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HorizonXI News & Guides

HorizonXI: Why It Is Worth Playing

PennyJune 06th, 2023

HorizonXI is an 'era+' FFXI private server offering its adventurers a 75-era experience that preserves the spirit of Final Fantasy XI. There are many FFXI private servers. Why is HorizonXI, as one of them, worth your try? Well, we give the following reasons.

FFXI Private Server HorizonXI Fishing Guide: How to Level and Make Gil

PennyMay 18th, 2023

Fishing is a hobby where adventurers take a fishing rod and bait to a body of water to fish. It is a very profitable activity for your horizonxi gil storage. So today, we will bring you a fishing guide that covers a few options to get skill-ups along with some tips to maximize your profits.

HorizonXI Gil Making Guide

zaryabApril 28th, 2023

HorizonXI offers an array of content to explore, with plenty of opportunities to earn gil and strengthen your characters. Let’s find out what they are.

HorizonXI Gil Is For Sale at MmoGah

PennyApril 21st, 2023

Big news! The currency in one of the FFXI private servers, HorizonXI Gil is available for purchase at MmoGah. Instead of endless farming, get fast and effortless HorizonXI Gil now!

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