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  • RuneScape 3: 1-99 Woodcutting Guide
    By Michel Z2018-04-24 00:00:00

    This 1-99 Woodcutting guide contains the fast and the AFK methods to train Woodcutting. This video guide is also covering a lot of useful items you can buy from the GE with your RuneScape Gold as well as things you can do to speed up your XP per hour and make leveling more smooth.

    Please click Maikeru RS's video for more details of this 1-99 Woodcutting guide, and all the content of this guide is quoted from his video:






    Level 1: Dwarven army axe/Iron hatchet (T1)

    Dwarven army axe is a little better than the Iron hatchet because it gives 3 more XP when the axe is wielded or in your inventory.


    Level 6: Steel Hatchet (T20)/Black Hatchet (T25)


    Level 21: Mithril hatchet (T30)


    Level 31: Adamant hatchet (T40)


    Level 41: Rune Hatchet (T50)


    Level 61: Dragon Hatchet (T60)


    Level 61 & 92 Firemaking: Inferno adze (T60)


    Level 75: Crystal Hatchet (T70)


    You can toolbelt Rune/Dragon for all the previous tiers too.




    Useful items

    Woodcutting urns (These require crafting levels):


    Level 4 Crafting: Cracked Woodcutting Urn - logs up to level 10


    Level 15 Crafting: Fragile Woodcutting Urn - logs up to level 38


    Level 44 Crafting: Normal Woodcutting Urn - logs up to level 58


    Level 61 Crafting: Strong Woodcutting Urn - logs up to level 75


    • Urns fill up over time and give XP when full and sent off.

    • The Urns do not work with Ivy, and only logs from trees do.

    • Urns work really well with Teak logs as it’s a very popular way to train, and even you use the Crystallise spell, the Urns still work.


    Invention perks & Crystal Axe

    To get your Crystal Axe, you need 4,000 Harmonic dust from Prifddinas harps to turn your T60 Dragon hatchet into a T70 Crystal one. Once you have augmented your hatchet, you should get the following perks:

    Honed 1-5

    Honed is a perk that causes a tool to have a higher chance of success when used to gather resources. Each rank increases by 2%, so if you can get honed 5, it’s 10% more XP an hour.


    Success increase 















    Furnace 1-3

    Furnace is a perk that has a chance to consume a gathered resource for double the normal XP. The perk grants 5% extra XP per rank.


    Consumption chance


    Chance (level 20)


    5% (5.5%)


    10% (11%)


    15% (16.5%)




    Beaver familiar (33 Summoning) 

    Beavers invisibly boost your Woodcutting level by 2. It doesn’t allow you to boost to higher trees earlier because it is invisible. But it does allow you to chop at a slightly faster rate around 3.5% faster. When summoned, the Beaver collects logs (up to yew logs) and normal or oak planks over time in its inventory.


    Log-splitting scrimshaw (70 woodcutting)

    It gives a 15% chance of destroying a log as it is cut, giving extra woodcutting XP, which means this is especially effective at Teaks.


    Lumberjack aura

    It increases your chance of chopping wood by a certain amount:

    Tier 1 - 3%

    Tier 2 - 6%

    Tier 3 - 9%

    Tier 4 - 12%

    Tier 5 - 15%


    Lumberjack outfit

    The set has 4 pieces, each piece gives 1% XP. You can get an extra 1% for the complete outfit for a maximum of 5% XP bonus.

    This outfit is obtained via the Temple Trekking minigame, and it’s dropped by undead lumberjacks that spawn on the bridge puzzle area of the minigame.


    Woodcutting accumulator

    This is an invention device that gains charges whenever you fail to woodcut. It gains 1% completion for each failed woodcut.

    When it is full, it can be studied for 2,500 Woodcutting XP, which destroys the accumulator in the process. Similar to urns, these just give some extra claimable XP. The blueprint for these is unlocked from the cave goblin technology tree and requires level 50 invention.


    Lucky rabbit foot (strung)

    When worn, any bird’s nest received while woodcutting trees or ivy is more likely to contain an egg. It is useful if you are going for the God bird pets, and it also increases the chance for a crystal geode on crystal trees.


