How to sell on MmoGah's marketplace?

Want to make quick cash? Selling an item in the MmoGah marketplace is easy, safe, and secure!


Creating and posting a listing in the MmoGah marketplace is always free and takes seconds.

The following information is required for each listing:

  • Cover Photo
    • We recommend taking a couple of nice photos of the item including its package.
  • Description
    • We recommend entering a clear, accurate, and concise description of the item.


  • Please be sure to only deliver an item once the offer has been marked as paid / paid (verified). Be sure to avoid getting scammed by communicating only through our website.
  • Do not deliver any orders that are in Verification Audit status as the payment needs to be reviewed for security checks. The buyer typically needs to verify their information and once confirmed by MmoGah the status will change to Verified which is when you can deliver.
  • Please coordinate with the buyer to properly deliver the item in game. For example, for Rocket League you may require his(her) gamer tag and open a trade.
  • Make sure you rate the buyer and them to you to complete a sale. It is required to ensure that the trade is successful and then the seller receives his(her) payment. If the buyer does not rate you it will be automatically rated after 48 hours when you first rated the buyer.
  • Only a 10% sale fee charged by MmoGah.


  • Unfortunately we can not prevent all scammers. If you have an issue with a transaction or an offer, please click the report button. A MmoGah representative will be notified and attempt to resolve the issue.


  • Withdrawal methods: Bank and Alipay.
  • You can withdraw after you receive a positive rating from the buyer either from the user or automatically.
  • There is a $100 USD or equivalent currency minimum amount before a withdraw is processed. Our site is catered to professional sellers and businesses only to ensure our gamers receive exceptional service. Each bank transfer has a $5 USD fee.
  • Foreign Exchange - If you request a currency other than USD you will receive the amount in your currency after exchanged based on the current middle market rate.
  • We do not support withdraw via PayPal. Typically withdraws to your local country bank are the best to minimize fees. If you require a different payout method contact us before selling.
  • Once a seller requests their withdrawal, they will receive their withdrawal within 48 hours. New and suspicious sellers may experience additional verification and holding requirements. Please allow up to 7 business days for your payment.







If an offer can not be completed due to the seller's liability, which results in the payment refund, the seller will be penalized 10% of the payment. 

MmoGah requires all sellers to commit to fast delivery and excellent service. Please try your best to complete all of your orders ASAP. Otherwise, your account may be banned due to excessive refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Prohibited Listings

We do not allow any illegal listings to be sold on our site. i.e. Unauthorized game account sellers for Runescape. We do not allow any risky listings or items that are prone to being stolen. If we suspect any prohibited listings your account will be suspended or banned. Please verify with our team before listing any new games.


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