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About LoL Account

LoL AccountsAn LoL Account, also called League of Legends Account, holds all the information on your in-game activities, including champions, level, and ranked rating.

To play League of Legends, you need to have an account, requiring a username and password. Except for main account, many people choose to possess a lol smurf account, as leveling a new one can be very time-consuming. But a large number of people don’t have the time and tend to give up, which would cause a lot of fun-losing. So we are here to solve the problem - buy cheap League of Legends Accounts on MmoGah, which can save you from endless time of leveling. With a league smurf account, you can play with friends on lower Elo or switch regions for some reason.

There are various LoL Accounts in stock for you to choose from. Except for smurf ones, we also have ranked LoL Accounts for sale with multiple champions. 

LoL Account Buying Guide

For Unranked LoL Account

1. Our automated system will send you a username and password of the new account after your purchase. However, for the sake of security, we have an automatic authentication system working. Delivery time may also differ under different circumstances. For those payment methods that don’t need to be verified, you can get the username and password of your new account immediately. But for some payment methods, if we require you to do verification, the delivery time will depend on your speed of completing it. The faster you complete, the shorter delivery time it will be, and vice versa. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
2. For safety concerns, timely change the email or/and password after checking your account information (NO Verification Email Previously).

Due to the account ban wave this year, we’ve made a few adjustments.

For LoL Unranked accounts marked “Safe”, these are the old ones produced last year and are barely involved in the ban wave. Therefore, they cost a bit more than the accounts that are not marked with “Safe”. If, in rare cases, they got banned, plz inform us and we’ll send you a similar account for compensation.

For LoL Unranked accounts not marked with “Safe”, we decided not to make any compensations. Accordingly, these accounts are cheaper. If the situation gets better the next year, we will keep to the “Lifetime Guarantee” policy.

For Ranked LoL Account

1. We will send you a username and password of the new account after we verified your payment.
2. Make sure to change the password and email address after checking your account information for safety concerns (NO Verification Email Previously).

To guarantee its security, do not share the account information with anyone else.

Why Buy From Us

Safety always comes first at MmoGah. More than 200 secure payment methods are available, which would make your purchase of LoL Account easier and safer.

 Good Reputation
We have gained a good reputation during more than 15 years of experience in the gaming market. You can see a lot of positive feedbacks from our customers by checking out MmoGah Reviews. Customer satisfaction is always our most significant pursuit!

 Speedy Delivery
We have a wide range of LoL Accounts in stock for you to select. For Unranked Account, our automated system will send you a username and password of the new account after your purchase. We also have professional suppliers, which would make the delivery speed faster.

 Fair Price
Our LoL Accounts are priced according to the market and our competitors so that you can always get a reasonable price at MmoGah.

 Changeable Password & Email
You can always change the password and email of the account. You are the only owner of the LoL Account due to their non-verification of email. 

LoL Account Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What Does Unverified Email Mean When Buying League of Legends Accounts?

Unverified email means that you are the only owner of the account once you have bound the account to your own mailbox.

Q2: What If the Account I Got Does NOT Match the Description? 

Contact us immediately so that our staff and supplier will spare no effort to solve the problem for you. Make sure to check the account information BEFORE binding your own mailbox.

Q3: Will you provide a new one when I found out that I had bought the wrong LoL account? 

If this happens before binding your own mailbox, then YES.

If this happens after binding your own mailbox, then NO.

So make sure to get the right one while selecting.

Q4: Is It Safe to Buy LoL Accounts? 

One of the factors that makes the trading secure in terms of our suppliers is that they have years of experience in the gaming industry. For our part, more than 200 secure payment methods are available at MmoGah, which would make the purchase even safer.

Q5: What Should I Do After Buying a League of Legends Account? 

Please change the email and password immediately for safety concerns after checking your account information, like level or BE, etc.

Q6:  What If the IP Address Is Not Consistent with My Server? 

If you find this happens when you log in, let’s say the IP address is Hongkong, and you bought a NA server account, you could just ignore it because IP address has nothing to do with the server.

About League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Riot Games, also commonly referred to as League. Gamers can choose from over 100 characters, known as “champions”, all with unique abilities and powers. Then they need to corporate with their teammates and defend their own half of the map. The first team that successfully pushes the enemy team back into their base and destroys the Nexus wins.

There are nine ranks (tiers) in League of Legends - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, with each having four divisions. Players can climb the ranked ladder once they have a level 30 LoL account and own at least 20 different champions.

LoL has gained a large population since its release in 2009, whose number has reached an astonishing 180 Million in terms of monthly active players by 2022. Considering the popularity of League and the fact that S13 has started, there is no reason you should miss out on the pleasure of playing it and showing off your gaming skills.