Fake Name+Full Access OW2 + 50 Game WINS Done + Ready For Competitive Ranked + Hand Leveled + Perfect Smurf + Cant Be Lock
Available Stock : 50
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 10
Minimum purchase is 100
1 = USD$ 0.85

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Full Access OW2+Perfect Smurf +Eligible Play Competitive Rank+Never Play Any Comp Rank Game


Email Change:Available
Free name change: Available
Fake Phone Cant Remove/Cant Change
Authenticator : Add + Cant Remove/Cant change

 Please read the information for reference! If you have used any cheat or hack program on your PC and got any banned by blizzard system please dont buy this account . If you still buy this account , so blizzard will think you are hacker so the system banned it again.
In this case, any claims will not be accepted!