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OSRS: Full Revenants Guide

By Michel Z2018-08-10

So much gold can be made from killing Revenants. This Old School RuneScape Revenants guide contains everything you’ll need to know to kill them safely at any Combat level including how to get there, your gear and inventory, the strategies, the drops, and how they work. Content for this article was inspired by Theoatrix OSRS's video.


Any level player can kill Revenants since there is a wide range of different types of them. But at this point in time, the Forinthry Dungeon is the most popular PK hotspot with almost every level of PK’ers. Since so much OSRS gold can be made from killing Revenants, PK’ers lurk around the cave all the time. It is highly recommended to have at least 43 Prayer so that you can use the Protection Prayers in particular Protect from Magic when you are trying to get away from those PK’ers.


You can be assigned Revenants as a Slayer task from Krystilia who is the Wilderness Slayer master, and that lets you take advantage of the damage bonus from the Slayer helmet or the black mask.


Revenants can also be killed normally. Using a Bracelet of ethereum which is charged with Revenant Ether makes all the Revenant unaggressive and unable to deal any damage to you.


Each hit that the Revenant does to you uses 1 Revenant ether which means it costs 80 rsgp per hit. It is highly recommended to use this bracelet but for some Ironmen, this isn’t really possible.



Getting There

Revenants are located closer to the level 40 Forinthry Dungeon Entrance in the wilderness, but it can also be accessed from the level 17 Entrance.


The fastest way to the Revenants is to use a Revenant cave teleport (30K rsgp) and that takes you directly north of the entrance of the high level cave.

The second fastest way to Revenants is to make a Waka canoe with 57 Woodcutting and sail all the way into the Wilderness. This takes you really close to the deep Wilderness entrance, then you run a little north-west to go in.


The third fastest way to get there is to use Wilderness Obelisk, and if you’ve done the wilderness hard diaries and built all the Obelisk inside your Player-owned house, then getting by this way is highly recommended.


If you have none of those, then a burning amulet (2,415 rsgp) teleporting to the Lava Maze is your best option there. But there is a higher chance of running into PK’ers.


If you get teleport blocked at Revenants, almost always you’ll get piled by a team. If you have 89 Agility, you’ll have a much better chance of getting away from PK’ers since there is a shortcut near the Revenants that not many people can access.


Gear & Inventory

At lower levels, you should always use the best weapons you can. Since you have a lower Accuracy at a lower level, you should focus on faster weapons like the Rune Scimitar or the Magic shortbow.


Pures can take a Rune Crossbow (61 Ranged) with Diamond bolts(e). A Blowpipe (75 Ranged) with Rune darts/Dragon darts also works very well.


Useful Items


Salve Amulet

It is highly recommended to have a Salve Amulet which you can obtain after completing the Haunted Mine quest. 

Regular: A regular one will give you 15% attack and strength boost (Melee) on the Revenants

Salve amulet (e): 20% Damage & Accuracy boost (Melee)

Salve amulet (i) or Salve amulet (ei): Gives boost in Magic and Ranged too


Melee: Use Salve amulet (e) always

Ranged: Use Salve amulet (ei) if you have a lot of NMZ points, otherwise use Anguish or Glory


*Note that the Slave amulet doesn’t stack with the Slayer helmet.


New Weapons

Recently, there are 3 new weapons and 1 new amulet that are dropped by Revenants:

Viggora’s chainmace

Craw’s bow

Thammaron’s sceptre

Amulet of Avarice

All 3 of the new weapons give 50% Damage & Accuracy boost on any wilderness monsters. Each attack you use with one of these weapons uses 1 Revenant ether which is not very expensive.


The two best ones for Revenants are Craw’s bow and Viggora’s chainmace. Craw’s bow is arguably the most powerful but it’s very expensive. The Craw’s bow is about 260M RuneScape gold now (August 10, 2018). The Thammaron’s sceptre is not the best since it requires runes and doesn’t have an inbuilt magic spell, you have to bring runes with you, which increases your risk a lot.


Amulet of Avarice: This makes every single drop in the Revenant caves noted. But whenever you are wearing the Amulet of Avarice, you will have a skull, and when you take off the amulet, you’ll still have a skull for 20 minutes. So it’s not the best for Revenants, but it could be handy at a lower level when you don’t have expensive weaponry and armor.


Ranged Setup Tab

Black dragonhide armour is the best bet at the Revenants because they are so cheap and could save you from getting PKed with its high Magic defence. Alternatively, if you haven’t unlocked Black dragonhide armour, the other dragonhide armour will be very good.


For Pures, you can wear Monk’s robes.

Keep in mind that you can only keep 3 items on death.


You might consider using Protect item, but many people are going to use Smite in the wilderness on multi-combat areas, so there is a good chance that you’ll lose your Prayer points. Most of the time, people will bring 3 very expensive items and one that is cheaper but still very helpful.


Weapon: you can use Craw's bow, Ballista, Magic shortbow, Crossbows, or Blowpipe. Most players use Blowpipe (5.65M OSRS gp) on Revenants. The Blowpipe with high tier darts is one of the most powerful weapons to kill Revenants with. 


