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How to Avoid Scamming When Buying RuneScape Gold

By Michel Z2018-02-27

MmoGah is a great place for you to buy OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold since we always provide cheap, fast, and safe RuneScape Gold with the best and most professional customer service. Buying RS Gold has a very low ban rate. The Only Things You Have to Watch Out for Are Scammers. Here we want our customers to keep in mind that We Never Cheat or Scam Our Customers. Below are our tips on how to avoid getting scammed when buying RuneScape Gold. 



None of our RS Gold customers has got banned for buying RuneScape Gold so far. The Only Things You Have to Watch Out for Are Scammers. Recently, some customers complained that they got scammed when trading RS gold in the game. Below are some Gold Scamming you might encounter:


1. Scammers claim to be the staff of MmoGah and tell you that they will give you some extra gold as a bonus if you return some RS gold you’ve received. You must bear in mind that MmoGah doesn’t give any extra gold as a bonus to customers. We only offer you a favorable price when you are place orders instead of giving you extra RS gold in the game. So any form of asking RS Gold back and giving you a bonus in the name of MmoGah is fraud, and MmoGah Will Never Ask for Your Gold Back for Any Reason!


2. A Scammer claims to be the staff of MmoGah and wants you to return the RS gold using excuses like he wants to change another place to trade to ensure the security of trade, or he forgot taking pictures of the trade process, etc. He also cheats you with excuses like invalid orders or system upgrade, etc. Please remember that MmoGah won't ask for your gold back for any reason once the transaction is done! Don’t give your RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold back to anybody for any reason!


3. Sometimes, a scammer sends a message to you using a character name that is quite similar to our real supplier's. Our real supplier will not speak to you in the game during or after the transaction. If somebody speaks to you in the game, don’t talk to him, because he is 100% a scammer. Please make sure to turn off both your Private Chat and Public Chat before trading OSRS Gold. Don’t give any of your account or personal information (phone number, email, account name or password, etc.) to anybody else for any reason!


4. Scammers may even threaten you through a telephone. Please always know that nobody’s job, life, or family will be affected for just purchasing some game currency. Therefore, just hang up the phone as soon as you can, then continue with your happy RuneScape exploration. You can also visit, and our Online Support will help you out of “troubles” easily. These so-called troubles are absolutely not real troubles, so you don’t have to worry about anything about you and your families. 


5. MmoGah will never ask for your account password to deliver RS gold to you. So Do Not Trust Anyone Who Asks for Your Account Name and Password, because he is a Scammer!  


6. When you buy RuneScape Gold from MmoGah, the only person you can trust is our representative at Should you encounter any problems after receiving RS Gold, be sure to contact our reps before you doing anything. Our reps will teach you how to deal with those problems. 


We also have some tips on how to avoid scamming in Old School RuneScape. Most of these tips also apply to people who want to buy RuneScape 3 Gold. Players who adhere to our suggestions will find it much easier to spot scams and avoid being fooled by scammers. MmoGah is absolutely a trustable gold seller to buy RuneScape Gold, and we will never cheat your gold for pointless profits.  Here we want to give thanks to customers who have placed many orders on our website. If you are a newcomer to our website or the game of RuneScape, we have confidence that our top quality service and favorable prices can abstract you to place a trial order at MmoGah.


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