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About Lost Ark Gold

Lost Ark Gold

Like other MMO games, Lost Ark also has many currencies. One of the currencies is Lost Ark gold, which plays a very vital role. And it's also a lot rarer than other currencies.

Lost Ark gold is mainly used for trading between players. They can use gold to buy items that they need from auction house, like gems, gear or skins, etc. They can even use real money to buy Lost Ark gold from other players. Lost Ark Gold can also be used to upgrade gear in the game. Just like in many other online games, earning and managing in-game currency is crucial to progress and enhance your character's abilities and gear.

And the gold is shared by all characters in a player's account and is not tied to a specific Lost Ark server. This means that no matter which of your character spends gold, your total gold will decrease.

Lost Ark Gold Delivery Method

Auction House [3% off]

We recommend using auction house to trade Lost Ark gold. Because auction house doesn't have trading limits, and it's safer and faster.

1. Please put up an item in the auction house with Buy Now Price. (Recommend listing any T1 or T2 Jewelry)
2. Set your Starting Bid Price >30% of your purchase amount (As high as possible)
3. Set a unique Buy Now Price. (E.g. 1000g, then please set buyout price 1001~1009)
4. Set the Registration Period: 1 Day
5. Upload a screenshot of your item.

Note: We do not cover the 5% fees.

Why Lost Ark Gold is Important

In Lost Ark, It is well-known that good equipment is vital for each character because it can offer more power to a character so players can kill monsters fast and level up quickly. And items such as Skins, Pets, and Crafting Materials are also important to strengthen a character.

To get these valuable items, players might spend plenty of time farming. Using Lost Ark gold to buy various valuable items directly is very helpful for players because it can help players get useful items easily and save time. So gold Lost Ark is very important in the game.

Do You Get Banned for Buying Lost Ark Gold

Based on our several years of trading experience and customer feedback since the game launched, no customers get banned for buying gold in this game. Lost Ark will only ban players who use bots. So if you want to buy Lost Ark Gold from a gold website, please make sure this site is legal, and their gold is safe, as buying gold from illegal websites will put your account at risk.

With over 15 years of in-game currency trading experience, MmoGah is a perfect place where you can buy safe Lost Ark gold. Our suppliers are farming lost ark gold using legal methods, and the gold is delivered in fast and safe ways. You can see tons of reviews of our customers on websites like Trustpilot. "Safe" and "legal" are two of the most commonly seen keywords in our customer feedback section.

How to Buy Lost Ark Gold at MmoGah

For the convenience of customers, MmoGah offers two methods to buy lost ark gold:

● Quick Buy: on the right side of the home page

● Landing Page: there are two ways for you to find the game:

One is the "Search Bar," which is at the top of all pages. You can enter lost ark in it, and the game will automatically pop up. Or you can click "View All Games," find "Lost Ark," and choose it. To make it easier for you to find the game you need, we have listed the initials of all the game names on the right.

The other is the "Gold Option" on the home page's left side. Please hover your mouse over it, which will automatically pop up a search bar and a game list. You can enter "Lost Ark" in the bar, and the game will automatically pop up. Or slide your mouse down, and find the game.

After finding the game, you can follow these simple steps to purchase LoA gold from MmoGah:

1. Select the server where your character resides

2. Choose the gold quantity you need

3. Click "Pay Now," fill in your items' information and upload a picture of it

4. Choose the payment method you want to use

5. Once your payment is confirmed, we'll start to arrange delivery