Diablo 4 Items

Diablo 4 Items

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Andariel Admission * 10
Andariel Admission * 10[Shackles x20 & Doll x20]
Duriel Admission * 10
Duriel Admission * 10[20 Egg & 20 Shard]
Stygian Stone * 10
Stygian Stone * 10
Varshan Admission * 10
Varshan Admission * 10[Femur & Head & Hand & Heart] *10
Andariel Materials * 50
Andariel Materials * 50[Sandscorched Shackles*100 + Pincushioned Doll*100]
Duriel Admission * 50[100 Egg & 100 Shard]
Stygian Stone * 50
Stygian Stone * 50
Varshan Admission * 50(Femur & Head & Hand & Heart)*50
Andariel Admission
Andariel Admission[Shackles x2 & Doll x2]
Duriel Admission[2 Egg & 2 Shard]
Varshan Admission[Femur & Head & Hand & Heart]
Torment Andariel Materials
Torment Andariel Materials[Stygian Stone*2 + Sandscorched Shackles*6 + Pincushioned Doll*6]
Torment Beast in the Ice Materials
Torment Beast in the Ice Materials[Distilled Fear*27 + Stygian Stone*2]
Torment Duriel Materials
Torment Duriel Materials[Stygian Stone*2 + Mucus-Slick Egg*6 + Shard of Agony*6]
Torment Grigoire Materials
Torment Grigoire Materials[Living Steel*15 + Stygian Stone*2]
Torment Varshan Materials
Torment Varshan Materials[Stygian Stone * 2 +(Femur & Head & Hand & Heart)*3]
Torment Zir Materials
Torment Zir Materials[Exquisite Blood*27 + Stygian Stone*2]
Distilled Fear
Elixir of Cold Resistance
Elixir of Cold Resistance II

What Are Diablo 4 Items

Diablo 4 Items

Diablo 4 Items, also called Diablo IV Items or D4 Items, are an important part of the game.
Compared to gold, D4 items are a feature of Diablo and are the first impression when we memorize Diablo in various games. Whether you're seeking equipment to help you beat Malthael, or you just want to gather all the awesome weapons in Diablo IV, items are the most sought-after additions.

Diablo IV items contain various types of items such as Con Consumables, L_A Legendary Aspects, Crafting Materials, Accessories, G Gems, and R Runes.

Here are the D4 items' rarity levels and their corresponding colors:
Normal (White)
Magic (Blue)
Rare (Yellow)
Unique (Gold)
Legendary (Orange)

In ordinary, a yellow one is better than a blue one. But that doesn't mean that blue magic Diablo IV items are weakened. While item rarity is generally a good shorthand for what items are better than others, it's worth bearing in mind that the value of your items doesn't always correspond to the color ascribed to them. You might find an item that falls lower on the loot tier system includes modifiers that better complement your build, so be sure to choose wisely at higher levels.

Delivery Method


1. We will send items to you face-to-face. Please provide BattleTag and Character Name so we can add friends.

2. Accept invitations, including adding friends, joining the seller’s team, and starting a trade.

3. We put the items you bought in the trading window.



  • You can give us a random Diablo IV item of little value for account security.
  • You can enable invite notifications so you do not miss our invitation.
  • Only the item in your inventory can be traded, so do not give us the item that is in your stash.
  • The maximum capacity of the inventory is 9999M. Please check your inventory space.


About Delivery Time

MmoGah handles every order we receive with great care and will deliver the item to you as soon as possible. Most of our Diablo 4 items orders can be completed within 10-30 minutes. But sometimes the delivery time may also depend on you, as it can be delayed if you didn’t notice our friend request invitation. You can enable invite notifications to not miss the invitation.


How to Buy Diablo 4 Items from MmoGah

To access the item landing page, select Diablo 4 by clicking “View All Games” at the top of our website or “Item & Accounts” on the left navigation bar. Next, select Season SC (PC,PS,Xbox)/ Season HC (PC,PS,Xbox)/ Eternal SC (PC,PS,Xbox)/ Eternal HC (PC,PS,Xbox). Choose the item(s) you want by selecting a category or inputting the item name(s).

Then, add your items to your shopping cart or click “Buy Now.” Input the information required correctly on the payment page and click “Pay Now”. If you didn’t find the needed items, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Enjoy your game.


Why Are There No Platform Options on Your Website When Buying Diablo 4 Gold/Items?

Because Diablo 4 supports the Cross Network, no matter what platform, PC, PS, or Xbox you play on, you only need to select Softcore or Hardcore.


How Can I Set CrossNetwork to Use My Diablo 4 Gold/Items on Different Platforms?

You can enable the options of Cross-Network Play and Cross-Network Communications, then interflow Diablo 4 gold and items on different platforms.


I Didn’t Notice the Invitation An Hour After You Sent It. How Can I Not Miss Your Trade Invitations When Buying D4 Gold/Items?

You can enable invite notifications, and then you can not miss our invitation.


What If I Can’t Find Your Supplier When Trading D4 Gold/Items in the Game?

If this happens, you can open the map to see where the supplier is and click the transfer button. Or you can wait for our supplier to find you.


What Is the Time When Diablo 4 Season 4 Starts?

The Diablo 4 Season 4 release date is Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at around 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST / 8 pm CEST / 5 am AEDT.