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FFXI Private Server HorizonXI Fishing Guide: How to Level and Make Gil

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HorizonXI is an 'era+' FFXI private server offering its adventurers a 75-era experience that preserves the spirit of Final Fantasy XI. It was initially released on December 17th, 2022, and is based upon the Chains of Promathia era of the game.


Fishing is a hobby where adventurers take a fishing rod and bait to a body of water to fish. It is a very profitable activity for your gil storage. Zarbrawl shared a fishing guide on Youtube that covers a few options to get skill-ups along with some tips to maximize your profits. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Things You Need to Know About Fishing

1. In order to start fishing on HorizonXI, you need to have at least one job at level 15.


2. The fishing guild is located in Port Windurst. You will need to show one of your catches to the guild master every ten levels in order to raise your level cap.


3. Fish also has a certain population in each of the fishing spots. This means if a large number of players are all fishing together, it's possible to exhaust the fish entirely, and you have to wait sometime for it to repopulate.


4. Though fishing gear is not needed to get started, it's highly recommended later on as it will allow you to move on to more profitable camps.




Level 0-11

Our first targets, Moat Carps and Crayfish, are located in any of the major cities, and you can grab any cheap rod, like a Bamboo Rod, along with little worms to get started.


Moat Carps can provide you excellent skill-ups and very good gil, which are always in demand as players buy them constantly to farm for their Lu Shang’s,  one of the best rods in the game. For this reason, they usually don't stay on the auction house for very long.


If it is possible, swap the Little Worms for Insect Balls, as this will give you a much better chance of getting the Carps, isolating them from the Crayfish. Do this until you reach level 11, and don't forget to bring a Carp to the guild master to increase your level cap to 20.


You can use all the profits you made on Carps to purchase the fishing gear. Carps will always be a decent source of income. So if you need gil, don't hesitate to fish them.


You can alternatively go to Knightwell, as the Insect Paste here will completely isolate the Carp, but the popularity of this fishing spot might be an issue.


Level 11-19

The two main targets are Quus which caps at level 19, and Yellow Globes which caps at level 17. Both can be caught with a Bamboo Rod, but it has a chance of breaking. Alternatively, a Carbon Rod is a cheaper one, and it worked well. Use a Sabiki rig along with the rod to maximize your time fishing these, granting you a chance to catch two fish in one go.


Yellow Globes can be fished in Mhaura or Port Jeuno with good success, and Quus can be fished in Selbina, Port Windurst, or Port Bastok. These camps will also yield some Bastore Sardines, which can be used in a quest in Windurst that will generate about 70 gil per turning, along with a little bit of Fame. If you want to maximize profits, you can also level your cooking skill to round level 10 and convert them into Sliced Sardine. Every fish will generate two slices, and you can trade them to NPCs for about 54 Gil each.


Level 19-29

You have a few options. Moorish Idols cap at level 26 and can be caught on Purgonorgo Isle using a Halcyon rod with a worm or a Shrimp lure if you're able to purchase one. It can be sold to NPC for about 200 gil each.


Another good option is Pipiras, which will cap at level 29. You can fish it using a Carbon or Halcyon Rod along with a Minnow. The east Sarutabaryta Lake is awesome for them as they have quite a large population there. But you can also fish them in Windurst Woods, Walls, and Waters. These can be cooked if you have a cooking level of 21 plus, then sold to NPCs or simply thrown on the auction house.


Lastly, Tiger Cods is the best option for gil, which cap at level 29. You can fish them in Sauromugue Champaign using a Carbon or Halcyon Rod with a Shrimp lure. Make sure to cancel any bad feelings. If you have cooking at 13 plus or close to it, you can convert each fish into Sliced Cod, and each fish will generate six Sliced Cod. Then you can sell them to NPC for 50 gil each, meaning each fish will generate 300 gil. Or you can put them on the auction house for some decent money.


Level 29-39

The best target for this level range is Nosteau Herring. You can catch these at H-6 in Qufim Island; use any Carbon or Halcyon Rod, along with a Shrimp lure. The good thing about this camp is that you will also catch some Tiger Cods, which will not provide any skill-ups at that point but will make you some gil. Nosteau Herring can be used in cooking but will require some Ice Crystals, which are not cheap, so you can just sell them to NPCs.


Another alternative is Ogre Eels and Gold Lobsters, which can be caught in East or West Sarutabaruta in the ocean using a Halcyon Rod with Sinking Minnow, which is NPC tradable. The Eels will cap at 35, and the Lobsters can provide skill-ups for up to level 46.


Level 39-47

You can fish some Zafmlug Bass, which will offer great skill-ups but cap at level 43. Use a Halcyon rod with a Warm Lure in either Port Bastok or Bibiki Bay at Sunset Docks. They are pretty worthless, so just sell them to NPC for some pocket change.


Another more profitable alternative is the Black Eels in Zeruhn Mines by using a Halcyon rod with a Warm Lure. They can be sold to NPC for about 200 each, so they will provide good skill-ups and some gil until Level 47.


Level 47-55

Bluetails will be your main target, and you can use a Halcyon rod and a Minnow. These can be synthesized into Slice of Bluetail, which is used for fishing up Marlins using the quest “Inside the Belly”. The best location is Buburimu Peninsula, Purgonorgo Isle, and Batallia Downs. Fishing in Batallia Downs will also yield Cone Calamaris, which NPC for about 180 gil each. The Bluetails can be sold to NPC for 300 each, which is great.


Level 55-76

One decent option is Elshimo Newts, which can be caught in Yuhtunga Jungle using a Halcyon rod and a Frog Lure. But they don't stack, making them extremely annoying to sell for profit.


Another option is Crescent Fish, which are caught using the Halcyon Rod along with a Fly Lure in the lake at East Sarutabaruta. They can be sold for over 400 gil each, making them really decent for making gil.


At 61, you can also start catching Silver Sharks in Batallia Downs by using an Halcyon Rod along with Meatballs. These will offer skill-ups up to level 76.


Level 76-86

Here your target will be Bastore Breams, which cap at level 86. Use a Halcyon rod or a Composite Rod with Shrimp Lure. These can be fished in Port Bastok or Port Windurst. The bite rate is terrible, and they have a chance of snapping your line, making you lose your lure. Lu Shang’s Rod will help resolve the issue.


Level 86-96

Black Soles is a great option and can be fished as early as level 72 if you have Lu Shang’s. The location is Qufim Island, Batallia Downs, or Saumoruge Champaign. Halcyon Rod can work, but you will have a chance of the line breaking. If you trade them to NPC, you can get 700 gil each.


Level 96-100

Finally, Armored Pisces can be fished in Oldton Movalpolos using a Frog Lure, along with Lu Shang's Rod or a Composite Rod. These don't stack but sell for about 900 gil. This is the final stretch to cap your fishing to level 100.


Hope the leveling guide helps. If you find it useful, subscribe to Zarbrawl’s channel on Youtube and stay tuned to MmoGah HorizonXI news; we will update guides here irregularly.

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