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SoD Phase 4 Release Date, New Features and Preparation Tips

By Shirley Huang2024-04-26

Blizzard has not yet announced a release date for SoD Phase 4, and we expect that it will be released in the summer of 2024. Phase 4 SoD will introduce a range of new content and significant updates designed to enrich the player's experience by providing more depth to the gameplay mechanics and expanding the universe of World of Warcraft. It encourages players to explore new strategies and enjoy the content at a deeper level, whether they're battling through raids, engaging in PvP, or exploring new quests.

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Here Are the Most Important New Features:

Increase New Level Cap

Players can advance their characters up to a new level cap - 60, expanding the progression possibilities and allowing access to new quests and areas. This shift not only opens up new challenges but also introduces higher-level skills and abilities.


Improve Gear and Rewards

The update introduces new gear and itemization options that cater to the newly raised level cap and the evolving needs of players. These include powerful new weapons, armor, and trinkets that are designed to optimize performance across different game modes.


Raid Lockouts Changes

Changes to raid lockouts are being implemented to offer more flexibility in how players approach raiding. This can include adjustments that allow players to participate in the same raid more than once per week, albeit with some limitations on loot or encounter availability.

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Class Changes

Significant class changes are being rolled out, aimed at balancing gameplay and enhancing the viability of various specs and classes in both PvE and PvP scenarios. These adjustments ensure a more equitable playing field and may alter the current meta, encouraging new strategies and team compositions.


New Runes

Phase 4 will introduce new runes that enhance player capabilities and introduce new strategies for both PvE and PvP. These runes can be switched out dynamically, allowing for flexible adaptations to various combat situations.


Weapon Skills and Racial Bonuses

Players can expect significant enhancements to weapon skills and racial bonuses, which are designed to add depth and variety to gameplay.


Other Features

Innovative gameplay mechanics, additional zones to explore, quests to undertake, and potentially new enemies to conquer. Such enhancements are aimed at keeping the game fresh and engaging for both new and returning players.

Introduction of two new faction-agnostic mounts.

Addition of 20 new profession recipes.

Removal of GDKP runs.

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Preparation Tips

Preparing for SoD Phase 4 requires strategic planning and investment to fully capitalize on the new opportunities the update offers. There are some tips to help you get ready for the changes and enhancements coming with this new Phase.


1. Preparing XP Boost Items

The introduction of a new level cap means players will need to focus on leveling up their characters efficiently. Investing time in understanding the fastest leveling paths and preparing XP boost items or consumables can significantly speed up this process. Additionally, consider reserving quests that offer high XP rewards to complete them once the cap is raised.


2. Adjusting to Raid Lockout Changes

With the flexible raid lockouts, it's crucial to adapt your raiding schedule to maximize your participation and loot potential. Form or join a dedicated raiding guild or community that aligns with your availability and goals. Preparation also means ensuring you have alternative characters ready to exploit the new raid lockout system, giving you multiple shots at obtaining the best gear each week.


3. Staying Ahead with Class Changes

Whenever class changes occur, some classes or specs may become more powerful or desirable for raids and PvP. Stay informed by reading patch notes, watching community content creators for insights, and testing changes in PTR (Public Test Realm) if possible. Adjust your main or alt characters based on these insights to keep competitive. It might also be wise to stockpile resources like WoW SoD gold or crafting materials to quickly acquire or craft new, optimal gear for your class.


4. Mastering Itemization

Understanding the new itemization is critical. Keep an eye on the introduction of new gear that could change the meta. Start saving up currencies like gold and any game-specific resources that will allow you to buy or craft powerful new items quickly. This also includes familiarizing yourself with the best-in-slot (BiS) lists that will inevitably update with the new content.

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5. Leveraging New Features

New features such as additional zones, quests, and possibly new mechanics will require players to be adaptable and quick to learn. Explore these areas as soon as they go live to gain an edge over others. Engage in community discussions and guides to find out the most efficient ways to tackle the new content.


6. Financial Preparation

With new content typically comes the need for increased financial resources. Participate in current end-game activities to build your reserves. Look into market trends within the game's economy; some items might spike in price with the new update, so investing in these before the update can yield profits later.


7. Social and Community Engagement

Being part of a well-coordinated group can make exploring new content more efficient and enjoyable. Strengthen your ties with your guild and community. Collaborative efforts can lead to quicker mastery of new challenges, and shared resources can help everyone progress.



Season of Discovery Phase 4 will bring substantial changes that can reshape the gameplay experience in WoW SoD. By preparing thoroughly, you can ensure that you not only adapt to but also excel in the new landscape of the game. Engage actively with the content as it rolls out and continuously adapt your strategies to stay ahead.


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