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  • How to Make More Bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons
    By Anna2021-08-26 00:00:00

    Making money is necessary for survival, whether in-game or in real life. Animal Crossing is no exception. After you upgrade your tent into a house, all of the subsequent house upgrades will cost Animal Crossing Bells, and the prices get pretty astronomical. So how to earn more bells becomes more critical.


    Here are some of the most productive methods of making bells MmoGah found. We hope this will make a big help for you.



    One of the quickest and easiest ways to get instant Animal Crossing Bells during the beginning parts of your Animal Crossing journey is to sell seashells. Seashells are worth a significant amount of bells, and they spawn every day, typically every hour. I just made an easy 4 thousand bells within only a couple of minutes just by picking up seashells along the shore, and you can do this every hour. Here is how much each seashell is worth in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


    Animal Crossing Seashell Prices


    Money Tree

    Every day on your island, there will be a glooming spot in the ground. When you dig it up, you will get 1 thousand bells. But don't run off, and you can plant 1 thousand bells into the ground. It will grow and blossom into a beautiful money tree worth 3 thousand bells. You can also get even more money if you go into your inventory and tap the number indicating how many bells you want to pull out. Then plant a larger sum of money, such as 10 thousand bells.


    Animal Crossing Inventory


    If you plant 10 thousand bells into the ground, your tree will grow and blossom into a money tree worth 30 thousand bells. I've heard of people planting 99 thousand bells and their tree giving them nearly 300 thousand bells. But that's not guaranteed to happen because after 10 thousand bells, the spawn rate for the higher amount decreases.


    DIY Crafting

    You can make up the two, even three times more bells by selling crafted items instead of selling the resources. For example, if you sold 15 of your weeds to the Nooks Cranny, you would only make 150 bells, but if you craft them into a leaf umbrella (one leaf umbrella needs 15 weeds to make up), you'll make 300 bells, which is twice the amount of bells.


    Hot DIY Item

    Your Nooks Cranny will also buy a hot DIY item every day that is completely random, and they will offer you double the usual price for that item. Today the hot item was a Log garden lounge, and I just crafted up a bunch of them with some spare wood I had in my storage, and I literally made an easy 30k just by doing that.


    Animal Crossing Log garden lounge


    This method works best if the material is really easy to get, or if you have the material lying around, and you can quickly make a lot of bells just by doing this.


    Animal Crossing Bells


    Fruit is an awesome way to make some passive income in Animal Crossing. The native fruits that are on your island when you start the game are only worth 100 bells per fruit. However, the non-native fruits are worth 500 bells each, but they aren't on your island. Each non-native fruit tree that you plant is worth 1500 bells per tree. If you created a small orchard filled with 100 non-native fruit trees, you would make 150k each harvest, and you can harvest the fruits twice a week, so you would make 300 thousand bells each week. And there's no limit to how many of these trees that you can plant on your island.


    How Do We Get All These Different Non-Native Fruits?


    Your virtual mom will send you a non-native fruit in the mail just a few days after you start your game, and you can also get non-native fruits on the mystery islands you go to by using north mile tickets. And there are also coconuts on these mystery islands, which are worth 250 bells each, so you can snag some of them up if you want. You can also get non-native fruits by visiting other people's islands because they could have different fruits on their island.


    Money Rock

    All the rocks on your island provide materials like clays and oars once you strike them, but there is a special rock on your island that appears once a day, and it will give you bells, and the location of this rock is random. It will be a different rock each day. You can get 16 thousand bells from this magical rock, but you must be very fast at it because there is a limited amount of time to get the maximum amount of 16 thousand bells. But fortunately, there is an easy trick to it. All you have to do is dig up a couple of holes around your character so that your character doesn't move away when you're striking the rock, which gives you enough time to get all 16 thousand bells from the money rock.


    Sell Fish Bugs and Collect Fossils

    You can make a pretty good amount of bells just from catching fish bugs and collecting fossils in your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. I always like to donate the first one of everything to Blathers in the museum. And it's possible while you're on the hunt, and you might find some fish or bugs that are worth up to 15 thousand bells.



    If you're new to the series, you might not be familiar with turnips. Basically, the whole concept of turnips is to buy turnips at a low price and sell them for a higher price. You can get turnips from Daisy Mae. She shows up at your island every Sunday morning from 5 am to around noon, and the prices range from 90 bells up to 110 bells per turn up. I've made millions of bells so quickly from turn-ups. For more about turnips, you can check out MoreSkillsGaming's channel, where he goes into more details. He's a real player, and most content of this article also comes from him.




    Nookazon is basically the amazon of Animal Crossing. You can sell any kind of Animal Crossing Item on here. You can clean out your storage and sell or trade items that you aren't using or never plan to use on Nookazon, and get up to 10, even 20 times more bells than you would if you sold them at your Nooks Cranny. And you could also sell your unwanted villagers on Nookazon and do services for people who like weed cleanup. It's pretty cool.


    Duplication Glitch

    There's actually a way to duplicate your items in Animal Crossing, and the possibilities are endless. You can duplicate pretty much anything like Nook Mile Tickets, Animal Crossing Bells. You can even duplicate the most expensive item in the game, which is the Royal Crown. And that sells for 1.2 million, so imagine that you duplicate a full inventory's worth of Royal Crowns; you can literally make 48 million each time you do the glitch.



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