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Buying GW2 Gold Guide at Mmogah

Delivery Methods

1. Mail Item(s) and the Rest Gold to You: We buy item(s) that you need and mail the item(s) and the rest of the gold to you. Please leave item(s) name(s) in the message box when you place your order or contact us via Live Chat before or after you have placed your order. After we have sent the item(s) and gold, we will inform you via Email and SMS to ensure that you can use them as fast as possible.

2. Mail Maximum 500 Gold Plus Item(s): We mail you the gold directly in game via the mailbox. The maximum amount of gold that an individual player account can accept within a week is 500 gold. So if you need more than 500 gold, please find item(s) that you can resell or use on AH.


1. If you choose Mail you the Maximum 500 Gold plus Item(s), we are not responsible if the gold is removed by ArenaNet.

2. As the price of the item(s) on AH is changing all the time, if you want to resell item(s) for gold please make sure that the price of the item(s) you choose is relatively steady. You will receive more or less gold when you resell the item(s) on AH. We are not responsible if you receive less gold from the item(s).

Announcement of Buying GW2 Gold/Item(s) on MmoGah.com:

Before you buy GW2 Gold/Item(s) from MmoGah.com or any other site, please read this announcement carefully:

NCSOFT is very strict with buying gold/item(s) in GW2. Around 10% of the delivered orders were reported by the customers that they did not receive the gold/item(s). What we can promise is that we will deliver the gold/item(s) 100% as you fill in your order and send you the delivery proof(s), but we can not promise that you can receive the gold/item(s), as NCSOFT may remove it/them. So if you don't want to take the risk, please do not buy gold/item(s) in GW2.

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Easy Purchase:  You only need to place GW2 Gold orders on US or EU server regardless of the specific server you are on. This makes it easiest to buy GW2 gold at MmoGah.com.

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Ultrafast Delivery: We have more than 10 years of experience in the gaming market which allows us to provide gamers with the most professional service. We have a large stock of Guild Wars 2 Gold for fast Delivery Time.Our traders are real players who can complete your GW2 Gold orders quickly and smoothly.

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Cheap Prices: We adjust GW2 Gold prices in real time according to current market prices. This ensures you are buying at cheap prices on our site. You can also save money by ordering a large amount of gold and using MmoGah Coupons. MmoGah is a trustworthy website to Buy GW2 Gold with cheap prices but quality services.

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Good Reputation: We commit to providing the most exceptional Guild Wars 2 Gold services by being honest, friendly and helpful. You can check other real Reviews from real players to learn more about our service here at MmoGah. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our 24/7 online support.

best guide wars2 gold sellers

Refund Guarantee: We will try our best to complete your Guild Wars 2 Gold orders as fast as possible. If for some reason we do not have enough GW2 Gold for your server and you do not want to wait any more, we can give you a Refund before delivery. Please contact our 24/7 support to ensure a hassle free refund process.

Guild Wars 2 GOLD

Server Name Price 1400G - 5999G 6000G - 15000G Purchase
GW2 - US USD$ 4.09 / 100G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now
GW2 - EU USD$ 4.09 / 100G 2% Off 5% Off Buy Now

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