to your FC chest as we are not responsible for it after we complete the deposit.

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FFXIV Gil Sales Promotion
Server Name (Home World) Price Per M = Million Purchase
Primal (NA)
Behemoth $1.63  Purchase
Excalibur $1.63  Purchase
Exodus $1.63  Purchase
Famfrit $1.63  Purchase
Hyperion $1.63  Purchase
Lamia $1.63  Purchase
Leviathan $1.63  Purchase
Ultros $1.63  Purchase
Server Name (Home World) FFXIV Gil Stock Price Per M = Million Purchase
Aether (NA)
Adamantoise >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Cactuar >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Faerie >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Gilgamesh >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Jenova >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Midgardsormr >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Sargatanas >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Siren >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Primal (NA)
Behemoth >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Excalibur >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Exodus >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Famfrit >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Hyperion >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Lamia >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Leviathan >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Ultros >200 M $1.63  Purchase
Crystal (NA)
Balmung >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Brynhildr >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Coeurl >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Diabolos >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Goblin >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Malboro >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Mateus >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Zalera >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Chaos (EU)
Cerberus >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Louisoix >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Moogle >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Omega >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ragnarok >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Spriggan >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Light (EU)
Lich >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Odin >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Phoenix >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Shiva >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Twintania >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Zodiark >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Elemental (JP)
Aegis >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Atomos >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Carbuncle >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Garuda >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Gungnir >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Kujata >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ramuh >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Tonberry >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Typhon >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Unicorn >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Gaia (JP)
Alexander >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Bahamut >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Durandal >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Fenrir >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ifrit >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ridill >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Tiamat >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ultima >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Valefor >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Yojimbo >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Zeromus >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Mana (JP)
Anima >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Asura >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Belias >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Chocobo >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Hades >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Ixion >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Mandragora >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Masamune >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Pandaemonium >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Shinryu >200 M $1.68  Purchase
Titan >200 M $1.68  Purchase
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What Is Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, a top online video game, is called "FFXIV" or "FF14" for short. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix. Choosing a MMORPG that's right for you shouldn't be difficult. Whether you're a newbie, casual, or pro gamer that's looking for entertainment FFXIV can be the right choice for you.

FFXIV is an action-packed game with loads of content and superb graphics that will blow you away every second of the game. If you want the latest weapons in-game and achievements, MmoGah is the right partner for you. We can keep you up to date with the latest news, reviews, guides, and sales available. If you're starting your gaming journey, MmoGah offers you convenient and easy-to-play expertise so that you can be more productive.

What Is FFXIV Gil


FFXIV Gil is the in-game virtual currency used in Final Fantasy XIV. The inception of Gil starts by lore from the in-game region of Eorzea. Gil improves trade between cities and an essential foundation of the game's economy. Players can farm Gil through many monotonous tasks or get lucky by looting an expensive item. You can even take a stab at the market board and trade your way to becoming a Gil millionaire in no time. While there are countless ways to get Gil, they usually all end up being pretty dull in the longterm. To no one's surprise, Square Enix has developed even more ways to spend your Gil once you have it. You might need to buy a bunch of consumables due to many raid attempts, or maybe you are just trying to impress your friends with some cool new items, glamour, minions purchased on the Market Board, shops, or a fancy house. The fact is you become stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel trying to farm more Gil and then spending it just as quickly. It can become a full-time job farming Gil only to slowly watch your currency panel increase by the millions. Most gamers want to play fun content and not worry about how much Gil they have banked at the moment.

Now you may start asking how are all my rich friends getting all their Gil so fast. It's doubtful they are grinding monsters or questing all day. There are no quick hacks or tricks to getting rich. Instead, there are 3rd party websites like MmoGah that help you buy Gil fast with real money. Leave it to the specialists to farm Gil all day, and then you can buy it conveniently and reliably using one of our delivery methods. To calculate the amount of Gil, you will see the unit M which means million. For example, buying 5M Gil would be 5 million Gil, which is the average amount purchased these days by some gamers. From the moment you start playing FFXIV, you will gather Gil, and it becomes an essential part of how you play Final Fantasy. The endless opportunities to spend Gil will keep you coming back for more, and that is how the Gil economy functions as a cycle. To learn more about why MmoGah should be your go-to supplier of Gil, we have outlined the below benefits.

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We have FFXIV Gil in stock for the quickest delivery time. For orders of realms with enough Gil in stock, we can deliver Gil in approximately 10-30 minutes after we confirm your payment in most cases. There is a table outlining delivery time for orders during the past 48 hours.

For FFXIV Gil orders, you can get up to a 10% discount on your purchase by completing different tasks defined on the coupon page.

No, you don't have to. You can buy FFXIV Gil either as a member or a guest. But we recommend signing in so that you can get a member discount on your purchase.


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