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RuneScape Guide: Top 5 Skills to Train in Double XP Weekend

By Michel Z2018-02-07

RuneScape’s 2018 DXP Weekend is taking place from 23rd to 26th of February. For people who are still confused or unsure on which skill they want to train during DXP weekend, training these skills in DXP will definitely save you a lot of time, effort, and your RuneScape Gold!

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No.5 - Farming

Farming is often a neglected skill as it’s a daily skill, but a lot of people hate dailies. So Double XP weekend is a great time to train it. You can pre-grow your trees in preparation for the weekend, then you can do your first farm run as soon as the DXP begins, and this will allow you to do it multiple times over the weekend. Plant and grow all your trees. You can also include other trees and prepare them for more XP, so not just your normal trees and fruit trees, but you can also do Elders, Crystal, and Calquat, etc.

Doing 7 Magic Tree runs can be pretty easy and gives you 1.2M XP; 4 Palm Tree runes can be easy to do and give 600K XP. So just these two trees and doing these tree runs as often as you can and being consistent with it can earn you 1.8M XP, which means over the weekend, you can get over 2M XP if you include other trees as well. 


No.4 - Crafting

This is a click-intensive and costly skill with no huge benefit, and it’s also a skill that if you have the funds for, you’ll want to get out of the way in DXP weekend. Training this skill costs you a lot of RS Gold to buy the supplies, so doing this in DXP will save you time and tons of RSGP.

Black dragonhide shields are 800K-1M XP/H in DXP; Air battlestaff’s are 600K-700K XP/H in DXP, and the cost of these will be half. You’d better stock up on materials in advance because they will be insanely expensive during or just before DXP. So buying some RS3 Gold and stock up on them now would be perfect for getting ready for DXP weekend because it’s better to stock up sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to use Portables and Dungeoneering scrolls while training.


No.3 - Construction

This is very similar to Crafting. It may be possibly the most click-intensive skill in this game currently, and another con to the skill is that it’s insanely expensive. However, it is very fast, so it’s another perfect one for DXP.

At level 73, you can craft Mahogany Prawnbrokers, and they are 1.2M-1.6M/H over DXP weekend, which means on a standard day, it would cost you 197M and take 16 hours to get from 73-99. However, in DXP, it’s half. So you can save 8 hours of click intensive training and 95M RSGP.

Planks are one of the items that really rise in price before DXP, so stocking up is typically a must. Make sure you use a Butler for your fast Banking to maximize your XP per hour and how many things you can do every hour.


No.2 - Summoning

Summoning is super common since training Summoning is ridiculously fast. You can get to level 99 in less than 10 hours easily if you do in expensive methods. The reason it’s so good to train in DXP weekend is that charms take you an extremely long time to get, but you can double them in DXP. Therefore, you will be saving time, charms, and heaps of RS3 Gold during DXP.

You can earn up to 16M XP/H with blue charms making titans. Summoning is an essential skill for PvM, so it’s worth doing the skill in DXP.


No.1 - Herblore

This is another important skill to train in DXP for people who are planning to do bossing. People enjoy stocking up on Overloads for PvM and fast XP.

The Overload method is very expensive but super fast. Fully making Overloads averages to be 2.5M-3.5M XP/H in DXP.
The Prayer Renewal Potion method is cheaper. These potions are 800K-950K XP/H in DXP.

Be sure to use portables as always, and you’ll have that 10% XP and 10% proc chance, which saves you money and time.


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