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  • RuneScape Guide: 1-99 Summoning Quick Guide
    By Michel Z2018-01-24 00:00:00

    Welcome to a 1-99 Summoning quick guide. This video guide is designed to give you a fast and easy way to follow if you just want a quick rundown of what to do for getting 99 Summoning from level 1.


    Please click for more information about Youtuber Maikeru RS who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:






    Levels 1-4

    You can complete the Wolf Whistle quest. This gives you enough 276 XP for level 4. It also rewards you with 275 Gold charms which are super good for early levels.


    Levels 4-16

    You can do Dreadfowl Pouches. You need to make 266 Pouches for level 16. All of the Gold charms you’ve got from Wolf Whistle will provide you enough to make these pouches.


    Levels 16-28

    You can make Granite Crab Pouches, and you need to make 375 Pouches for level 28.


    Levels 28-33

    You can make Compost Mound Pouches, and you need 150 Compost Mounds for level 33. 


    Levels 33-41

    Beaver Pouches. You need to make 398 Pouches for level 41.


    Levels 41-46

    You can make Macaw Pouches, and you need to make 370 Pouches for level 46.


    Levels 46-52

    You can make Pyrelord Pouches. You need 276 Pouches for level 52, and these pouches are around 4-4.5 GP/XP.


    Levels 52-61

    You can make Spirit Terrorbird Pouches. You can use up most of your Gold charms at this point. Using up Gold charms later on isn’t worth it, so it’s best to use them all now. You need to make 2,611 Pouches for level 61, and these pouches are 10-15 GP/XP profit, but they are very slow. You can do them at a later level for some profit, but it’s just worth doing it now when the slow experience is actually still worth it.


    Levels 61-64

    You can do Smoke Devil Pouches. You need to make 391 Pouches for level 64, and these are around 6-7 GP/XP.


    Levels 64-74

    You are going to do some more Crimson charms. It’s worth saving all of your Blue charms until you’re 79. At these levels, you can make Stranger Plant Pouches. You will need 2,439 pouches for level 74, and these pouches are also 6-7 GP/XP. If you really can’t save your Blue charms all the way to level 79 (I definitely advise saving your Blue charms all the way to level 79), you can do Mithril Minotaurs at 66+ Summoning. But if you are going for 99, save your Blue charms until you’re 79.


    Levels 74-79

    I would advise doing Granite Lobster Pouches. You will need 2,158 Pouches for level 79, and these are only 2-3 GP/XP. These are by far the cheapest way of using your Crimson charms, and they are awesome all the way up to Pack Yaks.


    Levels 79-96

    You can do Granite Lobster Pouches all the way to 96, and they are amazing until Pack Yaks. This will be 24,220 Pouches and 2-3 GP/XP. Fire Titan Pouches are unlocked at this level with your Blue charms as well. This is exactly why we were saving our Blue charms until 79. Fire Titan Pouches are super cheap and can give amazing experience.

    You will need to make 11,344 Pouches for level 96, and these are 3-5 GP/XP. What you’ve got to remember is that you’ll probably do a mixture between both of these two things. Maybe you are not going to have 24,000 Crimson charms or 11,000 Blues, but you might have 15,000 Crimsons and 3,000 Blues, and you can just do a mixture between both of these to get to 96. Easy peasy.


    Levels 96-99

    The only thing that changes is the Crimson charms. You can make Pack Yak Pouches now, and you’ll need to make 7,931 pouches for level 99. These pouches are also 2-3 GP/XP. You can carry on doing Fire Titans as well with Blue charms, you will need 4,819 Pouches for level 99, and these are 3-5 GP/XP.


    These pouches are how you can get 99 all the way from level 1. Now we will talk about how much RuneScape Gold it is going to cost, what pouches to avoid, and why to avoid them.


    If you follow this guide, the total cost for training in this way would be 34.6M GP at a minimum. This 34.6M GP cost is if you always do the cheapest pouches listed. The maximum is going to cost you 57M RS3 Gold if you do the faster and more expensive thing every single time.


    Swamp Titan Pouches are not worth it. They are 4 times More expensive than Granite Lobsters, and they are barely any more experience each. You can get a little more experience through Swamp Titans, but it’s not worth 4 times to cost. You can make these at 85+, and the pouches are 10-13 GP/XP, which is outrageous compared to 2-3GP/XP, so don’t do it. 

    The same applies to Geyser Titan Pouches. Some people think Geyser Titan Pouches give the best experience in the game. But all the talismans are very expensive. Geyser Titan Pouches are 3 times more expensive than Fire Titans and only give 60-70 more experience each. Geyser Titan Pouches are around 8-11 GP/XP rather than 4 GP/XP.

    Last but not least, Green charms are not worth it. If you are thinking: Where are the Green charms? The Green charms are very slow XP per hour and super expensive. Crimsons or Blue charms give you the same amount of experience as the Greens do but cost you much less. You can make those Crimsons into better pouches much cheaper and more efficiently.

    If you have loads of excess Green charms, you can also convert them into Crimson charms with Divination. It costs a little bit of money to do this, but it’s also worth it rather than actually creating the Green charms. So if you do want to get rid of your Green charms, you can always convert to Crimson ones and use the Crimsons instead.


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