Torchlight Infinite Currency

Torchlight Infinite Currency

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What Is Torchlight Infinite Currency

Torchlight Infinite Currency

Unlike other MMOs, Torchlight Infinite has no coins, silver, or gold. The currency system in Infinite Currency revolves around various items, like Embers, Crafting Materials, Fossils, etc.

Players can use the trade house to exchange legendary weapons, crafting materials, helmets, boots, trinkets, etc. Almost everything can be traded in here.

For example, player A has a helmet Old King’s Crown. But currently, he doesn’t use the helmet and wants some crafting materials to craft his weapon; then there is another player, B, who is in dire need of Old King’s Crown and has a lot of crafting materials. Then A can exchange Old King’s Crown for crafting materials with B and vice versa.

So Old King’s Crown here is the currency for A, and crafting materials are the currency for B.

In general, each item in Torchlight Infinite can serve as currency when players use it to exchange. Among all of the items, Flame Elementium is usually used as the main currency.


Torchlight Infinite Currency Delivery Method

Trade House

1. Come over to your trade house.

2. Choose items you want to sell, set the currency type, and input the price.

a. The currency type and the price need to be the same as what you have ordered on our website.
b. Please list Chaos Ring or Pedigree, as these will be listed on the trade house quickly and safely.
c. Fill in your character name correctly and upload the screenshot of your listed items for us to find them fast.
d. Generally, it will take 0.5 - 1 hour for your items listed on the trade house to be shown.


About Delivery Time

It depends on how quickly the trade window shows the items you listed and whether we can find them first. So, uploading pictures of items like Chaotic Ending with detailed attributes would be helpful.


Why Flame Elementium Is the Main Currency

Flame Elementium is the main currency in Torchlight Infinite, as it can be used to buy everything, and a lot of players choose Flame Elementium to exchange other items. Quantity determines status.

Also, thanks to what Flame Elementium can do, it can be used to craft gear with 5 or 6 affixes and do more than other items.

Flame Dust only supports crafting 0 or 1 affix to gear.
Flame Sand only supports crafting 2, 3, or 4 affixes to gear.

So Flame Elementium became players’ first choice, and it plays an important role in prominent builds.


What is Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite, which is developed and published by XD, is an officially-licensed multi-platform ARPG that supports cross-play between mobile and PC. It is a game with characteristic features that are different from other games.

Wondrous Heroes

There are many heroes, and each of them has particular skills.
THEA, who is an Oracle, can use the skill of Wisdom of The Gods.
MOTO, who is a Commander, can use the skills of Commander, Charge Calling, and Rally Calling.
CARINO, who is a Divineshot, can use the skills of Lethal Flash, Ranger of Glory, and Firepower Expert.
REHAN, who is a Berserker, can use the skills of Rage, Seething Spirit, and Wrathstorm.
GEMMA, who is a Frostfire, can use the skills of Flame Form, Frostbitten Heart, and Ice-Fire Fusion.
YOUGA, who is a Spacetime Witness, can use the skills of Twisted Spacetime, Spacetime Witness, and Spacetime Elapse.

Rich Build Possibilities
There are multiple build possibilities because many skills can support a combination of many playstyles, and a variety of weapons and armor can provide different attributes.

Grind to Get All
With wondrous heroes and their kinds of skills, you can get grind power to battle in any space and have more chances to get rare items, currency, and so on.