100K Coins - ps4
Delivery Time : 20 min(s)
Available Stock : 20
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 1

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Secure Payment

I sell every 1k for $0.18. I could deliver the minimum of 100k. You may ask for every preferred amount you want. All of my coins are clean (all of them is going to transfer for the first time) There are 3 ways to delivery:

1- I give the account to you for 48 hours. So you can move coins as the way you want. After you finished I take it back , deleted it and create another team on that email.

2- I give the account to you completely, so you can play on it from that time. (Available for requests more than 1 million)

3- I transfer the money to you by either bidding or buy now. You told me the player name and how you want me to buy it (I have no responsibility for banning)

Ps: the second way have no risks for banning.

contact me here or at https://join.skype.com/invite/bxoDpx02c5q9