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About ESO Gold

ESO gold is the most common currency in the game of The Elder Scrolls Online. Merchants and players accept ESO gold (ESO coins ESO Goldor TESO gold) in exchange for goods and services such as gear, houses, consumables, and Skill Point resetting. People can even use these free coins to buy additional content ordinarily accessible by spending Crowns – a premium currency: By paying an agreed-upon sum of gold, the buyer can receive a Crown Store item as a gift from another player who can buy it with Crowns. In brief, gold is among TESO's most precious and sought-after currencies. It can help a player build a stronger character and live a better in-game life.

ESO Gold Delivery Methods

Mailbox (Recommended)

We mail gold of ESO into your character's mailbox.

Note: Please don't click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold.


We deliver ESO gold in person in the game.

Note: Please keep your character online. Our supplier will send you a trading location and meet you there.

Delivery Time

Normally, we can complete your order within 5-30 minutes after confirming the payment. However, there are times when we experience a sudden increase in requests for gold or ESO Updates that result in a shortage of gold, making it difficult for us to fulfill orders as quickly as we normally do. In such a case, we would request your patience and understanding as we may need more time to deliver.

Does ESO Ban Gold Buyers?

Will I get banned for buying ESO gold? That is a question new customers often ask. As a professional store with rich experience, we can answer the question confidently – No. We have served thousands of customers since ESO launched, but no customer has been banned for buying ESO gold from us. Therefore, it's safe to buy gold from MmoGah, and your account won't get banned.

How to Buy ESO Gold Online at MmoGah

MmoGah is a safe place where you can easily buy ESO gold for PC, PS, and Xbox:

1. Choose your server and gold amount, then click "Buy Now" or the Shopping Cart.

2. Input basic information such as your UserID/Character Name for PC, PSN ID for PS, or Xbox Gamer Tag for Xbox.

3. Click "Pay Now" and complete the payment, then wait for our supplier to deliver what you need within 30 minutes.

Where to Find Your UserID/Character Name/PSN ID/Xbox Gamer Tag

UserID: UserID is the login name you use to log into the game. Usually, there is an @ in front of it.

Find userid in ESO login screen

By pressing the "o" key on your keyboard, you'll also find your UserID in the social menu.

find eso userid in social menu

Character Name:
Press the "c" key on your keyboard to open your Character screen, and you will see your Character Name.

find character name in character screen

PSN ID and Xbox Gamer Tag:
If you play on PlayStation or Xbox, open Map in ESO. Your PSN ID or Xbox Gamer Tag is on the right side of the screen.

find psn id and xbox gamer tag on map

the map button on controllers