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Buying Light’s Hope Items Guide at MmoGah

Secure Delivery Methods:

Face-to-Face [Recommended]: We meet you at a place in the game and trade Item(s) with you.

Mailbox: We will Mail Light’s Hope Items to you via Mailbox in the game, which is convenient and fast.

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Fast Delivery: Our traders are real Light’s Hope players to make a smooth trade with you for Light’s Hope Items. We will try our best to complete Elysium Items orders as fast as possible after we have received and verified your payment. MmoGah has a great reputation in the market of WoW Private Servers for Gold, Items, Power Leveling and is ranked #1 for Light’s Hope Gold and Light’s Hope Power Leveling, so MmoGah is a good choice for you to Buy Light’s Hope Items.

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Refund Guarantee: If we do not have enough Light’s Hope Items for your server and you would not like to wait, we will deal with the Refund immediately without any delay. Our customer services representatives are at your disposal 24/7, so if you want to Buy Elysium Items or has any questions, please contact us in time. We are here waiting for you!

  • Arcanist Bindings
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Arcanist Bindings
  • Price: USD  29.69         
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  • Cloudkeeper Legplates
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Cloudkeeper Legplates
  • Price: USD  125.99         
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  • Dreamfoil*20
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
  • Price: USD  0.98         
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  • Edgemaster's Handguards
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Edgemaster's Handguards
  • Price: USD  156.59         
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  • Elemental Fire
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Elemental Fire
  • Price: USD  0.68         
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  • Elemental Mage Staff
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Elemental Mage Staff
  • Price: USD  59.39         
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  • Freezing Band
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Freezing Band
  • Price: USD  78.29         
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  • Gromsblood*20
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
  • Price: USD  1.58         
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  • Illusion Dust*20
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Illusion Dust*20
  • Price: USD  3.23         
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  • Large Brilliant Shard
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Large Brilliant Shard
  • Price: USD  0.68         
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  • Lionheart Helm
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Lionheart Helm
  • Price: USD  93.59         
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  • Myrmidon's Signet
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Myrmidon's Signet
  • Price: USD  32.39         
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  • Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
  • Price: USD  56.69         
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  • Pristine Hide of the Beast
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Pristine Hide of the Beast
  • Price: USD  152.99         
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  • Runecloth*20
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
  • Price: USD  0.32         
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  • Skullflame Shield
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Skullflame Shield
  • Price: USD  47.69         
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  • Stockade Pauldrons
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Stockade Pauldrons
  • Price: USD  47.69         
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  • Teebu's Blazing Longsword
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Teebu's Blazing Longsword
  • Price: USD  1043.99         
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  • Traveler's Backpack
    Northdale PvP (Light's Hope) - Alliance
    Traveler's Backpack
  • Price: USD  1.22         
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Elysium/Light's Hope News

  • light-s-hope-items-are-on-sale-at-mmogah

    2018-07-11Light’s Hope Items Are on Sale at MmoGah

    Good News! MmoGah has added the services of selling light’s hope items. Since Light’s Hope new realm Northdale PvP was released on June 23, more and more players choose this new realm. At the same time, more and more orders of light’s hope gold at mmogah.
  • light-s-hope-new-realm-northdale-s-release-and-timeline

    2018-06-21Light’s Hope New Realm - Northdale’s Release and Timeline

    As you have known, official site had merged three realms into one realm two weeks ago (June 6). Light’s hope will launch new realm – Northdale this week (June 23). Official site is laying out plans for the timeline, and doing its utmost to ensure as smooth a launch as possible. Here mmogah.com will guide you to the new realm – Northdale’s timeline.
  • elysium-nighthaven-pvp-patch-1-7-rise-of-the-blood-god-is-coming-on-may-5

    2018-05-02Elysium Nighthaven PvP - Patch 1.7 Rise of the Blood God Is Coming on May 5

    Nighthaven PvP - Patch 1.7 Rise of the Blood God will go live on May 5! Uncover Zul’Gurub’s ancient city with 20 adventurers and fight for control of Arathi Basin. With the release of Patch 1.7 - Rise of the Blood God, the latest content progression step for Nighthaven is that sending players to a new raiding content and battleground.
  • elysium-nighthaven-pvp-patch-1-6-assault-on-blackwing-lair-will-come-on-march-10

    2018-03-05Elysium Nighthaven PvP - Patch 1.6 Assault on Blackwing Lair Will Come on March 10

    Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.6 - Assault on Blackwing Lair will come on March 10. Are you prepared? Some players would like to farm light’s hope gold by themselves, but some players would like to buy light’s hope gold or light’s hope power leveling service from a third party.
  • light-s-hope-three-realms-will-merge-and-a-new-realm-will-be-released-in-june

    2018-02-26Light’s Hope Three Realms Will Merge and A New Realm Will Be Released in June

    Light’s Hope Anathema, Darrowshire and Lightbringer will merge on June 6. A new and fresh realm will be released between 11th and 17th of June. Here MmoGah.com as one of the best light’s hope gold, items and power leveling stores would like to share the updated news with light’s hope fans.
  • Elysium/Light's Hope News >>
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