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Updated Delivery Times and Information

Delivery Information

Over many years of offering our services to gamers worldwide we have always been asked the same question. “When will I receive my order?” We are hard at work providing the best experience for our shoppers. Now we are releasing an industry first page that provides complete transparency into delivery times. Below you will find updated delivery information for orders made in real-time. We hope this additional information will provide clarity into when you will receive your order. There are many factors that may delay your delivery and we believe that a clear list of issues will speed up deliveries for everyone. The following list details the top reasons that typically delay delivery:
  1. Incorrect Information - Wrong delivery information is the number one reason an order is delayed. Please always double check all spelling and info entered. You can verify the information by looking up your order number on our website or checking the order confirmation email.
  2. Unavailability - Next being AFK or unable to receive a delivery for cetain games leads to long delays. If you are not online when we are ready to send your gold, items, etc. you may be required to wait for the next delivery timeframe.
  3. High Demand - During new game updates/releases we usually experience a sudden spike of orders which sometimes leads to longer delivery times. The dashboards below can help you determine if there are any issues.
  4. Out of Stock - While we try to always have stock on hand we do sometimes run out due to high demand. Unfortunately, we can not predict all stock for all games due to many complex factors, but we will always try to deliver as fast as possible and provide accurate estimates.
  5. Verification Requirements - Occasionally we require additional verification and security requirements for an order. If you receive this request please complete all requirements as soon as possible so we can deliver your order.

Delivery Stats Table

The following table outlines delivery times for orders during the past 48 hours. While these reflect real orders we can not gurantee your order will match a mininmum, average, or maximum time due to possble skewed data. Each customer of ours is unique which is why it is difficult to give one timeframe. As long as you adhere to the guidelines above you can expect a quick and easy transaction.

Delivery Stats Chart

The following chart outlines delivery times for orders during the past 48 hours. You can filter by time by clicking the chart legend.

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