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OSRS Gold Delivery Method

Face-to-Face: Our supplier will trade with you face-to-face in the game.


How to receive the gold?

We'll send you a trading location via Live Chat or Email, and our supplier will trade with you there.

Where to meet the supplier?

Our supplier will meet you in a F2P world, usually at the Bank on the top floor of Lumbridge castle.

About OSRS Gold


OSRS Gold is the main type of in-game currency in Old School RuneScape. Players and non-player characters use gold (aka. OSRS gp) to exchange for items and services such as in-game weapons, armor, materials, food, potions, and gear repairing. Gold can also be used to buy a Bond – an item purchased from Jagex or the Grand Exchange to redeem for 14 days membership or exchange between players for in-game gold.

OSRS money-making is one of the most discussed topics because nearly everything in the game revolves around gold: To get stronger, players need to get better gear and, to get better gear, they need more gold. Moreover, some of the most important skills, such as Construction, are also considered to be money-sinks.

There are various gold-making options: Bossing, Flipping, Skilling, and PKing. Although people can find many ways to make gold in OSRS, the best money comes from higher levels. To kill the most profitable Bosses, players have to reach the required Combat levels first; To make a fortune by Skilling, people need to train their Mining or Thieving skill to a high-enough level.

Since OSRS gold farming requires a lot of time, effort, and investment, many players buy cheap OSRS gold online from MMO currency sites like MmoGah.

About Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape, or OSRS for short, was initially based on the 2007 version of RuneScape and released in 2013 as a legacy version of the game. It unites the intricate mechanics of modern MMOs with the nostalgic point-and-click gameplay of early role-playing games.

Unlike the traditional themepark MMOs, OSRS provides a deep feeling of constant non-linear progression. Players are free to do whatever they want in the world of Gielinor, and they even don't have to pick a race or class.

As one of the most popular MMO games, OSRS offers the most difficult and unique quests and extremely hard PvE content in the form of bosses, wave-based challenges, and raids. The game also provides intense PvP action for people who love PK: From the dangerous Wilderness to the Deadman mode where everyone competes for money, OSRS has an active and passionate PvP community, making it one of the best PvP MMOs.

OSRS is free-to-play with optional monthly membership. Until 2023, there are 23 different skills (15 F2P skills and 8 members-only skills), and every skill can get up to level 99:

● Combat Skills: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, and Prayer.
● Gathering Skills: Mining, Farming, Woodcutting, Fishing, and Hunter.
● Artisan Skills: Construction, Crafting, Herblore, Smithing, Fletching, Runecraft, Firemaking, and Cooking.
● Support Skills: Agility, Thieving, and Slayer.

OSRS has a unique game mode dedicated to solo play – Ironman, in which a player can't trade or kill monsters with others. In October 2021, Jagex (developer), updated the game with a new mode called Group Ironman (GIM). This mode functions the same as regular Ironman but allows 2-5 players to group up together and trade within the group.

Old School RuneScape is available on PC, Mac, Mobile, and Steam. It supports full cross-platform play, meaning people on different devices all share the same servers.

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