Saradomin coif (86K rsgp) > Archer helm > Snakeskin bandana

Black d'hide body > Red d'hide body > Blue d'hide body > Green d'hide body

Black d'hide chaps > Red d'hide chaps > Blue d'hide chaps > Green d'hide chaps

Salve amulet (ei) > Salve amulet (i) > Necklace of anguish > Amulet of glory

Ava's assembler > Ava's accumulator > Ava's attractor

Pegasian boots > Blessed boots > Snakeskin boots



Robin hood hat

Necklace of anguish

Monk's robe top

Black d'hide chaps

Ranger boots

Ava's accumulator



Melee Setup Table

Serpentine helm > Helm of neitiznot > Dwarven helmet (crush) > Obsidian helmet

Black d'hide body > Red d'hide body > Monk's robe top

Black d'hide chaps > Red d'hide chaps > Monk's robe

Salve amulet (e) > Salve amulet > Amulet of torture > Amulet of glory

Mythical cape > Ardougne cloak 4 > Cape of Accomplishment > Cape of legends

Primordial boots > Dragon boots > Rune boots > Climbing boots


Revenants are weak to Crush, but not too much, so other attack styles still work.


Weapon: you can use Viggora’s Chainmace, Elder Maul, Abyssal Bludgeon, Abyssal Tentacle, or the Saradomin Sword. Always use a Bracelet of ethereum. Viggora’s Chainmace is the best for Melee, and Elder Maul comes second due to its massive hits which give you a pretty good chance of getting the drop. The Saradomin Sword is a great option and the Abyssal whip works as well, but you should always keep in mind that: Don’t take your defenders into the Wilderness if you will lose them on death. You can’t get them back if you go above level 30 Wilderness, and that’s the same with all untradables, so don’t take a Fire cape or an Infernal cape.



Other Useful Items

Optional Items  

Phoenix necklace:

Phoenix necklace is also a very useful item at the Revenants. It will restore your hitpoints by 30% of your total health when you go below 20% of your health.

Dinh's bulwark:

This is also taken by some players especially now since the Revenants are so popular. The two handed shield need 75 Attack and Defence to wield, and it has a very high Defence bonuses. 

Note that Dinh's bulwark has a special attack, Shield Bash, which hits up to 10 enemies in a 11x11 area around the player, which means there is a good chance of you skulling on some nearby, so don’t use the special.


Looting Bag:

You can buy the Looting bag from the Bounty Hunter Store. You can also kill any monster in the Wilderness, and they have a chance at giving you one. A lot of players choose not to take a Looting bag, since you will lose it on death, and a lot of the time, you’ll run into PKs before finishing one inventory of food anyway.


High Alchemy:

You can also take high level alchemy to the Revenants because there are a lot of Alchable drops.



Required Items


Cooked karambwan

Saradomin brew 

Ranged/Combat Potion

Stamina Potion (used for getting away from PKs and for getting into the dungeon)

1-Click Teleport

It is always a good idea to have a Teleport that can take you out of the level 30 Wilderness like Dragonstone jewellery. If you’d like to risk a little bit less, you can take a Grand seed pod or the Slayer ring.


Revenants heal themselves whenever their health goes below 50%. Although they can constantly heal themselves, their healing ability is limited. So eventually you will hit through all of their heals resulting in them dying.


When you’re attacking Revenants, always try to be the first one to get an attack so you can do as many attacks on the Revenant as possible. 


The drops are dependent on who does the most damage. So there are a lot of competitions between players for the higher level Revenants.


If you are a low level player, you can hang around the Revenant Imps and Goblins and try to hit those low level Revenants instead of attacking high level ones with other high level players.


If a PK’ers comes along, you should always make sure you’re using the appropriate Prayer switches. Wearing the full Black dragonhide armour and the Dinh's bulwark is a great way of lowering the accuracy from the PK’ers, and whenever a PK’er attacks you with Magic like Freezing or Teleblocking, you should always turn on your highest Magic boosting prayer and protect from Magic.


Magic boosting prayers increase you Magic defence, and if you have Augury, there is a much better chance of getting out of PK.


If you’ve been teleblocked and then frozen, you should only be using Magic boosting prayer and turn on protect from Range and switch to protect Melee when PK’ers come closer to you.



All Revenants share the same drop list, but higher level Revenants have a greater chance of dropping rarer items.

There are a lot of Rune and Dragon items that are dropped by Revenants. There are a lot of Runes and other resources that are useful for skilling like 9 Magic seed. The Craw’s bow, Thammaron’s scepter, and Viggora’s chainmace are all very rare drops from Revenants.


Ancient Statuettes

These statuettes can only be traded for gold with the Emblem Trader in the Revenant Caves. This must be done while on the official Bounty Hunterworld, so that’s quite risky. All these statuettes can be sold on GE as well, but it ‘s worth noting that if you get one as a drop, you will always lose it on death, So it would be better to sell them to GE.


Overall speaking, due to the amount of PKs, the RuneScape gold you can make per hour at Revenants is very debatable. If you need other information about how to make money in RuneScape 2007 and RuneScape 3, make sure to head over to our RS news page. RuneScape accounts are on hot sale at MmoGah, click for a full list of the OSRS accounts we are offering.


MmoGah also shares many good money making guides and tutorials for playlers who want to earn RuneScape gold without spending money. We have a 1-99 F2P Runecrafting guide for you to training Runecrafting which is one of the most profitable skills in Old School RuneScape and a money making guide for lower level players to earn RS3 gold in the game of RuneScape 3.





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