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Palworld's Sakurajima Update Breakdown

By Michel Z
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Palworld's Sakurajima update will be the first major content update for the game, introducing a variety of new content and features. This article provides a preview of what players can expect from the upcoming update.


Release Date and Platforms

The Palworld Sakurajima update is set to be released on June 27, 2024. It will be available for PC and Xbox users through Steam and Xbox Game Pass. The update will be free for those who own the base game.


New Pals Introduction

The update trailer unveiled four new Pals: a frog with a black belt, an ostrich, a dinosaur with a mushroom on its head, and a mystical dog-like creature. These new Pals will provide fresh gameplay experiences.


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In the upcoming Sakurajima update, Palworld will introduce new weapons. One of the new weapons is a futuristic assault rifle that shoots laser rounds. It is expected to be challenging to craft but powerful. Another new weapon is a flamethrower, which is effective against grass-type Pals. These additions will enhance combat strategies in the game. 

New Island Features

A new island inspired by Japanese culture is part of the Sakurajima update. The island will feature new Pals, crafting recipes, challenges, and a Raid battle. The trailer showcases various areas and structures, indicating a large and explorable space. This new location will provide players with many new adventures.


Enhanced Building Options

The update will also bring new and enhanced building options. For starters, Palworld will lift a handful of building-related restrictions, such as raising the maximum number of bases that a player is allowed to have. Additionally, players will also be able to build new buildings, including sulfur and coal mines, pillars for decorations, and glass structures.


New Stronghold - Oil Rig

A new stronghold controlled by a poaching group appears offshore, leading to large-scale battles over valuable resources like Crude Oil.  


PvP Pal Arena

This new feature allows players to engage in player-versus-player battles using their captured Pals. The arena provides a structured environment where players can test their battling skills against each other, adding a new layer of excitement and strategy to the game.


Hard Mode and New Faction Leader

The update includes a hard mode for existing faction leaders and a new faction leader to challenge, providing tougher content for advanced players.  


Raised Level Cap

In addition to introducing new content and gameplay features, the Sakurajima update will also raise the game's level cap, allowing both players and their Pals to become more powerful.


Xbox Dedicated Servers

The new content update also brings exciting news about dedicated servers for Xbox players. Due to the game's unexpected popularity at launch, maintaining Palworld's servers became extremely expensive without affecting playability. With players asking for more server options, including those without resets, the announcement of dedicated servers for Xbox fulfills a significant community request.

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