Nook Miles Ticket

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Nook Miles Ticket

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets Secure Delivery Method

Island Drop-Off: We will deliver Nook Miles Ticket face-to-face in the game, a convenient and safe method. Buying Miles Ticket is as simple as allowing us access to your island. To do so, you’ll first need to play through the first day on your new island, which will unlock Dodo Airlines, the hub that allows you to invite other players onto your island. 

Before purchasing your ACNH Miles Ticket, you’ll need to obtain and provide us with a 5-digit Dodo Code. First, you’ll need to visit Orville at Dodo Airlines. When you interact with Orville, he gives you the option to play locally or online. For your Ticket, you’ll need to be set up for online play over a WiFi connection. The following steps will configure your settings to allow visitors and provide you with the 5-digit Dodo code:

1. Speak with Orville at Dodo Airlines

2. Choose “I want visitors.”

3. Select “Via online play”

4. Select “Roger!”

5. Choose “Invite via Dodo code.”

6. Choose “the more, the merrier”

7. Choose “Yeah, invite anyone.”

8. Copy the 5-digit Dodo code

When buying your Nook Miles Tickets, be sure to send the Dodo Code to us. It is the only way we will be able to visit your island and deliver your items. Once we have your 5-digit code, keep Animal Crossing online, and our supplier will fly to your island. 

All Miles Tickets will be dropped on your island and left for you to pick up. We strive to complete all deliveries within 30 minutes of receiving the Dodo code.

About Nook Miles Ticket

ACNH Nook Miles Ticket

The Nook Miles Ticket is a reward obtained from the Nook Stop for 2,000 Nook Miles (a currency that is less commonly used than Animal Crossing Bells). It allows players to visit other deserted islands on mystery tours. You can firstly get Nook Miles by showing up your island, talking to villagers, getting some requests done, and doing various tasks that you can find in the Nook Mile menu, then use it to get ACNH Nook Miles Ticket from the shop. But the process is kind of time-consuming, so choosing a reliable shop, like MmoGah, to buy cheap Nook Miles Ticket becomes a good way to enjoy the game.

New Horizons 2.0 update has increased the value of Nook Miles through more uses and an expanded inventory at the Nook Stop. It added new Nook Miles Items for you to redeem, including upgrades and new reactions. It also brings new Nook Miles Furniture, which will bring you a new gaming experience.