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About Dark and Darker Gold and Why It Is Needed

Dark and Darker Gold

Dark and Darker Gold is the name of the currency used in the game Dark and Darker, a multiplayer fantasy extraction game developed by South Korean studio Ironmace. As the main currency for all types of transactions related to players and NPCs, Dark and Darker Gold plays an important role in the game.

You can use gold coins to buy items from merchants, such as bandages, potions, armor, weapons, or other useful items for your character. Most players also use gold as a form of trading currency to sell or buy items. To become a trader, you need to pay an initiation fee of 25 gold. Besides, each transaction requires a commission of 15 gold from both parties. So it’s no wonder players need Dark and Darker Gold nonstop. You can acquire gold by defeating monsters, completing quests, or selling items. Alternatively, you can also use a third-party website to buy Gold Dark and Darker directly, like MmoGah, which is efficient and convenient.


Dark and Darker Gold Delivery Method

Trader's Guild

1. Your character needs to be level 10.

2. You have unlocked Traders Guild Membership.

3. Each trade needs a fee of 15 gold from both parties.

4. You can put an unneeded or useless item in the trading box for transaction.

5. Please join the trading channel we designated to get your gold.


How to Buy Dark and Darker Gold at MmoGah

1. Hover your mouse over the “Gold” option from our left navigation bar and choose “Dark and Darker” from the game list. Or you can search “Dark and Darker” in the top search bar. You can also simply place the order through “Quick Buy” section, which is at the right of our home page.

2. Choose server and gold amount.

3. Click “Buy Now” or the shopping cart.

4. Input your character name correctly on the payment page.

5. Choose a preferred payment method and confirm your order details.

6. Click “Pay Now”, and the gold you purchased will be immediately in your pocket!


How Can I Get My Dark and Darker Gold

We trade Darker gold through Trader’s Guild. After entering the channel we designated, please put a random and useless item in the chat box, and we will buy the item with the gold you purchased on our site.


How to Trade in Dark and Darker

First, your character has to be at least level 10. Second, you have to pay an initiation fee of 25 gold to become a trader. After you become a trader, you can start trading by selecting any of the channels from the Channel List for items categorized at left side. Here, we will tell you a channel. After joining the channel, you can link an item in the trade chat by holding SHIFT and clicking on an item in your inventory. Last, each transaction needs a commission of 15 gold from both parties.


How Long Will it Take to Get My Dark and Darker Gold

Most orders can be completed within 4 minutes to 1 hour.


How to Buy Cheap Darker Gold

Except for the member discounts (1%-3%) and the large order discounts, we also provide larger coupons from 3%-10% and holiday coupons when there is a holiday.