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Mail [Recommended]: We will mail Soul Worker Dzenai to you via Mailbox in the game and you will receive your Dz fast.

Face-to-Face: We will meet at a place in the game and trade the Dz to you.

Auction: You need to put up Item(s) first in the Market and you will lose some Dz as Market Fee. We do not cover the Fee.

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Ultrafast Delivery: We have a large stock of Soul Worker Dzenai for ultrafast delivery and we will try our best to complete your Soul Worker Gold orders as fast as possible after we have received and verified your payment. MmoGah will never let you down by providing outstanding customer services.

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Refund Guarantee: We promise Refund before delivery and you do not need to worry about it. If occasionally we do not have enough Soul Worker Dz in stock for your realm and you do not like to wait, We will deal with your refund without any delay. If you have any questions or special requirements when buying Soul Worker Gold, Please contact our 24/7 online Live Chat to get help. We are here waiting for you.

Soul Worker Dzenai

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    2018-05-10Soul Worker Golden Citadel Raid Guide

    The Golden Citadel is for the toughest Soul Worker players: the instance comprises five spaces, and each of which has a characteristic theme as well as its own boss. If you are strong enough to survive, you will be rewarded with some valuable equipment items and plenty of Soul Worker Dzenai. Now a Professional Soul Worker Website MmoGah will show you Soul Worker Golden Citadel Raid Guide.
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