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  • Bewitching Branch*10
    Bewitching Branch*10 description

    Bewitching Branch*10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Blood Grease *10
    Blood Grease *10 description

    Blood Grease *10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Boiled Prawn *10
    Boiled Prawn *10 description

    Boiled Prawn *10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Bone Dart*40
    Bone Dart*40 description

    Bone Dart*40

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Clarifying White Cured Meatz*10
    Clarifying White Cured Meatz*10 description

    Clarifying White Cured Meatz*10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Crystal Dart*40
    Crystal Dart*40 description

    Crystal Dart*40

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Cuckoo Glintstone*10
    Cuckoo Glintstone*10 description

    Cuckoo Glintstone*10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45
  • Dappled Cured Meat*10
    Dappled Cured Meat*10 description

    Dappled Cured Meat*10

    Qty: 1
    - +
    $ 0.45

Buying Elden Ring Items Delivery Method


This trading method needs to get into Multiplayer Mode.

Here is how Multiplayer Mode works:
Please go to Church of Elleh and set the Multiplayer password to the number showing shown on your payment complete page. If we send a password number to you via email, please set it as your password. Then place a summon sign by Duelist's Furled Finger (recommended) or Tarnished's Furled Finger. Using Duelist's Furled Finger to summon can prevent other players from invading (How to Get Duelist's Furled Finger). Wait for us, and in a while, you will be summoned to our world. When you are in our world, we will drop the items you ordered on the ground. Please pick them up.

● Sometimes due to network reason, you might need restart your PS or Xbox console, then we can see your sign.
● Due to game mechanics, players can only drop up to 8 items. When the ninth one is dropped, the first one will be gone.

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Customer Reviews

Elden Ring Items

Elden Ring items contain a variety of types of items, including Consumables, Materials, Weapons, Armor, Shields, Ammunition, Talismans, etc. They are obtained by dropping from enemies and bosses, looting in specified spots of a location or inside chests, and are given by NPCs.

All platforms have their own items, including Elden Ring items PC, Elden Ring items PS4/PS5, Elden Ring items Xbox/Series X|S. They are obtained analogously.

Elden Ring Consumables

A player uses them to gain temporary special effects that are most likely to be used for exploration and battle.

Elden Ring Materials

They are mainly used for crafting. Materials can be harvested from the world, obtained from Enemy drops, or looted in buildings. The most valuable materials are the hardest to find. Some materials are hidden somewhere on the world map, and strong enemies guard others.

Elden Ring Weapons

They are a piece of offensive equipment used by a player to inflict damage against enemies and bosses. There are various weapons: Daggers, Straight Swords, Greatswords, Curved Swords, Katanas, Double-Edged Swords, Hammers, Great Spears, Light Bows, Glintstone Staffs, and Sacred Seals.

Due to the new Ashes of War mechanics, upgrading weapons is slightly different. Weapon upgrades are done at the Smithing Table, which can be found in the Church of Elleh. Here you can use Elden Ring Runes and Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade any weapons you find.

Elden Ring Armor

Elden Ring Armor is a protective item worn by player's character, which grants protections, resistances, and various bonus effects against damage and status effects. In Elden Ring, Armor is divided into four categories: Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Legs. Players can adorn a full set of armor or wear different pieces from different sets. They can buy Armor Elden Ring from merchants or a reliable site.

All players know that it should take a long time and effort to obtain items Elden Ring, so instead of farming items by yourself, you can buy cheap Elden Ring items from a professional third party such as MmoGah.

Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

This game focuses on combat and exploration. Players start with a linear opening but will eventually progress to freely explore the Lands Between, including six main areas, castles, fortresses, and catacombs scattered throughout the vast open-world map. These main areas are interconnected through a central hub that players can access later in the game's progression.

Players can use the character's mount as the main mode of transport, although a fast travel system will be an available selection.

There are 10 classes in Elden Ring: Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Warrior, Prisoner, Confessor, Wretch, Vagabond, Prophet, and Samurai. Elden Ring uses eight stats to measure the strengths of its classes: Intelligence, Strength, Mind, Dexterity, Vigor, Endurance, Faith, and Arcane.

Throughout the game, players will encounter non-player characters (NPCs) and enemies, including the demigods who rule each main area and will serve as the game's main bosses.

There are various effective methods to get Elden Ring runes.

All platforms have their runes, including Elden Ring Runes PC, Elden Ring Runes PS4/PS5, and Elden Ring Runes Xbox One /Series X|S.

The ways of getting runes on different platforms are the same.

Through Using Consumable Items
In Elden Ring, Golden Runes, Lord's Runes, Hero's Runes, Fringefolk's Runes, or other runes, these consumable items grant a fixed number of Elden Ring runes upon use.

