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Nostalrius PvP, PvE & Elysium PvP Gold

Secure Delivery Methods

1. Through Auction House (recommended): Please put up Item(s) in Auction House first (considering your gold safety, you’d better put up unusual item(s) got from quests or dungeons. Do not put up very cheap item(s) bought from NPC). Then our professional trading players will buy your item(s) with Nostalrius Gold. Please note that the total gold amount you set for item(s) in AH must be the same as the gold number on your order. You will get 5% less of the gold due to Auction House Trading Fee.

2. Skip the Gold, Get the Item(s) You Want: We buy item(s) off the Auction House then trade the item(s) instead of Nostalrius Gold. This method is also very safe, but very slow and unpredictable with prices - it is easier to simply buy the Gold you need in most cases, but if you prefer this method please let us know via Live Chat.

Nostalrius/Elysium Return December 17th: Please go here to learn more about the release date and FAQ. Note gold and powerleveling services will be in extremely high demand upon the launch/relaunch of these vanilla servers. We highly recommend ordering from a reputable site that farms the gold legitmately.

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cheap nostalrius gold

Cheapest Price: We have been selling nostalrius gold since the beginning of 2016, allowing us to stock a large amount of gold which was farmed by our professional staff. If you check out the market price, you will find that nostalrius gold at Mmogah is the cheapest.

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Refund Guarantee: For brand new servers which you may pre-order, if we have not enough nostalrius gold in stock and wouldn't like to wait anymore, a refund will be issued immediately. Or for other reasonable cases before delivery, a refund will be granted. We have a hassle free refund process for all our customers.

Nostalrius & Elysium Gold

Server Name Price 100-300G/600-2000G(N-PvP) 300G+/2000G+(N-PvP) Purchase
Anathema/Nostalrius PvP Alliance $0.79 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Anathema/Nostalrius PvP Horde $0.79 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Darrowshire/Nostalrius PvE Alliance $2.69 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Darrowshire/Nostalrius PvE Horde $2.69 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Elysium PvP Alliance $16.39 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Elysium PvP Horde $16.39 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Zeth'Kur PVP Alliance $16.39 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
Zeth'Kur PVP Horde $16.39 / 10G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now

Nostalrius News

  • the-important-affair-happened-in-nostalrius-elysium-you-need-to-know

    2017-01-16The Important Affair Happened in Nostalrius/Elysium You Need to Know

    As many nostalrius fans knew that there are important events happened last Saturday. Here Mmogah shares some important message from Nostalrius official community: “As we explained, our goal was to relieve pressure on Blizzard by providing a home for vanilla WoW in order to lower tensions and begin building a WoW community that includes Legacy WoW players.
  • how-to-avoid-getting-hacked-when-playing-elysium-nostalrius

    2017-01-09How to Avoid Getting Hacked When Playing Elysium /Nostalrius

    Elysium PvP fresh realm had released last Saturday, until now the online population have reached near 8500 players. This fresh realm was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state, so that players can share their passion with the world once more. Elysium realm also gives players a chance to take a fresh stab at old school player-versus-player with a brand new vanilla PVP server.
  • how-to-avoid-getting-banned-for-buying-nostalrius-gold

    2016-12-20How to Avoid Getting Banned for Buying Nostalrius Gold

    After the 3 successful stability tests performed over the past few weeks, Nostalrius PvP & PvE is finally online. There are more than 10,000 players had taken part in the game. The fresh Elysium PvP realm is coming, it is time to get fully prepared and stock enough nostalrius gold.
  • the-relaunch-of-nostalrius-begin-is-coming-on-december-17

    2016-12-12The Relaunch of Nostalrius Begin Is Coming on December 17

    Good news: Nostalrius PvP and PvE realms will rise to live again, and they will be released on 17th December. This is the golden occasion for Project staff to announce their plan for nostalrius realms, and potentially fulfil the dreams of millions of fans over the world. As all nostalrius fans know that it is not easy to wait for something as exciting as the return of Nostalrius, so they will pay attention to the release date and transfer details.
  • the-hardware-test-of-nostalrius-is-coming-this-weekend

    2016-11-21The Hardware Test of Nostalrius Is Coming This Weekend

    All Nostalrius fans knew that Elysium-project has finished the stress test today. The test went very well. The second test is coming this Sunday (November 27th), which will be on the new hardware, and will be able to handle far more significant numbers. We know it is not easy to wait for something as exciting as the return of Nostalrius. So let's take a look at what's been happening, and what you can expect in the upcoming few days.
  • More Nostalrius News>>
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