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Verification for Mmogah Orders

At Mmogah.com we take fraud seriously and require verification of all orders identified by our risk management system. We utilize a trusted third party vendor to confirm your identity and authenticity of documents.

Please send us a picture of your ID and any type of bill (such as phone, water, power bills) and your credit card displaying your name.

Use your thumb or piece of paper to cover sensitive information. We are only looking to confirm your name and address.(This information is already available to us via Paypal and we need to confirm it with another source)

Send the photo to [email protected] 

Scans of documents are not allowed! You must take the pictures with your phone or camera to pass verification. (File Formats accepted: JPEG/JPG/PNG/PDF)

All orders flagged by our risk management system must follow this verification process.

We only need to confirm your identity once and for future orders we will deliver instantly.

Thank you for understanding, as this protects MMOGAH.COM LIMITED and you since many people use hacked/stolen credit cards or Paypal accounts when buying currencies online.

If you wish to not provide any verification then please use another payment method such as, Western Union, Bitcoin, or Skrill. More details here: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/more-payment-methods-available-at-mmogah-bitcoins-and-others If we can not properly verify your order via our risk management system we reserve the right to cancel your order.

When sending in additional information requested the following Identification may be requested ID + Bill:

  • Passport

  • Identification Card

  • Driver’s license

  • Bill (Phone, power, water, etc)

All identification should be sent to our email [email protected] or texted to +1 512-666-4240. We use encrypted email servers located in the U.S. Your information is secure and promptly deleted upon verification. You will not be asked to provide information again once we complete this process.

Name and billing address must be visible on applicable documents.

Important: If you have additional privacy concerns please cover information that you deem too sensitive. We will review these scenarios manually case by case which may delay your order.

If you are using a credit card, your ID + CC pictures may be requested:

  • Please attach a photo of the front of the credit card.

  • Please blank out CVV.

  • Display only the last 4 digits. The rest of the numbers can be covered.

  • Expiration date must be shown.

Example identifications are below:

Certify via ID

Certify via Bill

Certify via credit card

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