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  • Torchlight Infinite: Tips for Starting A New Season
    By Ansley2023-05-13 00:00:00

    Torchlight Infinite has a new season - Cube of Rapacity. What should you look for in a season starter? We have some tips if you need suggestions on starting your journey.


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    Avoid Expensive Items

    If a build relies on ultimate affixes or rare legendary items, it’s not going to be a great choice as your first build.


    Tailor a Build to Mapping

    Many of the strongest starters excel at mapping because they want to clear quickly to reach Timemark 7. If you have spent more time and concentrated on mapping, it could be a bit painful as you can’t focus on the fight with a boss, but when you plan well, it’s better to make a boss fail all the way and do it flawlessly in one go. Plus, traveler bosses are very well-telegraphed, so in the worst case, if you fail, you can practice a little bit according to suitable mapping and try again to defeat them. You should have no issue even on an underpowered build.


    Look for Life/Res

    When you want to craft a lot of gear as you level up, focus on items with one or two or higher tier mods with life or resistances, then fill in the other mods with a crafting system and finish them by enchanting as you’re leveling. Do be sure to use all of your black gold, such as void sea flames, since that’s a great way to get consistent gearing.


    Drop an Aura

    If you are adapting an end-game build, figure out which Aura is the most important and drop it. You probably can’t fit all those reservations until you reach levels 90 to 95. If you want to stick with something you know, then playing a build you used in a previous season is a great way to have a solid start.


    Always Have a Backup Build

    If you’re looking to spice things up, always make sure you have a backup plan. So you don’t give a surprise re-roll on day two. Though that being said, if you have a backup plan, trying something new is a great way to keep the game fun and interesting. And above all, try to be flexible, and don’t get locked into thinking you need one exact item or even one exact setup. If you find that you’re squishy, build in more defenses, drop the damage Aura, and pick up a defensive skill. If you feel like you’re super tanky, but you’re not killing stuff fast enough, do a reverse, drop a defensive skill, and pick up a damaged one.


    Torchlight Infinite Tips for Starting A New Season content2