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What to Invest in for Double XP Weekend RuneScape

By Michel Z2019-07-10

As many of you have probably already known that Jagex has confirmed the day of the next RuneScape Double XP Weekend which will be July 26th (12:00, or midday) to July 29th (11:59, late morning). This guide is showing you how to make RuneScape money by investing in certain items before and after Double XP Weekend.

Please click Silenced's video for more details on those items you should invest in for the Double XP Weekend, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:


To start, I would suggest that you figure out what skills you would like to train on the Double XP Weekend and buy the materials you’ll need as their prices will be more expensive on the DXPW.


Some of the skills will be good to train are those buyable skills like Cooking, Smithing, Herblore Summoning, Crafting, and Construction, etc. First, you’ll want to buy the items you’ll need, then you use your rest money to invest and make some money from the DXP weekend.


You should actually expect around a 10% return after you invest your RuneScape money, so, you should buy the items now, and their prices should go up by about 10% for the DXPW.



Items to Buy Before then Sell on Double XP Weekend


Let’s take a look at a few items that will be very good to buy now and sell on the Double XP weekend.


Before the Double XP weekend, you should invest in some raw materials like raw fish, raw food, Mahogany planks, etc. since people will use them for training; After the Double XP weekend, you’ll want to buy the finished products such as the cooked fish or summoning pouches which will be going down in price right after the DXPW.


Below are some of the items I suggest you to buy before the DXP weekend.


1. Grenwall Spikes

They are used for Super Ranging potion which will be used a lot during the DXPW to train Herblore. As you can see in the picture, their price rises quite a bit leading up to the DXPW in February, and once it hit the DXPW, it falls right after.


At this moment, the price is rising again leading up to the DXP weekend. It was announced July 2, 2019, so, as you can see, the price has constantly been rising since the announcement. If you buy these items now, you can still make some pretty good money off them because their price should still rise quite a bit leading up to the DXPW, and off course, on the first day of DXPW, their price should be pretty high.



2. Mahogany Plank

Mahogany planks are the best planks for Construction training. In February, their price also has went up to 970 during the days before DXPW. Then, there is a big fall right after the DXPW. So, with this item, you can also make some good money right after DXPW.



3. Broad Arrowheads

This is one of the more safer items to invest in. Broad Arrowhead is one of the best Fletching training methods on DXPW because you can get over 1M XP/H. It was at its lowest point when the DWPW was announced, and even now, it is only at 65 which is still a really good price to buy. So, I would expect these items to go up to 80-90 gp like last time.



4. Crushed Nest

Crushed Nest is used for the Saradomin brews. This is more of a risky investment. It has been going on an upward trend as of late, but the price is a little shaky. But they did go up by quite a bit, and it doesn’t look like it is tapering off yet, so the price could still increase leading up to the DXPW. This is a little risky, but you could make some pretty good money off them depending on how the price goes.



5. Raw Shark

Raw shark, Raw sailfish, and Raw rocktail, they are all raw food used for training Cooking. Raw shark’s price has been increasing by over 100 gp since the announcement, and in February, there was also a big upward trend leading up to the DXPW and then a big fall when the DXPW began. So, its price is expected to rise a little more, and you can buy it now and sell it on the first day of DXPW or whenever it’s at the highest price, and you can also buy them when the market crash.



6. Water Talisman

Water Talismans are used for the Geyser titan pouch when people training Summoning. They are very good items to invest in because its price has been at 5.3K gp for a while, and since the announcement, the price has increased by 500 gp. So, if you bought this items five or six days ago, you would have already made a lot of RS3 gold.


I do think the price will rise a little more and fall down right after to 5.3K gp, so you could make some money buying it after the DXPW. But, even if you bought it now and sold it on the DXPW, you should make some good money off that as well.



7. Rune Bars

Rune bar are really safe items to invest in because they are used for both Smithing training and Summoning. Their price have been rising very steadily and it doesn’t look like to be tapering off, so, that is a good sign.


