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  • How to Get a Fighter Torso – OSRS Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide
    By Michel Z2021-07-10 00:00:00

    Barbarian Assault allows players to get a Fighter Torso, which provides the best-in-slot strength bonus for the platebody slot. In this guide, HanannieLord Shayne, and Vehicle RS teach you how to play Barbarian Assault and get the Fight Torso in Old School RuneScape.



    Barbarian Assault is a safe team-based minigame where a team of five players must work together to battle ten Waves of Penance creatures. Each Wave increases in difficulty until the last Wave, where you will face the Penance Queen. 



    To play this minigame, you need to be on World 306, the official Babarian Assault World. You can find the Barbarian Assault mini game south of the Lighthouse. The easiest way to get there is to use a Games Necklace. If it's your first time doing this minigame, you need to complete the Tutorial by speaking to Captain Cain. If you want to skip the Tutorial, you can tell him you are an expert. 

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p1Where to find the Barbarian Assault Minigame


    Once you completed the Tutorial, you can use the mini game teleport to get there quickly.


    You form a team in the Wave 1 room. Here you can spam what role you want to do until someone notices you. If someone leaves, you can come back to Wave 1 and right-click on the doorway, and press Reset, which will put you back to Wave 1 so that you can start again. 



    One of the Attackers should be the scroller (leader of the team) because of the spawn location in the minigame. Players should be added in the following order: 


    Option 1: Attacker – Healer – Collector – Defender. 

    Option 2: Attacker – Attacker – Healer – Collector – Defender. 


    Everyone in the team will get a horn in their inventory to contact their teammates about what they have to do to complete their roles. When you spawn in, you will see some white text next to the mouth icon in the top-right corner, and every 30 seconds, you need to right-click the Horn and call. Once you call correctly, the color will change from white to yellow, indicating a correct call. It's very important to call quickly for your team's coordination.


    The text next to the ear icon is the call for you, which indicates what you need to do for your role. If you don't switch to the new call, your whole team loses Honor Points. 

    How to Get a Fighter Torso – OSRS Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p4044




    The best gear setup for an Attacker is to have a full set of Void Knight armor with a Magic shortbow. If you don't have the void, your current best Melee gear is also viable. If you're using Melee, you'll need a weapon that has all attack options (Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive, and Controlled). 


    When you spawn in the map, you can run to the red Dispenser and grab arrows if you have a Ranged weapon. If you have a Melee weapon, don't worry. You can stick to the left wall and run west of west cannon so that you don't lure any Penance Healers across the map, which helps the Healer significantly speed up the Waves.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p2


    You're going to target the Penance Rangers first, as they will be your biggest enemies. Then you will want to attack the Penance Fighters. Make sure you remain on the left side of the map to not make things harder for the Healer.


    Every 30 seconds, the egg that Collector needs to collect will switch, and it is your job as an Attacker to tell them as soon as possible. You can do this by right-clicking the Horn in your inventory. You can see which egg is needed by looking at the top-right corner of the map. If the Collector picks up the wrong egg, the entire team will lose points. The Collector will also be telling you every 30 seconds what attack style to use.


    It is important to use the correct attack style because every hit with the wrong style will lose the entire team points. For this purpose, I recommend that you turn Auto Retaliate off, and as the 30-second mark reaches, you can click away from the monsters and wait for the call. 



    As a Healer, when you spawn in the room, you'll want to go to the green Dispenser to get a full inventory of supplies. The Defender will call which supply to use, and you will then tell the Defender which bait to use. Every 30 seconds, remember to call.


    The first part of your role is to poison Penance Healers. I recommend applying three poisons to Penance Healers at the start of the round. If the Attacker and Collector have stayed out of your way, you should have all your Penance Healers remain within a small section on the map. 


    The other part of your role comes in later rounds, where you will need to heal your teammates. You will dip your Healing Vial in the green pool at the beginning of the map and use it on each team member to heal them. This can be pretty stressful at low levels, so it is recommended that your team have two Healers in the later rounds. 



    A Collector is one of the easiest roles. As you spawn into the world, make sure to stay more towards the west half of the map so that you don't disturb the Healer and Defender. Every 30 seconds, make sure that the Attackers know which attack style to use because this is where the team loses most of their points.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p3


    After that, you have eggs to collect. The blue eggs are pointless, and using them can sometimes soft-lock the game, so never pick them up.


    Green eggs can be used to poison. They are helpful to aid teammates but still fairly pointless.


    Red eggs can be used to damage. These eggs are helpful if another teammate is struggling with their role. For example, you can use them to shoot at the Penance Runners because Defenders usually have the hardest time with their responsibilities. If the Defender is doing a good job, you can also take out a few Penance Healers while your Healer is busy healing your teammates. 


    To use the eggs, you click on the cannon and choose a target, and any role can do this.



    Defender is the most challenging role for new players. But once you understand how it works, it can be one of the easiest ones. Being fast is the key to become a good Defender. The faster you can use the method, the better.


    Barbarian Assault Defender Guide


    As a Defender, your job is to lure all the Penance Runners into a Runner Trap to kill them. Each Penance Runner that gets through the southern cave will make everyone on the team lose three points, up to a total of ten. Therefore, don't let them get through. 


    You must also repair the Trap with the Logs and a Hammer as needed and tell the Healer what type of poison food they should use on the Penance Healers.


    When you start a Wave, you should use the blue Dispenser on the southern wall by clicking on it. You must right-click the Horn in your inventory and call out the type of poisoned food that the Healer should be using on the Penance Healers. The call changes every 30 seconds, so you have to call every 30 seconds for the Healer, and he should be doing the same for you. This is super important because if you were the Healer who doesn't know what type of food to use, they can't do the job without costing the team points.


