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RuneScape Guide: 1-99 Herblore Quick Guide

By Michel Z2018-02-01

Welcome to a 1-99 Herblore quick guide for RuneScape 3. This video guide also contains a comparison and a cost analysis at the end.

Please click for more information about Youtuber Maikeru RS who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:





Levels 1-3

You’ll want to do Druidic Ritual Quest. It’s not actually needed to start Herblore, but this quest can help you learn the skill a little and gives you certain resources to use. It takes you 5 minutes to do, if not less.


Levels 3-26

You can make the Attack Potions. You have to make 309 Attack Potions for 26, and I advise using a Portable Well all the time because it gives you a 10% chance to proc an additional potion. These 309 Attack potions take 8 minutes and will be 10-20K GP profit.


Levels 26-38

You can make Energy Potions, and you’ll have to make 292 Energy Potions to 38. It looks expensive because these potions will lose 50-60K GP, but the journey is really short. 


Levels 38-55

You will be doing Prayer Potions. This is going to be consistently cheap and sometimes may profit actually. Continue to use a Portable Well. I highly suggest you unlock Scroll of Cleansing once you hit level 49. A Scroll of Cleansing costs 20K Dungeoneering Tokens and adds a chance to save a secondary ingredient, which will save you tons of money in the long run. You’ll need 1,416 Prayer Potions for level 55, and the XP per hour you’ll get is around 200K.


Levels 55-76

If you want faster experience with minimal loss, from 55 to 76, you can start doing Super Strength Potions. Make sure to use a Scroll of Cleansing as well as a Portable Well. You’ll have to make 8,508 Super Strengths for level 76. This takes around 4 hours, and the potions will be 1M loss with procs from the Scroll of Cleansing and the Portable Well, which is very minimal for this amount of potions. Super Strengths are 275-300K XP/H.


Level 76-88

You can make Super Magic Potions. Remember to use Scroll of Cleansing and your portable well. You need to make 16,071 Super Magic Potions for 88, which should take 7.5-8 hours, and the potions will be 10M loss with the procs from the Scroll and the Well. These potions give 360-400 XP/H.


Level 88-99

This is an expensive but good way to do Herblore. You’ll want to make every single Extreme and turn all the Extremes into Overload Potions all the way to 99. Overloads require you to make 1 of each extreme, and these extremes are Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, and Ranging. You combine all of the extremes together with a Torstol, and that makes an Overload.

You need to fully make 3,572 Overloads for 99, which means you need to make 3,572 of every single extreme and then turn all of them into Overloads. All the extremes that are turned into an Overload cost around 60K, so one Overload for 3-dose is around 60K, which means it’s 20K a dose. The Overloads cost a total of 200M RS Gold with procs. If you don’t have the Scroll of Cleansing or the well, it will cost you more 220M GP. Extremes are 500-650K XP/H, and the Overloads are 1.75-2M XP/H. If you do this in DXP Weekend, you will only have to make 1,800 Overloads, and it will cost you 100M. 
I would definitely advise this method because Overloads are so important in PvM. Overloads are the main reason why people normally get 96 or 99 Herblore.

As for the cheaper way to get 88 to 99, you’ll want to make Super Magic Potions all the way to 94. You’ll have to make 18,756 Super Magics, and they will cost you 18M and takes 8-9 hours. The Super Magics are 3-4 GP/XP loss, with procs from Scroll of Cleansing and the Portable Well.

Prayer Renewal Potions are what you’re going to make at level 94+. You need to make 24,354 Prayer Renewals for 99. This will cost you 23M and take 11-12 hours. Prayer Renewal Potions are 3.5GP/XP loss, and this again includes a Scroll of Cleansing and a Portable Well.

Super Magics are 360-400K XP/H, and Prayer Renewals are 420-475K XP/H, but I definitely advise doing the Overload method rather than this one.



Total Cost

If you do the cheapest potions and no Overloads, the minimum cost for 99 Herblore will be 52M GP, and it will take you 42-45 hours.

The maximum cost will be 212M GP, and it takes you 25-27 hours. This is if you do the Overload method from 88 to 99. This gives you 3,572 Overloads which is over 1,000 hours’ worth of Overloads. Stocking up on this amount of Overloads will be awesome for PvM, so it’s worth the money.

It takes 20+ hours to get 99 without doing Overloads. This means you need to spend 160M GP more when doing the Overload method at 88-99. You need to earn 8M GP/H to compensate for this. But 8M GP/H is very easy to obtain once you have Overloads for PvM, so I advise investing the extra money in order to get Overloads for your PvM needs. You can easily make that money back in no time. If you do this on Double XP Weekend, you will save 10 hours, and it’ll only cost you 80M GP more.


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