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About RS3 Gold

RS3 Gold

RS3 gold (aka. RS3 gold pieces or GP) is the main form of currency in RuneScape 3. Gold is used for trading equipment, food, potions, etc., between players or in the Grand Exchange – a large in-game marketplace. People can also use gold to purchase a Bond and redeem it for Membership.

Players can make RS Gold by doing quests, selling monster drops, and selling the items they made through training skills like Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting. Flipping is another widely used method to earn RS money. Flipping means buying items at a low price and selling them higher using the Grand Exchange. It requires players to put some effort into studying the market and have some coins for the investment.

Though there are various options for RuneScape money-making, it takes hours and even days to earn a decent amount of coins. To skip the grind, many people like to buy cheap RuneScape gold with real-world money from MMO gold suppliers, such as MmoGah.

RS3 Gold Delivery Method

Face-to-Face: Our supplier will trade with you face-to-face in the game.

How to receive the gold?

We'll send you a trading location via Live Chat or Email, and our supplier will trade with you there.

Where to meet the supplier?

Our supplier will meet you in a F2P world, usually at the south gate of the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Why did I receive Spirit Shards instead of gold?

For large orders, we sometimes may send you Spirit Shards instead of gold coins. You can sell each Spirit Shard for 25 gold at the Lumbridge General Store, allowing you to get the same amount of gold as in your order. Please don't sell your Spirit Shards at the Grand Exchange, as you will get less gold than at the Lumbridge General Store.

Delivery Time

Under normal circumstances, we can fulfill orders within 30 minutes of payment confirmation. You can refer to the delivery time table available for orders from the last 48 hours. However, there are instances when a surge in requests leads to a temporary shortage of gold. In such cases, we kindly request your understanding and patience as we may require additional time to complete your order. We value your support and cooperation during these peak periods.

Frequently Asked Questions By RS3 Gold Customers

Q: Does MmoGah Give Bonus Gold for RS3?

A: No. We never give bonus RS3 gold to customers. We only offer a discount on your purchase and deliver the same gold amount as it's on your order. 

Q: Will MmoGah Ask for the RS3 Gold to Be Returned After Delivery?

A: No. We will never ask you to return the gold coins after delivery. Please Do Not Give the Gold Back to Anybody. We won't ask you to return the gold back for any reason whatsoever, whether it be in the game, through live chat, or email. If anyone asks you to return the gold, they must be a scammer.

Q: Does MmoGah Require My RuneScape Username and Password?

A: No, we don’t need your RuneScape username and password. Please also make sure that you don’t disclose any personal information, such as your email and phone number, to anyone else.

Q: Does MmoGah Talk with Customers in RS3?

A: No. We don’t communicate with customers in RuneScape. Therefore, please don’t talk with anyone in the game. Instead, contact us via our website's Live Chat or Support Email. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days to help you.

Q: Why Does MmoGah Send an Anti-Scam Instruction Message to Me?

A: In order to try our best to prevent you from getting scammed in the game, we will send you a Message of Anti-Scam Instructions. Please read and follow the instructions so that you can receive your gold smoothly.

Q: Do I Have to Do ID Verification When Buying Gold for RS3?

A: In most cases, customers do not need to verify their ID. However, if your order is in the "Verification Audit" status or we have contacted you for additional verification, please follow this guide to complete the ID verification.

About MmoGah and Why Buy RS3 Gold from Us

Welcome to MmoGah, your go-to resource for RS3 gold! With over 15 years of experience, we are one of the market's most trustworthy and professional MMO gold suppliers.

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We take pride in our quick delivery service, which is made possible by our experienced suppliers. We strive to deliver your order within 30 minutes, allowing you to return to the game in no time.

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We know how important it is to offer top-notch customer service. This is why our team of friendly and expert customer service reps is here to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you prefer to contact us through Live Chat or Support Email, we are always here to help with any questions or concerns.

Favorable Price

We know your money is valuable, so we always strive to offer a fair price for our RS3 gold. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective way to achieve your in-game goals quickly and easily.

Multiple Payment Options

Finally, we offer a wide range of payment methods, with over 200 options. This makes it incredibly convenient for customers to buy gold from anywhere, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction process.

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