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RS3: 1-99/120 Crafting Guide 2019

By Michel Z2019-05-04

This updated 1-99/120 Crafting guide for 2019 contains both fast and cheap methods to train Crafting in RuneScape 3. There is a cost calculation at the end of the guide. MmoGah provides fast and cheap RuneScape money for you to train the skill easily and fast. 


Please click Youtuber Tonix RS’s guide for more details about 1-99/120 Crafting guide for 2019, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:



XP Multipliers

Here is the XP boost for Crafting:

BA BXP FC: “Fast SC”

Clan Avatar: 3-6%

Refer a Friend: 10%

Pulse Core: 2-10%

Wise Perk: 1-3% (50K/day)

Wisdom Aura: 2.5%


There are more to list, but these ones are the most common XP multipliers in the game. It’s also a very good choice to train on DXP weekend because training Crafting is very expensive. You can also get bonus XP from Stealing Creation, and this is a Stealing Creation guide made by Tonix RS.


Useful Items/Unlocks

Artisan’s Outfit

·Obtained stealing creation

·Costs 100 points/piece

·Takes under 1 hour/piece

·Travelling merchant sells points

·1% Crafting XP/piece (6% for full set)


By wearing all 5 pieces, you’ll get 6% more Crafting XP. You can obtain this from either Treasure hunter or playing Stealing creation minigame. If you don’t want to play Stealing creation, you can buy the Stealing creation secret clay from the travelling merchant.


Modified Artisan’s Bandana

·5% chance to save 1 piece of leather

·50 soft clay free/day



Portable Crafter

·+10% Crafting XP

·10% chance to save hide/clay crafting

·5% chance to save gems (No Onyx/Hydrix)

·Obtained from Treasure Hunter

·You can also buy from GE or share with others

·FC: “Portables” (a Spreadsheet link to track this)


Scroll of Dexterity

·Costs 20,000 DG tokens

·Requires 60 Crafting + 60 Dungeoneering

·Chance to save hide when crafting 3+


There is a chance that you can save the hide when you are crafting an item that requires 3 or more hides. The save chance depends on which dragon leather you use:

·Green dragon leather: 25%

·Blue dragon leather: 20%

·Red dragon leather: 15%

·Black dragon leather: 10%

·Royal dragon leather: 5%


Crystal Chisel

·Requires: The Eyes of Glouphrie quest

·Comes from Crystal tool seed (Ilfeen, Eluned or Islwyn can enchant it. You have to pay one of the elves, then she will enchant it for you)

·2% to receive extra gem when cutting

·28% charges non-augmented (2X charges if used in priff)

·Not augmentable unfortunately



Fast but Expensive Methods


Levels 1-20: Spinning Bowstring

- Amount needed: 298


You are going to spin bowstring from flax, and this is very AFK. The easiest way is to use the spinning wheel in the Lumbridge castle. You just climb the Lumbridge castle stairs once to get there. If you need to bank, there is one on the top of the castle.


How to create a bank preset?

First of all, you’ll want to have all the items in your inventory and equipment. Now, you hit the preset cog, then you hit “save” on the very first preset slot. Whenever you want to reload the preset, just press the 1 key.


There is a way you can load the preset quickly. First of all, you’ll want to angle your camera so that the bank interface is not blocking the portable crafter. Immediately after you loading the preset by hitting the key, you’ll want to click the crafter right away. This way, it automatically closes it without any delay.



Levels 20+: Gem Cutting

Equipment (optional)

- Artisan’s outfit

- Crystal chisel (Reqs priff)



- Uncut gems


This is the fastest way to train Crafting. If you have the Crystal chisel, it will save you even more money.


Before you do anything, I suggest you configure the portable crafter left-click option in order to cut the gems. Just follow the preset quick loading strategy. The amount of gems you can craft per hour is 5,300.


Cutting gems is very fast, but there are some disadvantages. The first problem is that there are buy limit constraints. However, there is a way that you can buy a lot of these. The first method is to use the Price Check & Trade discord. The second method is using the traditional RuneScape forums.