If you look at their price during the last DXPW which is right around the Mining and Smithing Rework where everything fell. But you can that their price did increase for the DXPW and fell right after. So, I would expect the price will go up to 3.5K gp then drop down to 2.5K gp.



8. Yak-Hide

Yak-Hides are used for the Pack Yak pouches. Their price has increased by 100 gp as of late. In February, it went up to 700 gp and dropped all the way down to 530 gp. So, after the DXPW, there will be a drastic drop in price and it will be a good idea to buy some Yak-Hides after the DXPW and sell them a month later when the price go back to 600 gp.



9. Black Dragon Leather

There is a big increase in its price since the announcement, and it doesn’t look like to taper off at the moment, so you can either buy it now and sell it on the first day of DXPW, or buy it at a very low price after the DXPW.



Those are all items you should buy before DXPW then sell after. In the second part of this article, we are talking about some items that you should buy after the DXPW and sell them in a few months when the prices go back to normal, and that will be a long-term investment.



Items to Buy after Double XP Weekend


1. Super Ranging Potion (3)

A lot of people make these during Double XP Weekend and dump them right after, just to get some of their money back. If you look at its price of last DXPW, you’ll see it is 10.3K gp on DXPW, and it crashes down to 8.7K gp on March 4, 2019.


It might take quite a while for the price to go back up, but if you are looking for long-term investments, then this is a really good item because eventually, it will go back to 9K. So, you can buy them at any of these low points after the DXPW, and wait until the next DXPW, then there will be an easy profit of 1K-2K gp for each potion you buy.



2. Saradomin Brew Flask (6)

They are right now at a really high point, which is kind of surprising, and they’ve been on a big upward trend. Silenced who made this guide, has a lot of these potions, and he is planning to sell them pretty recently at a price of 20K each before the DXPW.



3. Prayer Potions (4)

After the DXPW is when you’ll want to stock up on Prayer potions because their price drop by a lot. They are not very expensive, and they are definitely to decrease after the DXPW. You can look to buy them around 2K-2.4K each.



4. Geyser Titan Pouch

Geyser Titan Pouches are one of the best items you can invest in right after the DXPW. In the picture, you can see that after the DXPW, there is a drastic change in price.


Geyser Titan Pouches are always at 4.3K gp. But a lot of these will be made on DXPW, and then, people will dump them after DXPW, which is why there is a huge decrease in price. On February 23rd, it’s at 4.1K gp, two weeks later, it is back to 4.2K-4.3K gp each. So, you could make 100 gp each as a profit easily in a short time.



5. Pack Yak Pouch

Pretty much all the prices of these Summoning pouches will be decreasing after the DXPW. In the picture, you can see that there is a nearly 200 gp decrease after the DXPW which makes them pretty good items to buy right after the DXPW then make an easy profit.



6. Royal Dragonhide Body

A lot of people will do this for Crafting training. Its price fluctuates a lot, but you can see that it does decrease the most right after the DXPW. So, there would be a profit of 500 to 1K gp each if you buy it right after the DXPW and wait until the price go back up in a few weeks or months.



7. Air Battlestaff

This is another item that people will be crafting on DXPW, and this also can be a really safe investment. Its price goes up leading up to the DXPW then crashes after. It doesn’t crash by too much because the Alch price for this is actually 9.1K gp. So, you can buy a lot of these and just alch them for profit. You don’t even need to wait, so you can even toss them in your Alchemiser, and just make some easy profit off this. This goes for all battlestaves.



8. Wine of Zamorak

This is another ingredient for Herblore. Just like other items, its price decrease right after by a significant amount of 1K gp and goes back up to 6.6K gp, which means it’s 1.5K profit. Silenced won’t buy them before the DXPW due to the unpredictable price, so he will wait until there is a huge price decrease.



There are a lot more items that you can invest in, but this guide can be used as a guideline. There is ton of RS3 gold for sale at MmoGah, and we are ranked as one of the best sellers of RS07 gold and RS3 gold on Google.


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