There are multiple levels in Golden Runes and Hero's Runes, noted by a number next to their name.

For example,
Golden Rune [1]: 200 Runes, and Golden Rune [13]:10,000 Runes
Hero's Rune [1]: 15,000 Runes, and Hero's Rune [5]: 35,000 Runes

Through Farming
You can gain Runes Elden Ring by completing the main story, killing creatures or enemies, slaying bosses or mobs, and selling items.

There are some best farming spots for earning Elden Ring runes fast: Third Church of Marika, Lenne's Rise, Mohgwyn Palace, Windmill Village, War-Dead Catacombs, Stormhill, Greyoll's Dragonbarrow, Redmane Castle, Fort Faroth, Agheel Lake North Viking Camp, and Seaside Ruins.

Buying Elden Ring Runes
Getting the runes is much more difficult in Elden Ring than in the other Souls games, as you are in an open world. The number of runes that enemies drop is far less, and it is more difficult to gain runes on a larger map, so the fast and easy way is to buy Elden Ring Runes.

We know most of you are looking for a secure, fast, and professional site to buy Elden Ring runes. MmoGah can be your first choice since we can provide fast and cheap Elden Ring Runes for you.

Established in 2006, MmoGah provides a platform for safe in-game transactions between gamers worldwide.

Customer security and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. MmoGah has become one of the most reliable sellers through our excellent reputation, fast delivery, affordable prices, and professional service.

Excellent Reputation
We have earned a lot of return customers and gotten thousands of positive reviews in the game industry.

Our customer service reps are 24/7 Online and can solve any questions for you. MmoGah deserves your trust and is the best choice to buy fast and cheap Elden Ring runes.

Speedy Delivery
We have experienced players to guarantee you quick delivery speed.

Most of our orders can be completed within 3-30 minutes, so MmoGah is your best choice to buy Elden Ring runes to save time.

Cheap Elden Ring Runes With Large Discounts
MmoGah has cheap Elden Ring Runes for sale. We adjust prices according to the market, so our fair prices are undoubtedly an essential factor that can improve our competitiveness in the market, and they come with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, when you place an order, you can get Bulk Order Discount, Member Discount (1-3%), and Code Discount (3-10%) at the same time to save your money.

Secure Delivery
Every step we take to complete your purchase is implemented with your account security in mind.

All the transaction accounts are our own accounts with normal player names and leveled characters. When you buy Elden Ring runes, you only need to provide the information required to get your Elden Ring Runes.

Refund Policy
We aim to complete every order and let every customer be satisfied.

If we don't have enough runes for your platform and you don't want to wait anymore, you can ask for a refund, and we will deal with it immediately.

Here We Show You How to Buy Elden Ring Runes

1. Select "Elden Ring" among the games list on the left side of the home page and click "Elden Ring Runes", then enter the landing page.

2. Select a Platform (PS4/PC/Xbox) and the number of runes you want to purchase (the total prices should be more than 1 USD), and then click "Buy Now".

3. Please sign up /log in to your mmogah account, and you can get a member discount (1%-3%) on your order.

4. Fill in the player information, which can differ depending on the platform you are playing on:
PC: Character Name and Steam ID
PS4/PS5: Character Name and PSN ID
Xbox One/Series X|S: Character Name and Xbox Gamer Tag

5. Select your payment method. You can input Coupon Code such as epic3 and mmogahcom to get a discount and click "Place Order Now". After you have paid the money, leave the rest to us; we will take care of everything.

Face-to-Face Trade Method

1. Go to the Church of Elleh. Please leave your sign in an open area, not in a haystack or corner!

2. Input the Multiplayer Password that shows on your payment complete page or in the email that we send to you before delivery.

3. Use the Duelist's Furled Finger (recommended) or Tarnished's Furled Finger to place a summon sign on the ground.

4. Pick up Elden Ring runes or items we dropped in our world after an invitation.

If you have any questions about your orders, please contact us via our 24/7 Online Live Chat at any time.

Please Note: When the rune's number reaches the limit of your inventory, the exceeding ones will go to your Sort Chest automatically.


Sometimes due to servers being overloaded, or network issues, you might need to restart your console, then we can see your sign.

  1. Go to the Church of Elleh.
  2. Input the Multiplayer Password that shows on your payment complete page, or in the email that we send to you before delivery.
  3. Use the Duelist's Furled Finger (recommended) or Tarnished's Furled Finger to place a summon sign on the ground. Using Duelist's Furled Finger to summon can prevent other players from invading.
  4. Pick up the runes or items we dropped in our world after an invitation.
Please check your sort chest at first, as there's a carry limit to runes in your inventory. The exceeding ones will go to your sort chest automatically. If the number is still wrong, please contact our customer service reps.

 Most of our orders can be completed within 3-30 minutes.

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