    There are a lot of Tofu, Crackers, and Worms in your inventory, and these are the food that you can left-click to drop on the ground to lure Penance Runners to the Trap. Should you run out of food, you can re-use the blue Dispenser on the wall to get more.


    As a Defender, you need to understand good food vs. bad food. The food that the Healer calls you is good food, and when you drop that, the Penance Runners will run towards it, eat it, and continue running. The other two food are bad food, which will cause the Penance Runners to go back where they came from, which can be very useful for re-luring stray Penance Runners.


    Good Remains Good

    Bad Remains Bad


    Once you drop food, it will always remain good or bad from the moment you drop it. For that reason, you will never need to pick food from the ground.


    Below is what you do as a Defender:

    After using your Dispenser and calling for the Healer, click northeast on your mini-map to place a bad food on Spot 1 (south of the Trap). The food isn't necessary, but it acts as a backup if any Penance Runner moves out.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p4


    Run to Spot 2 (square just north of the Trap) and place the appropriate number of good food down:

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p5


    Wave 1 = 2 Good Food

    Wave 2 = 3 Good Food

    Wave 3-10 = 4 Good Food


    You can also place four good food for all of the Waves. If a Penance Runner eats the good food and the Trap is repaired, the Penance Runner will die.


    After placing your good food on Spot 2, you want to head to Spot 3 (aka. Trail), which is between two Spikes. On this Spot, you'll want to place one bad food. You can place one good or bad food here, but I recommend using bad food to save an extra good food for your Main Stack (Spot 4). It should be known that the Trail food can be placed anywhere between the two Spikes.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p6

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p9

    For more experienced players, you can skip stopping to set your Trail food by clicking directly on the Main Stack area from Spot 2, clicking on a food in your inventory to drop it on the way to the Main Stack. But if you are a newer player, stopping to place food here is a more reliable method.

    Once your Trail food is set, run to Spot 4 (aka. Main Stack) located at the Spike corner. Spot 4 is very important because the stray Penance Runners can be lead back to the Main Stack.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p7

    You will want to place the rest of your remaining good food here. This should be four to five good food but, on earlier Waves, you can place less. If you want to be safe, place all the good food you have.


    From here, you will want to run to the closest Log (Spot 5), grab it (if you are on a higher Wave, you will need to pick more Logs), and place a bad food down. This food is meant to push any Penance Runners that go west back to the east. This food is optional, but I recommend using it. 

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p8


    Below is how many Logs you need to collect on different Waves:


    Waves 1-4 = 1 Log

    Waves 5-8 = 2 Logs

    Waves 9 = 3 Logs

    Waves 10 = 2 Logs


    After getting your Logs, quickly pick up a Hammer that's lying on the ground and run back to the Spot just north of the Trap. If the Trap isn't zero, wait until a Penance Runner eats the said food and brings it to zero. Then stand on top of the food you placed earlier. If it is zero, stand on top of the food, and at this point, you'll want to click on the Trap and repair it. 


    By now, the call will have changed, and you have to call again for the Healer. Place down all the good food that will call to you in your inventory. Sit here and don't move until all the Penance Runners are stacked up next to you. Once every Penanc Runner is there, move one square south onto the Trap and stay there. After a few seconds, the Penance Runners should die. Staying on the Trap ensures that the Penance Runners don't run south because you're blocking them from doing so.


    After you finished your job, you can stand to the east of the Trap to lure any Penance Healers that spawn and trap them behind the wall so that they can stay still.

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p10


    If you are not having any luck luring any Penance Healers, feel free to use the cannon and shoot them. If they're all dead, shoot any of the other monsters. Don't shoot the blue eggs.


    The Defender has a bad reputation because new players don't understand the mechanics. But with a little practice, you will have no problem. 


    Penance Queen

    On Wave 10, you will fight the final boss known as Penance Queen. Before the Queen comes up, you have to kill every remaining NPC. Make sure to remain close to the healing pool so that the Healer can heal you.


    Penance Queen needs to be killed by firing eight Omega Eggs at her. This is how you create the Omega Egg:

    •   The Collector needs to get the yellow egg that the Queen drops and pass it to the Healer.

    •    The Healer dunks it in the poison spring then gives the egg to Attacker.

    •    The Attacker gets spikes from the Spiked Mushrooms and attaches the spikes to the egg. Once done, Attacker passes the egg to Defender.

    •    The Defender dips the egg into the Lave Crater and gives the completed egg back to the Collector.

    •    The Collector loads the egg into the cannon once the team is ready to fire. 


    The easiest way to remember that order is with the acronym: CHAD (Collector- Healer- Attacker- Defender).


    If you are new to the game, you need to do this with eight Omeg Eggs in total; If you are more experienced, you can kill the Queen with one egg. 


    How to Kill the Penance Queen with 1 Omega Egg

    Step 1

    Preload at least one egg (red, green, or blue) into the cannon before you load 1 Omega egg. If you don't do this, you won't be able to kill the Penance Queen with one egg.


    Step 2

    If you are the Collector, stand directly two or three spaces south of the cannon, and wait until everyone on your team except the scroller (the person who made the team) and you (Collector) are ready to spam-click "Omega" as shown in the picture below. In this case, the Collector is the scroller because the rest of the team is ready to spam-click "Omega".

    How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS - Barbarian Assault Beginner's Guide p11


    Collector loads from 2-3 spaces south of the cannon. The rest of the team (except the scroller and the Collector) spam-click "Omega" after the Omega Egg is loaded.


    That is how to play the Barbarian Assault. I hope this guide can help you a lot with getting the Fighter Torso. If you like these videos, be sure to click the Like buttons and subscribe to their channels.


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