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NA-Teleo $9.99 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Purchase
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EU-Koroshimo $9.99 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Purchase
EU-Raken $9.99 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Purchase
EU-Velzeroth $9.99 / 100Gold 2% Off 5% Off Purchase

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Riders of Icarus News

  • the-rise-of-the-trickster-update-is-coming-in-roi

    2017-06-23The Rise of the Trickster Update is Coming in ROI

    John RyanJune 23rd, 2017
    As per the latest news from official website, Rise of the Trickster update will be arriving on July 6th. You can register now to receive a free rise of the trickster launch pack. This update I think is the biggest version update of Riders of Icarus so far. This update has created some interesting story lines and new familiars. The biggest update is level cap increase. Now please follow MmoGah to see more information about this update.
  • patch-notes-new-ranger-s-fury-update-is-coming-on-december-15th

    2016-11-30Patch Notes-New Ranger's Fury Update is Coming on December 15th

    John RyanNovember 30th, 2016
    New trailer for ranger’s fury update will be unleashed by Riders of Icarus on Dec 15th, which will launch something new. Compare with the previous updates, this patch I think is a big update. Players can review the following contents to learn more information about this patch about the coming Ranger’s Fury. If players want to buy Riders of Icarus Gold before the releasing time, please contact with us without any hesitation. Mmogah, as you know, is a reliable store which can supply satisfied serv
  • why-so-many-players-make-gold-orders-at-mmogah

    2016-10-04Why So Many Players Make Gold Orders at Mmogah

    Leo JiangOctober 04th, 2016
    Now more and more players make gold orders at Mmogah. Why so many players buy ROI Gold at Mmogah? With these questions, Mmogah will give you satisfied answers.
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