The other problem is that it does require a lot of RuneScape 3 gold. Selling the cut gems can be a little bit hard especially on the Double XP weekend. Below are the calculations as well as the recommended levels. It is assumed at 5,300 gems cut per hour, and the only XP multiplier I’ll be using is the portable crafter. On top of that, I also included the 5% chance in order to save gems.



Levels 20-27: Sapphire (50 XP)

- 291.5K XP/H

- Amount Needed: 92


Levels 27-34: Emerald (67.5 XP)

- 393.5K XP/H

- Amount needed: 135


Levels 34-43: Ruby (85 XP)

- 496K XP/H

- Amount needed: 307


Levels 43-54/55: Diamond (107.5 XP) (Stop at level 54 for battlestaves)

- 626K XP/H

- Amount needed: 935


Levels 55-64/99: Dragonstone (137.5 XP) (Stop at level 64 for D’hide shields)

- 800K XP/H

- Amount needed to level 64: 1,511

- Amount needed to level 99: 80,823


The maximum XP per hour you can get from dragonstones is a whopping 800K XP/H. You can stop at level 54 if you plan to do battlestaves. Otherwise, if you want to do Dragon shields, you can stop at level 64.



Levels 54+: Battlestaves

Equipment (Optional)

- Artisan’s outfit



- 14 Powered orbs

- 14 Regular battlestaves


From level 54 onwards, you’ll be doing the elemental battlestaves. This time, when you configure the Portable crafter’s left-click option, the option is “Craft”. You should be able to craft 2,700 battlestaves in a single hour.


This method has a very good balance of both XP per hour and costs. It’s also very easy to sell the finished products because they’re usually at alch value. The only problem is that the battlestaves have a 1,000 buying limit, so you’ll want to use the Price Check & Trade discord or you can use the RuneScape forums.


Below are the calculations and the recommended levels. It is assumed at 2,700 battlestaves made per hour + portable crafter. For Earth battlestaves, you can skip that if you want because the orbs are pretty difficult to buy off the GE.


Levels 54-62: Water battlestaves (100 XP)

- 297K XP/H

- Amount needed: 1,663


Levels 58: Earth battlestaves (112.5 XP)

- 334K XP/H

- Skip earth

- Low trade volume


Levels 62-66: Fire battlestaves (125 XP)

- 371K XP/H

- Amount needed: 1,182


Levels 66-99: Air battlestaves (137.5 XP)

- 408K XP/H

- Amount needed: 82,898



From level 64 onwards, you can make D’hide shields. You can do D’hide bodies instead, but the shields will give you the most XP per hour.


Levels 64+: D’hide Shields

Equipment (optional)

- Artisan’s outfit

- Modified Artisan’s Bandana

- Scroll of Dexterity



- Thread

- Dragon leather (4 per shield)

- Beast of burden preset (optional)


You can use a beast burden preset in order to store more dragon leathers as well. The Scroll dexterity and the modified bandana will also save you hides as well. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to configure the left-click option to craft, and you just follow the same preset loading strategy as I explained earlier.


You can only craft 6 shields before you have to bank again. Compared to cutting gems, this is less AFK. Without using a beast of burden you can craft 1,600 shields/H. If you were to use a Pack yak which not everyone has it at low levels, you can craft 1,800 shields per hour. It is very easy to sell the shields to the GE.


Here is the calculations. This is assumed at 1,600 shields per hour + portable crafter.

Levels 64-72: Green D’hide shields (248 XP)

- 436.5K XP/H

- Amount needed: 1,804


Levels 72-78: Blue D’hide shields (280 XP)

- 492.8K XP/H

- Amount needed: 2,370


Levels 78-85: Red D’hide shields (312 XP)

- 550K XP/H

- Amount needed: 4,748


Levels 85-99: Black D’hide shields (344 XP)

- 605K XP/H

- Amount needed: 25,835



99+ Section 

The first and the only useful items to add is the Crafting cape. Basically, it serves as unlimited thread. Secondly, there is a chance you can cut all the gems in your inventory at once.


Useful Items: Crafting Cape

- Requires 99 Crafting

- From master crafter at Crafting guild

- Perk: Removes need of thread

- Chance to cut all gems in inventory at once



120/200M Calculations

Below are the calculations and the XP rates going from 99 to 120 or 99 to 200M. It is assumed at 5,600 gems cut per hour, 1,800 shields made per hour, and Crafter + Artisan’s outfit. I am only showing you the expensive methods because it is more efficient to make RS3 gold and then spend it on Crafting if you are going for 120 or 200M.


