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HorizonXI Gil Making Guide

By zaryab2023-04-28


HorizonXI is a new and exciting vision for Final Fantasy XI players. This private server offers a fresh take on the classic MMORPG by introducing a 75-cap system, something many veteran players have been yearning for. With a passionate community of developers, HorizonXI delivers a seamless and immersive experience packed with new features and enhanced gameplay mechanics. From farming and crafting to fishing and questing, HorizonXI offers an array of content to explore, with plenty of opportunities to earn gil and strengthen your characters. So, Join a community of like-minded adventurers, and experience Final Fantasy XI in a new way with HorizonXI.

Why HorizonXI Is Good For Gil Making?

HorizonXI is good for gil making because it introduces a level cap of 75, which allows for a more balanced economy and better opportunities for farming valuable items. Additionally, the server features a passionate community of developers who constantly work to improve the gameplay experience and add new content, providing you with many options for earning gil, such as crafting, fishing, and trading. With its focus on enhanced gameplay and balanced economy, HorizonXI is an ideal platform for players looking to build wealth and strengthen their characters.


HorizonXI Gil Making Guide


How to Make Gil in HorizonXI


Farming Methods

HorizonXI offers a variety of farming methods for players looking to earn gil. Some popular methods include farming valuable items such as Beastman Seals, which can be sold for a high price in the Auction House, and farming Notorious Monsters (NMs) that drop rare and valuable items. The latter can be especially lucrative, with some NMs dropping items worth millions of gil. Another effective method is to farm materials for crafting, such as Ore or Cloth, and sell them in the Auction House. Depending on the item, the amount of gil that can be earned can vary, but some items can fetch prices in hundreds or even millions of gil.


Crafting and Gathering Methods

Crafting and gathering are two additional methods for earning gil in HorizonXI. The gathering involves harvesting raw materials such as logs, ores, and fibres from the environment, which can then be sold to crafters or used to craft items yourself. Crafting involves creating new items from raw materials, which can be sold for a profit. Depending on the item, the amount of gil that can be earned can vary widely, with some items fetching prices in the millions of gil. By focusing on high-demand items and optimizing your crafting and gathering strategies, it is possible to earn a steady stream of gil through these methods.



Fishing is a unique and relaxing way to earn gil in HorizonXI. By catching and selling fish, you can earn a steady stream of gil while enjoying the scenic and peaceful environment of the game's waterways. Some fish can be sold for a high price, especially those rare or in high demand for crafting or cooking. Fish that are rare or in high demand include the Gold Carp, Silver Carp, and Saberfish, which can sell for over 1,000 gil each. Additionally, certain fishing spots may offer unique fish that can only be caught in that location, further increasing their value. Unique fishing spots include the Bibiki Bay and the Aht Urhgan Whitegate, which offer unique fish such as the Ranguish Cod and the Kaiser Bream. By mastering fishing techniques and using bait effectively, you can optimize your fishing experience and earn a substantial amount of gil over time. To optimize your fishing experience, using the correct bait for the fish you're trying to catch is important. For example, using Minnows to catch Trout in freshwater areas and Sardines to catch Sardines in saltwater areas.

Fishing may not be the fastest way to earn gil, but it is certainly a rewarding and enjoyable one.


Completing Quests and Missions

You can earn a great amount of gil by completing Quests and Missions. Many quests and missions offer significant rewards through gil, items, and experience points. The amount of gil earned varies depending on the difficulty and type of quest or mission but completing a higher level and more challenging tasks generally yields greater rewards. For example, the Chains of Promathia mission storyline offers substantial gil rewards upon completion, with certain missions awarding up to 500,000 gil. Additionally, completing daily login campaigns and participating in special events may offer gil rewards or unique items that can be sold for gil. By taking on various quests and missions, you can accumulate gil while advancing your character's progress in the game.


Trading and Bartering

You can buy low and sell high by trading with NPCs, other players, or through the Auction House. For example, purchasing low-level equipment from an NPC vendor and then selling it to other players at a higher price can generate a profit. Bartering, conversely, involves exchanging goods or services with other players for gil. This can include trading crafting materials or offering to craft items in exchange for gil. The amount of gil earned through trading and bartering can vary depending on the item being traded and its demand. However, with careful observation and strategic trading, you can earn significant gil through these methods.


Some Alternative Methods for Gil Making

In addition to the traditional methods of gil-making in HorizonXI, some alternative methods can be just as profitable and enjoyable for players looking for a change of pace. Two of these methods are chocobo breeding and gardening.

Chocobo breeding involves raising and breeding chocobos to create stronger and more valuable birds. By raising chocobos and participating in races, you can earn valuable items and gil. The more races won, the more likely you will receive high-value rewards, such as rare chocobo breeding items or gil bonuses. You can also sell your chocobos to other players for a profit, which can be a lucrative source of gil.


Gardening involves planting and growing various crops, which can be used for crafting or sold for profit. By growing high-quality crops and mastering gardening techniques, you can earn a significant amount of gil. Some of the most profitable crops include crystals and elemental ores, used in crafting and can sell for a high price on the market. You can also use gardening to produce rare items and equipment, which can be sold for a large amount of gil.


Both of these alternative methods require time and effort to master, but they can be a rewarding change of pace for players who are looking for something different. By incorporating these methods into your gil-making strategies, you can diversify your income and potentially earn even more gil than they would through traditional methods alone.

Gil-Making Tips in HorizonXI


Farming low-level mobs for items to sell

Farming low-level mobs is an easy and effective way to make gil. By killing low-level enemies and collecting their drops, you can quickly amass valuable items to sell at the auction house. Even common drops can add up over time, making this a steady source of income.

Doing repeatable quests for Gil rewards

Repeatable quests are another reliable method for earning gil. These quests often offer generous rewards for completion, including valuable items or straight-up gil payouts. You can repeat these quests as often as you like to earn rewards continually.

Crafting and selling items on the auction house

Crafting and selling items on the auction house can be a lucrative way to earn gil. By crafting high-demand items, you can sell them for a premium at the auction house. This requires some initial investment in materials and crafting skills, but the payoff can be substantial.

Trading with other players for valuable items or Gil

Trading with other players for valuable items or gil is another viable option. You can offer items or services in exchange for gil or negotiate trades with other players. This can be a more social and interactive way to earn gil, and you can often find unique or rare items through trading.


 Participating in events that reward Gil or items that can be sold

Participating in events that reward gil or items that can be sold is a fun way to earn gil while also engaging with the game's community. Events can range from seasonal festivals to one-time special events, and they often offer unique rewards that can be sold for a high price.


Final Thoughts

Making Gil in HorizonXI requires a combination of patience, strategy, and hard work. By taking advantage of the game's systems and finding the right methods for your playstyle, you can accumulate large amounts of Gil to spend on all your in-game needs. From crafting and gathering to completing quests and participating in events, there are many ways to earn Gil in HorizonXI.

Always keep an eye on the market and adjust your strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the game. With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to becoming a wealthy adventurer in HorizonXI.

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