    Route to 99 

    Levels 1-15: Regular trees 

    • You need 2,416 XP for level 15

    • It takes 10 mins to get level 15

    • They are 13,000-14,500 XP/H


    Levels 15-30: Oak trees

    • You need 10,950 XP for level 30

    • It takes 35-40 mins

    • They are 18,000-19,000 XP/H


    Levels 30-35: Willow trees

    • You need 9,043 XP for level 35

    • It takes around 20 mins

    • They are 24,000-27,500 XP/H

    A good spot for Willow trees is in Draynor village, south of the marketplace, next to the bank.


    Levels 35-68: Teak trees

    • You need 582,626 XP for level 68

    • It takes 12-14 hours

    • You’ll get 41,000-55,000 XP/H depending on what level you currently are

    A good place for Teak trees is near Tai Bwo Wannai in Karamja, and you are going to AFK here for some good XP. 100 trading sticks will be used as an entrance fee to access the trees.


    Levels 68-80/94: Chopping Ivy

    At level 68, it depends on what you want to do next to 99. You are going to chop Ivy until 80 or 94.

    • You need 1,381,036 XP for level 80; 7,339,582 XP for level 94

    • It takes 18-21 hours for level 80; 92-110 hours for level 94

    • If you have unlocked prifddinas, you can chop ivy during the crwys voice of seren hour for 20% more XP.

    • You are going to get 65,000-79,000 XP/H depending on your level



    Seren spells/prayers

    You need 80 Woodcutting for these as it’s a requirement for The Light Within quest which when completed unlocks the spell book and prayers.

    Crystallise Spell (88 Magic): It locks a skilling node to increase XP gain by 50% but then preventing you getting resources.

    Light Form Prayer (80 Prayer): Using Light Form Prayer with Crystallise Spell gives 87.5% more XP instead of the usual 50%.

    That means this spell and this prayer combined together give nearly double the amount of XP as you would normally get.


    Levels 80-99: Crystallise Teaks

    Chopping Teak trees using Crystallise + Light Form is super good XP per hour. Crystallise Teaks are the best XP in the game. 

    You need 11,048,363 XP for level 99 from level 80, and it takes 56-73 hours, which is absolutely crazy as Ivies take so much longer than this at level 80. So this is an efficient way to train Woodcutting.

    Make sure you bring all stat boosting items like Perfect Juju potions and your Beaver etc. for maximum XP/H here. Fill up empty inventory spaces with urns, as they still work this way. 

    Teak logs are 150K-200K XP/H depending on what level you are, what buffs you have, and how efficient you are.


    Levels 94-99: Crystal trees

    You can easily teleport to them via the Max Guild garden. You only need one 99 skill or a quest cape to use a Portal in the Max Guild garden.

    To get 99 from 94, you need 5,089,817 XP which takes 46-55 hours, but it’s really AFK.

    Crystal trees are 92K-110K XP/H which is half of the XP you get from the Crystallise Teaks. But they are completely AFK, so if you want to AFK, this is a good way.



    Woodcutting Bamboo on the Arc

    Normal Bamboo: At level 90 Woodcutting, you can do Normal Bamboo on Waiko or your island. The Bamboo on Waiko respawns so you can cut it forever. You can make 70-85 bundles of Bamboo in an hour this way, and Bamboo grants 40-60K XP/H. 

    This means Bamboo on the Arc is similar to Ivy, so it’s not super fast, but when you get to 96, it gets really good.


    Golden Bamboo: 96 woodcutting is required for Golden Bamboo that can spawn on your island which will grant 100 bundles of Bamboo, and it grants 130K XP/H. You need 2 spawns on your island for an hour of harvesting.

    Golden Bamboo is super AFK and super fast XP, even faster than crystal trees at 96, but obviously not quite as fast as crystallize teaks.


    Bundles: 96 Fletching is required if you wish to fletch the Bamboo into Bundles. These bundles take 5 Normal Bamboo or 2 Golden Bamboo to make just one bundle which grants 100 fletching XP each. The bundle stacks in your inventory, so you can chop Bamboo on Waiko forever without the need to bank and fully harvest your Golden Bamboo on your island.


    Keep checking back for more RS news and guides related to RS Gold. We have a 1-99 Crafting guide for you to earn some RS3 Gold while training the skill. We also have a Slayer money making guide for people who want to make more OSRS Gold without spending money.




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