This calculations also include the full Artisan’s outfit, because, at this point, you have unlocked it from either the Travelling merchant or lucky from Treasure Hunter. The XP per hour also increases because you’ll be using a better setup.


Uncut Dragonstones (900K XP/H)

·99-120 - Amount needed: 540,633

·99-200M - Amount needed: 1,107,859


Black D’hide Shields (722K XP/H)

·99-120 - Shields needed: 227,470

·99-200M - Shields needed: 466,128


Air Battlestaves (432K XP/H)

·99-120 - Amount needed: 569,087

·99-200M - Amount needed: 1,166,167



Cheap and Profitable Methods


Levels 20+: Jewellery

Equipment (Optional)

- Artisan’s Outfit


Inventory (No Requirements)

- 14 Cut gems

- 14 Gold bars


Inventory (Family crest completion)

- 27 Cut gems

- Gold bars in metal bank


For the first inventory preset, this will be for if you haven’t completed the Family crest quest. Otherwise, if you’ve completed the Family crest quest, you can use the second preset instead. Since portable forges have been taken out, here is the best place to craft jewellery if you have no requirements at all.


The Artisan’s workshop: It is south of the Falador lodestone, just right beside the Mining guild. You just load the preset and “Smelt Furnace”.


Without the family crest quest completion, you can only craft 1,350 jewellery per hour, it’s much slower than before because the portable forges are unfortunately gone. The Combat academy is also nice, but you have to walk around in order to get to the furnace.


The closest bank to the furnace is the Shillo village furnace bank. It also requires a Shallow villiage quest completion. To get there, you’ll want to use the Brimhaven Lodestone, then you run north and then turn east, and finally take the cart.


To use the furnace, you don’t need to pay money anymore. If you complete the family crest, you can store gold bars in the metal bank, which in turn allows you to AFK even longer, and you can craft 1,650 Jewellery per hour.


The only problem is that it’s very slow for Crafting XP, and it might be difficult to buy gems in bulk due to the buying limit.


Levels 20-22: Sapphire ring (40 XP)

- 67.5K XP/H

- Amount needed: 29


Levels 22-29: Sapphire necklace (55 XP)

- 74K XP/H

- Amount needed: 117


Levels 29-40: Emerald necklace (60 XP)

- 81K XP/H

- Amount needed: 420


Levels 40-56: Ruby necklace (75 XP)

- 123K XP/H

- Amount needed: 1,958


Levels 56-74: Diamond necklace (90 XP)

- 148.5K XP/H

- Amount needed: 10,136


Levels 74-80/99: Dragonstone bracelet (110 XP)

- 181.5K XP/H

- Amount needed: 8,089

- To 99 for profit (Amount needed: 108,529)


Levels 80-99: Dragonstone amulet (150 XP)

- 247.5K XP/H

- No need to string (Amount needed: 100,440)


The calculation above is assumed at 1,350 jewellery/H, and 1,650 jewellery/H after 40 Crafting. The most profitable jewellery to make are the necklaces.


There are 2 ways to get to level 99. If you want a very good profit, then you’ll want to make the Dragonstone bracelets. On the other hand, if you want more XP but less profit, than you can make Dragonstone amulets. I don’t suggest you string the dragonstone amulet because that’s a waste of time.



Levels 59+: Urns

From level 59 onwards, you will be making the Decorated urns. There are two inventory presets. The first inventory preset will be for Moulding the urns, and secondly, that will be for Firing urns.


Equipment (Optional)

- Artisan’s Outfit


Inventory: Moulding Urns

- 28 Soft clay


Inventory: Firing Urns

- 28 Unfired urns



You’ll want to configure the portable crafter’s left-click option to “Clay Crafting”. The first step is to mould the urns. You’ll want to select “Form Clay”, then you select what urn you would like to mould into. Every urn requires 2 Soft clay.


