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  • Several Tips for Torchlight Infinite Beginners – Section Four
    By Ansley2022-12-15 00:00:00

    If you just start your journey in Torchlight Infinite and are looking for some tips to boost your gaming performance, then you are in the right place! For beginner guides, this is the fourth one. So check out this link for the previous ones.


    It Is Better If You Accumulate Enough Mana Source

    If you have Mana troubles, you can consider using the Mana source. It's a fairly inexpensive Aura with a flat reservation that shouldn't be too hard to add to your build. And it fixes Mana very well, especially early on. You usually won't even need to level it up.


    It Is Better If You Fix Your Build Before Level 80

    You can Respec your talents completely for free until Level 80. But when you find something that you're happy with, you can easily go ahead and unconsciously continue to level up and exceed level 80. Then you lose the free chance of Respec.


    However, you'll get a lot of power from your hero traits. Once you hit 81 or higher level, you can still Respec using Oblivion Points, which drop fairly commonly. To the point whereby level 81, you'll probably have enough to do a full character Respec. But you will feel bad to do that full Respec when you could have done it for free just one level ago.


    Elixir of Oblivion can be used to obtain Oblivion Point. You can farm monsters to get it. But if you want to get Elixir of Oblivion fast, you can choose the third website, like MmoGah, to buy it directly.


    It Is Better If You Don't Forget to Allocate Pact Points

    Pact Points are a great way to get early resistance, Mana Regen, or damage. And you do not need Pactspirits to use these. You get Pact Points just by leveling up. If you have a Pactspirit equipped in the slot, it may change the effect for point grants. But the point will exist, and you can allocate it regardless. Even if you have zero Pactspirit, you also can always allocate your Pact Points.


    It Is Better If You Set Mass ID

    You can mass items with one ID. If you do this, you can use a little magnifying glass at the bottom left to identify all the items in your inventory. This method saves a lot of time and lets you quickly go through what you want to keep and what you want to turn in at the vendor.


    Several Tips for Torchlight Infinite Beginners – Section Four content


    It Is Better If You Don't Forget to Join Dark Surge Season

    Dark Surge is the current seasonal mechanic, and it gives you access to Aemberon Cores, which you can use to corrode your items. At low levels, it gives you access to free corrosion, which can improve your items or add powerful implicit MODs, such as making enemies that you killed explode. It would help if you always do all of your Dark Surges at a low level. And if you have some cheap items that you happen to be leveling with, toss them in; there's not too much harm. You'll definitely want to think about it before potentially bricking an endgame item. At a low level of the worst case, if it breaks, you can replace items without too much trouble.