Next step is to fire the urns. You must have the moulded urns in your inventory. This time, you’ll be selecting “Fire Clay”. It is very slow, but it’s pretty AFK. You don’t have to alternate between moulding and firing the urn immediately, you can just mould all urns at once then fire them all at once after 1 hour. By combining both these methods, you would make 667 urns per hour.


This can be a money making method, and by doing this, you can get 2M RS3 gold per hour, but the XP rates is not very good.



Levels 75+: Prifddinas Harps

- 75K XP/H (Without Voice of Seren)

- Free + AFK


From level 75 onwards, you’ll be doing the Prifddinas Harps which are located in the Ithell Clan district of Prifddinas. You can get there by using a Crystal teleport seed.


You are going to tune the Harp, and it is very AFK. Every 3 minutes, you’ll want to click the harp again. It quires Plague's End quest completion, but this quest is really rewarding.


Without the Voice of Seren, the XP per hour is 75K. It’s not very AFK, but it’s free as well.



Other Methods for Crafting Training


Levels 89+: Crystal Flask

- Requires 81 Mining

-Plague’s end + As a first resort

- 300K XP/H (more with Ithell Voice of Seren)


From level 89 Crafting onwards, you’ll be doing Crystal flask. This requires 81 Mining, Plague’s end and As a First Resort quest completion.


First of all, you have to mine the Crystal sandstone in the Ithell district. Unfortunately, there is a cap of 50 sandstone every single day. If you have 115 Dungeoneering, this can be bumped to 75.


Next, you are going to melt the sandstone. There is a Robust glass machine nearby in order to do so. Finally, you can blow them all into Crystal flask. You can blow 1,800 flask per hour, and the XP per hour is almost 300K, but with the Voice of Seren, this can be bumped even further to 20% more XP. This isn’t factoring the time you spend mining and melting the sandstone.



Potion flask and Protean hides

We also have the Potion flask (200K XP/H) and Protean hides. You can obtain the Protean hides from Treasure hunter or some promotional events. The portable crafter will save you the protein hides, and the XP per hide you can get is level scaled. At level 50, you would get nearly 200K XP/H, then at level 99, it would top off at 355K XP/H. In a single hour, you should be able to craft 1,200 hides. So this is a very AFK and free method to train. The only problem is that there is a very limited supply.



- 48.5K XP/Day in 3 minutes

- FC: Minigames


This is a safe PvP activity. In a single day, you can get up to 48.5K XP at level 99, and it only takes you 3 minutes. There is an FC for this, that is called Minigames.



Daily Challenge

- Only do urn challenges

- Buy (nr) urn → Add runes to it (Do not need to make from scratch)

- Extend challenge 2x with 50 vis wax

- Handing in awards up to 46,800 XP/day at 99 (Extended: 93,600 XP)

- Refunded value based on soft clay + runes



You should only go after the urn challenges. Basically, you’ll buy the respective urns as well as the runes to attach them. The amount of XP you can get in a single day at level 99 would be 46.8K, and if you extend this with 50 Vis wax, this can be bumped to 93,6K XP.



Cost Calculations 

1-99 Crafting Costs

Gems: 194M rsgp

D’hide shields: 181M rsgp

Battlestaves: 69M rsgp


Note that these are based on the calculation notes below, so please use that as a reference. Cutting gems is a little more expensive than the D’hide shields. Battlestaves are really cheap compared to the other two methods.


There is also a calculation for both 120 and 200M, the reason why it is more expensive to do the D’hide shields compared to the Dragonstones is that the Crystal chisel will give you 2% more gems. Obviously, the gem prices are a little inaccurate because you can not really buy them in bulk if you only use the GE price.



99-120/200M Costs

Dragonstones: 1,179M rsgp (99-200M: 2,416M rsgp)

Air Battlestaves: 427M rsgp (99-200M: 874M rsgp)

Black D’hide Shields: 1,212M rsgp (99-200M: 2,484M rsgp)



*Calculation Note:

- Price: Feb 17, 2019

- XP boosts: Portable Crafter

- 3.6 Leathers/Shield (Savings)

- Post-99: Crystal Chisel 2% extra cut



Keep checking back for more RS news and guides related to OSRS gold as well as RS3 gold. We have a beginner’s flipping guide to make money in RS3 easily and a guide to get clue scrolls fast in the game of Old School RuneScape.




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